Tea Of Summer Chapter 37

37 Chapter 37 Winter Warmth 4.2
In the following month, Song Qiyan and Xia Liang proved that "the world is not as small as you think." Both of them were on the same campus, but they hadn't cross paths, not even once.

Though they still talked over the phone occasionally, their conversations didn't have any actual substance, mostly just greetings.

"Shixiong, you.." Xia Liang bit her lower lip. She was thinking about how to phrase her question.

"Uhm?" Song Qiyan just listened with great interest.

Xia Liang heard that familiar magnetic voice. She suddenly felt that she couldn't ask him any questions. She changed the subject abruptly. "Uhm..., Shixiong, have you been busy recently?"

Song Qiyan at the other end laughed lightly. There was a hint of tiredness in his voice. "Uhm, I just came out of the laboratory."

Xia Liang looked at her watch. It was already past 9:30 PM. She immediately felt some sympathy for him. "Is it because you went back to China?"

Song Qiyan said "Yeah". He added flatly, "I need to catch up with the experiment that was delayed for that one month before Christmas. The professor has also given me another new project recently. So I am pretty busy."

Song Qiyan took courses in both Clinical Medicine and Pharmacology; he could often be found in the laboratory.

Xia Liang listened to Song Qiyan who was so tired that he could only speak in a whisper. She hurriedly said, "Then you should go home to rest early. Uhm...Remember to eat well." After they had been together for such a long time, she now understood Song Qiyan more than before. Though he always told her to take good care of herself, he wasn't so careful at taking care of himself. Since he always had to stay in the lab, he often missed his regular meal time.

Song Qiyan, at the other end, was walking on the street alone and slightly smiled. "En, I know." Was the warmth he felt the feeling one had when someone else was concerned about him? There were two warning sounds from his cell indicating that it was almost out of battery. "Then you rest early too. Good night, Xia Xia."

Xia Liang held her cell and rolled around on the bed. She protested in a low voice, "Uh, it's only 9:30PM."

Song Qiyang patiently explained, "Girls should rest early. Don't stay up late."

Xia Liang buried her head in the pillow and rubbed against it. "Uhm, I know, good night..."

He hung up the phone. Song Qiyan tightly pulled his coat closer to himself. He looked at the date on his cell before it automatically shut down. Well, was it already mid-December?

He put the cell into his pocket. He lowered his eyes and pondered carefully.

Looks like Christmas was coming...

He had heard that Seattle downtown was going to have a big firework party on Christmas Eve. Uhm... Now how to trick her into going?
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