Tea Of Summer Chapter 36

36 Chapter 36 Winter Warmth 4.1


"Xia Liang?"


"...Xia Xiao Liang!" Lin Qian rolled her eyes and parked the car. She pulled out the car key and looked at the girl in the passenger seat coldly. "I'm not sacrificing my beauty sleep to pick you up in this late hour at night just to watch you giggle silly here! If you keep laughing with a face full of desire, believe it or not, I will throw you out of the car!"

Xia Liang coughed lightly. Then she opened her watery eyes at Lin Qian in a look of innocence. "Qian Qian..."

Lin Qian was completely desperate. She pinched the center of her eyebrows and sighed. "I say, I find one girl and one guy in the same room on Thanksgiving night. You are really...Where was our Xia Xiao Liang, that good girl? Didn't you say that you were invited over for dinner?"

Xia Liang truthfully explained to her what had happened.

Lin Qian rolled her eyes again after Xia Liang finished. "Uhm, you worried about him and wanted him to go home. He worried about you and wanted to take you home. You worried and he worried, and in the end, why was I the one who had the bad luck of driving all the way there to take you home this late at night, huh?"

Xia Liang held Lin Qian's hand trying to please her. "Hehe, I know Qian Qian is the best."

Lin Qian did not even want to roll her eyes now. She waved her hand to her. "Hold it, shouldn't you save this for your Song shixiong?"

Xia Liang blushed again when she heard the word "your."

Lin Qian sighed again. She silently stewed in self-loath for her motherly mentality, then she crossed her arms around her chest. "Tell me, you were caught by Song Qiyan just like that?"

Lin Qian saw Xia Liang stared at her innocently. Her blood veins were pulsing in her forehead. She went crazy. "Can you just say it straight whether you like Song Qiyan or not?"

Xia Liang's face was steaming. She thought for a little while with a red face. Then she nodded solemnly. "En" She looked as cute as she could ever be.

She didn't even know when it started. Her feeling of admiration from Zi Xia towards Bei Yan had changed to Xia Liang caring ... and even liking the actual man himself, Song Qiyan.

Lin Qian continued to ask. "Then Song Qiyan...Does he like you also?"

Xia Liang thought for a while. Then she deflated. "...I don't know."

Lin Qian almost stopped breathing. It was like a piece of iron that didn't know it could become steel. She pointed her snowy white finger at Xia Liang's head and poked in disappointment. "Xia Xiao Liang, you really are good for nothing!"

Xia Liang helplessly rubbed her forehead. She argued in a low voice, "I really don't know...He never told me..."

Lin Qian had no expression; she didn't want to waste energy on her. "Are your eyes there for decoration only? Can't you feel it even when he doesn't tell you anything? Can't you confess to him first since you know you like him and he has not expressed anything? At least can't you poke around? Ah? Furthermore, even I as a bystander can see it..." It would be the biggest joke in the world if Song Qiyan didn't have a crush on you!

Xia Liang was puzzled and looked at her. "See of what?"

Lin Qian choked. She suddenly felt that she was so stupid. Lin Qian's response was to put on a shining, glamourous smile for Xia Liang. "Xia Xiao Liang, you better die of stupidity."

Then she opened the car door, slammed it shut with a "pong", and walked upstairs by herself in her high heels.

Xia Liang sat in the car alone powerlessly watching Lin Qian's back. She pulled on her own cheek.

Why did she get so angry...?
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