Tea Of Summer Chapter 31

31 Chapter 31 Winter Warmth 1.1
By now, Xia Liang hadn't seen Song Qiyan for more than a month.

After Song Qiyan sent the recording to her mailbox that day, she hadn't heard from him for a week.

He sent her a voice mail a week later.

[Back in China because something happened at home.]

She had sent some other stuff to him, but he didn't respond. Though Xia Liang was a little worried, she thought that she was not in a position to ask. So she quietly kept her worries to herself.

Progress on the audio drama moved forward smoothly. Xia Liang, one of the lead roles, was encouraged by Bei Yan Da Da's professionalism. She changed her habit of procrastinating and began working very seriously and diligently on recording and recording retakes. The director Mo Jiu, a member of the studio, heard that Xiao Yu had gotten the god Bei Yan on board, and began working like crazy reviewing the sound recordings. Then he and Xiao Yu each made another copy of Bei Yan's recording for their personal collection. They took out their personal collection to listen occasionally.

"We will be famous! We will be famous!" This was what Mo Jiu and Xiao Yu had been shouting around in the production group chat.

They hadn't made it public yet that Bei Yan would be the lead actor. But the information would definitely go viral in the internet voice over groups when it was announced. Wouldn't the fact that big god Bei Yan, who had been on hiatus for quite some time, had come back to do an audio drama make lots of fanboys and fangirls go into a frenzy?

Xia Liang didn't care much whether the drama became popular or not. Every release would always have mixed reviews. She would be satisfied as long as she had done her best and improved her voice acting technique. She didn't quite understand what being famous or popular was like.


A week before Thanksgiving break, Xia Liang had looked up to the sky and sighed for the third time in one day. When was the lead actor Song Qiyan going to be back? There had been no word from him at all.

Lin Qian, who has been studying unusually hard across from Xia Liang, finally became fed up and dumped the book from her hand. "Xia Xiao Liang, are you done or not?! Just accept that you are lovesick. Be decisive and just call him already. There is no point showing that damn mopey face to me!"

Xia Liang felt she was in the wrong and looked at her, "Sorry..."


Suddenly a new message notification pinged from her cell.

Xia Liang lazily picked up her cell. Her eyes brightened the moment she saw the name on the screen.

Lin Qian rolled up her eyes. Just from that she already knew who had sent the message, even a rock could figure it out.

Then two minutes later, Lin Qian saw Xia Liang was still staring at her cell with a blank expression. She gently asked, "What's wrong?"

Xia Liang raised her head and looked at her in shock. "Song shixiong asked me to go to his aunt's home in Seattle for Thanksgiving..."

Lin Qian said calmly, "Then go."

Xia Liang, "But..."

Lin Qian, "I will pull your head off if you keep saying 'but.' Her asked you to go then just go. You were pussyfooting around when you didn't hear from him, now that he sent an invitation and you're still stumbling around. Are you done yet?" Lin Qian's father was from Beijing and her mother from Shanghai. She grew up in Beijing and went to middle school in Shanghai. She now spoke like a dominating queen in strong commanding Beijing accent after she had enough of Xia Liang.

Xia Liang deflated her mouth, "Oh..."

Lin Qian rolled her eyes up again. For a Gemini, it's of no use to analyze the pros and cons to her. It would make her even more indecisive. The best method was to take away her choices and her ability to speak.

The world would then be quiet all over...

Suddenly Lin Qian became very curious. When Song Qiyan was with Xia Liang, whether Xia Liang's extreme indecisiveness was driving Song Qiyan mad or did he just make all the decisions for her like a chauvinist? Oh, yah, it was such a beautiful feeling when she thought about it.

Had...What was this kind of feeling? Lin Qian was distracted a little bit. Ah, this was probably the feeling that a mother feels when she finally marries off the daughter, in this case the girl she had raised for more than a year.
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