Tea Of Summer Chapter 34

34 Chapter 34 Winter Warmth 3.1
The Thanksgiving dinner was a real feast.

As tradition dictate, there was a turkey. Instead of the usual American style roast turkey, however, Su Wei managed to cook the turkey with the same delicious taste as the famed Chinese Beggar's Chicken. In addition to that, there was a table full of Chinese dishes. Xia Liang almost swallowed her tongue.

Su Wei stroked her hair sympathetically. "Aiyah, eat slowly. I'm sure you haven't had anything good to eat over here? Come to Xia Yi's home whenever you want to eat good food from now on. You can even come by yourself. Xiao Yi will definitely cook delicious dishes for you."

Xia Liang was so touched that her eyes turned misty.

Though she buried her head into the food, Xia Liang didn't forget to occasionally check on Song Qiyan who sat to her left. He behaved normally even with his fever. He chatted with Su Wei's family occasionally. He was not talkative but he kept his manners.

After dinner, they continued to chat with Su Wei's family for another half hour. Finally under Xia Liang's worried glances, Song Qiyan pulled Xia Liang to stand up. "Xia Xia lives off campus. It's not safe to go home too late. I'll take her home."

After they walked out of the house, Xia Liang could not help herself from pulling the hem of his shirt, "Shixiong, how do you feel?"

Song Qiyan smiled lightly. "I'm fine. Let me take you home."

Xia Liang immediately refused, "It's not necessary. Shixiong, you go home first and take some medicine. How could I let you take me home when you have a fever?"

Song Qiyan frowned slightly. She was so distant.

He insisted. "I'll take you home."

"...Really it's fine!"

"A girl is not safe by herself at night. Listen to me."

Xia Liang discovered that Song Qiyan was quite stubborn once he decided to do something. She was frustrated and changed to a softer tone. "But you have a fever."

They had already gotten into the car as they spoke. Song Qiyan repeated, "Xia Xia, I am a doctor."

Xia Liang puffed up her cheeks and looked at him in dissatisfaction. "A doctor should take good care of himself."

Song Qiyan looked at her. His dark eyes looked even deeper in the dark evening, then a gentle smile began to show on his face.

Xia Liang's ears felt like they were on fire. She looked away unnaturally. "Why haven't you started the car?"

Song Qiyan pulled back his eyes. He started the car, yet his lips were still slightly curled upwards. The exhaustion and sadness from the past month seemed to have been entirely wiped away.
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