Tea Of Summer Chapter 4

4 Chapter 4 Summer Tea 2.1
According to Zhao Ge, recording for the video game would take about one week based on the condition of Bei Yan's voice. Unfortunately, Bei Yan came to studio in the evenings for the following few days and missed Xia Liang's work hours.

On Saturday, Xia Liang rested listlessly on top of her desk at work, regretting that she had missed her idol.

"Xiao Xia." Somebody patted her shoulder from behind. It was the voice of Zhao Ge's assistant, San Qi. "Come. Come over. Zhao Ge needs some help."

Xia Liang followed San Qi over and saw Zhao Ge sitting on a chair. He looked at her. "Girl, San Qi said you know a bit about dubbing?"

Xia Liang took a look at San Qi and waved her hand. "Uh, as an amateur, just an amateur. Just a little internet voice acting. It's not that professional." Zhao Ge felt his chin. "Not bad, not bad. Your timbre is ok. We need a young girl's voice. Why don't you take the part?"

"Ah? Ah? !" Xia Liang was at a loss.

Zhao Ge turned on the printer and a sheet of A4 paper was printed out from the printer shortly. Zhao Ge picked up the paper and passed it to Xia Liang. "Not many lines. There's only a couple of sentences. The voice actress had missed this character since she's voicing multiple roles when we were recording. Now she's on vacation overseas. We need somebody to take this role. This character is the lead actor's younger sister, about 7 or 8 years old. She appears just once in a recollection scene. That's the script of the scene. It's a game so there's no need to lip sync. We can start recording after you get familiar with the lines."

Xia Liang: "..."

Xia Liang was a little bit anxious and a little bit happy. Though there were only a few lines, this was the first time that she had a chance to record in a studio! She was a bit excited when she thought about this.

But, after she looked over the lines------ah, a little loli, she wanted to cry. She was always assigned as the loli when she did voice acting on the internet. Now she was in the recording studio, why was she still voicing a loli...Ah never mind, never mind. Let it be a loli then; an opportunity was better than no opportunity at all.

"Uhm, almost ready." Xia Liang told Zhao Ge. Then she went to the studio and sat down under Zhao Ge's guidance. She followed Zhao Ge's instructions came through earphones and started recording.

"Ge Ge. Ge Ge[1]. The weather is so nice today. Let's go to the countryside, okay?"

"Ge Ge is the best~" "Ge Ge. Come here! Look, look, what a beautiful butterfly!" "Wow, Ge Ge is awesome!"

Xia Liang finished recording the few lines very quickly and surprisingly passed on the first try. Zhao Ge, who was outside the recording room, was amazed and gave her a thumbs up. "Girl, not bad." At first, Zhao Ge thought that it was only a minor role, it didn't hurt to let Xia Liang to give it a try. It would save a lot of trouble for him and the worst case would be letting her record many times to get it right. But the result was that Xia Liang's skill level was far above his expectations. Once she started, the impression of a 7 or 8 years old, naive girl was instantly established. Though the script did not have it, she was able to naturally add laughter into her dialogue. Her ability to create a convincing scene was also not bad.

"Hey, you do have some skills."

Xia Liang's face flushed. She was very happy that she was being praised so much.

She was going to take off the earphones when she heard Zhao Ge spoke again. "Xiao Song, you listen to this. Isn't it pretty nice? "

Xiao Song?

Xiao Song!

She swiftly raised her head. She saw, through the glass to the other room, a young man with a cap stood next to San Qi was just about to take the earphones handed over by Zhao Ge. He listened to her recording with a serious look.

Oh my gosh...Xia Liang's heart almost couldn't bear the shock from the surprise.

After quite a while, the voice in the other room, through the microphone, clearly came into her earphones. His voice was magnetic and warm, "Yeah, nice."

Xia Liang was stunned for one second. Her cheeks instantly began to turn red.

Zhao Ge saw that she was still inside the recording room. "Girl, what are you doing there. Don't you want to come out?! Haha! How come you're blushing so much! Is our young lady too shy..." Xia Liang took off her earphones right then and walked out of the recording room. When she opened the door, she was vigorously fanning herself. "Ah, it's so hot inside, so hot. Zhao Ge, I am going to drink water, hah."

Three men stood there watching Xia Liang hurriedly left, her left foot almost tripping over her right foot. They were all amused, even Song Qiyan's lips curled every so slightly.

[1]: , "ge ge" in pinyin is Chinese for "older brother."
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