Tea Of Summer Chapter 41

41 Chapter 41 Spring Sunshine 1.2
Song Qiyan only briefly went through Weibo, replied to a couple of comments, then put the cell phone down. With one hand held around Xia Liang's waist, he used the other hand to stroke her hair. Then he moved closer to smell the fresh scent of her hair and kissed her white tender face.

Even though Xia Liang was already used to this after the past three months, she still shyly looked down at the sofa, blushing.

Song Qiyan's nose rubbed her face and lips caressed her cheek and slowly, little by little, moved towards her lips. Xia Liang quickly dodged and bit her lower lip. "Don't!" Then she thought that she might have rejected him too harshly. So she followed up to explain in embarrassment, "I just ate. I haven't brushed my teeth..."

But Song Qiyan just sat there looking at her quietly with his dark eyes without saying a word.

Xia Liang understood right away. This was one of the rare instances of Song Qiyan's childishness acting up.

With the addition of his silent and intense stare...Xia Liang couldn't resist. She surrendered at once. She obediently hung on his neck and moved to kiss the corner of his mouth. She saw that he was still looking at her. So she kissed the corner of his mouth again and looked at him pleasingly "Ah Yan~."

Song Qiyan couldn't keep up his pitiable look any longer. With a tender smile at the corner of his mouth, he softly kissed her back and lightly licked her lips. For a long time, Xia Liang's face was flushed and she hit his shoulder. She looked at him with accusatory eyes, "You only know how to make a pitiful face."

Song Qiyan laughed, revealing a row of white teeth. He moved to bite her lip lightly. It was still an attractive noble young man's voice but tinged with a bit of victory, "But you were still fooled."

Xia Liang pouted her mouth. She bit his lower chin indignantly, "Who knows why I'm willing to be fooled."

Song Qiyan laughed again and held her against his chest. His chin leaned on her head. His voice was deep and magnetic, "Umm, aren't we both?"
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