Tea Of Summer Chapter 44

44 Chapter 44 Spring Sunshine 3.1
Xia Liang was exhausted from traveling all yesterday and didn't wake up until the sun was already high in the sky. She yawned and noticed that Lin Qian was still sound asleep next to her. She silently slipped out of bed. Then found that she was still wearing the same clothes that she had changed into after she had arrived here last night. She scratched her hair embarrassed; she realized how she probably got into bed last night.

She took out a change clothes and toiletries from her luggage and walked into the bathroom to take a hot shower. Xia Liang walked out of the bathroom with wet hair and put the dirty clothes into a laundry bag. Then she walked over to the living room. The sliding door in the living room, dividing the public area and the sleeping area, was already open. She peeked in and saw that there were only a bed sheet, a pillow, and a thin blanket left on the air mattress. When she saw the black suitcase at the end of the bed, she knew this was the place where Song Qiyan had slept last night. She looked around then saw the man himself leaning on the railing, enjoying the ocean breeze in the balcony outside the door.

Song Qiyan was dressed in a loose, large white T shirt and military green colored beach pants, which was ballooned out by the ocean breeze. Xia Liang took a look at his back and tried to sneak up behind him. But she was discovered before she had a chance to touch his shoulder when he suddenly turned his head.

Her attempt foiled, she stuck out her tongue and walked over to stand besides Song Qiyan.

"Did you wake up early?" Xia Liang asked.

Song Qiyan answered, "Umm. The airbed was very soft. I'm not used to it."

Xia Liang felt sorry for him and stretched her hand out in an attempt to massage his shoulder and back. But he grabbed her hand midair. He moved her hand to his lips and kissed lightly. Before Xia Liang had time to say anything, he was already caressing her face. Then he touched her wet hair. "You haven't dried your hair." Though his tone was soft, he wasn't happy about it.

Xia Liang stuck out her tongue again and tried to get away from it.

Song Qiyan poked her forehead helplessly, then went inside the room to get a clean towel. He stood behind her, carefully wiping her hair dry.

Xia Liang opened her two hands to lean on the railings. She closed her eyes, enjoying the morning Florida breeze brushing against her face and enjoyed the attentive service from the man behind her at the same time. She could clearly felt his big hand shuffled around her hair with warmth and affection.

They had met more than half year ago, gotten more familiar with each other for about half a year, and fallen in love only three months ago. But her love for him deepened every moment. The feeling of being pampered, the feeling that she could wholeheartedly rely on him, and the feeling that she had found her soul mate was like a glass of alluring, sweet poisonous wine laid in front of her. She knew that she could never escape once she fell and drowned in it. But she was willing to drink without any hesitation.

"Qiyan..." She called his name.

"Umm?" Song Qiyan stopped wiping. He looked at her hair and decided that it was dry enough now. He then put the towel on the railing next to him to air dry. His two hands circled around her waist and pulled her into an embrace. "What's wrong?" He used his chin to rub her hair.

Xia Liang leaned against him. Her two hands moved on top of his hands holding her waist. She slanted her head and rub her right cheek against his T shirt. "You know what, I seem to like you more and more."

Song Qiyan's hands stiffened a little then he held her even tighter. He almost wanted to bring her even closer, as if to fuse together. He controlled his emotions and patiently kissed the back of her neck. He coaxed her in a low voice, "Say it again."

Xia Liang felt ticklish from his soft kisses. But she couldn't move because she was held tightly in his arms. She could only repeat, "Qiyan, I like you."

"Say it again."

"...I like you."

"Say it again."

"..." Xia Liang turned around without knowing how to respond. She stretched out her hands to cradle his face and moved up to touch his forehead. Her face was flushed, but she still looked at his bright dark eyes directly, "I love you."

Song Qiyan couldn't hold the burning fire in his heart any more. His one hand held the back of Xia Liang's head and he passionately kissed on her tender lips. For the first time, he didn't have to control his passions and simply let his lips entangle with hers.

Xia Liang also lost herself in his burning desire. She could only follow his lead and respond in turn. She could hear him calling her name, "Xia Liang, I love you too." Really, really love you. Deeply love you. I had loved you long ago. It was endless. The rest of his love that hadn't spilled out, turned into even deeper affection. They were mixed in with intimate and lingering kisses.

They were fully immersed in their makeout session on the balcony, but inside, the just awaken Wei Jian with misty, sleepy eyes pull opened the sliding door of his room. His eyes caught the entire scene. He stood stunned and then cursed. He firmly closed the door of his own room. It was still early in the morning, had they thought about what a single person would feel!

He lived in the room next to girls' room. There was only a sliding door between these two rooms. He thought about the scene he just saw and even felt embarrassed for them. Originally he planned to go to the backyard to have some fresh air, but in the confusion, he accidentally opened the sliding door to the girls' room instead.

In said room, Lin Qian was changing clothes with her back towards him. After she turned and met Wei Jian's shocked eyes, she looked down at herself. Wei Jian looked down following her eyes. A large piece of snowy white, creamy skin was visible to his eyes. And that looming...

Lin Qian was shocked too. She had not clasped her underwear...She subconsciously threw what was in her hands at Wei Jian's face, and then started to scream fiercely.



The couple outside, startled by the screaming from inside, quickly separated their closely mingled lips. They smoothed out their breaths and then passed a confusing look to each other. They pushed open the door and walked inside.

The door for both rooms were closed tightly. This only made Song Qiyan and Xia Liang even more confused.

But the door to Wei Jian's room opened the next second. The tall man walked out of the room with a face as red as a beet. He ruefully looked at their faces------If only he wasn't so considerate trying to not interrupt them...Damn it! He had terribly bad luck with doors!

Song Qiyan looked at him silently. But he coughed lightly and turned his eyes quickly away after he saw what was in Wei Jian's hand.

Xia Liang sized Wei Jian up and down, who was so rarely in a state of panic. Then she saw what was in his hands. Her face flushed immediately. "Shixiong...You..."

Wei Jian was unaware of it yet. He wasn't aware of what he had caught subconsciously and left the room immediately afterwards. He had a very bad feeling after he saw their reactions. He looked down at the stuff in his hand slowly with a stiff neck...

Black...Lace...It had red embroidery...The size was pretty impressive...Damn it!

Song Qiyan's eyes still looked aside staring at the top of Xia Liang's head. He didn't say anything.

Xia Liang's face was bright red. "Shixiong, I didn't know that you, Umm...had this hobby..."

Wei Jian couldn't possibly defend himself. He had an incriminating item in his hand which he didn't know whether it was better to toss away or hide. He almost wanted to die. "Hey hey, if it wasn't because I saw you two there when I walked out of the door...I, I wouldn't be like this!" When he saw Song Qiyan and Xia Liang both cast unfriendly looks on him, he finally couldn't help let out a string of curses again. Damn it. The more he explained the worse the situation became.

Xia Liang dragged Song Qiyan's T shirt with blushed face. "Well, I, let me take a look at Qian Qian." She wanted to go in a hurry. Then she thought of something. She turned to Wei Jian, "Uh, shixiong, don't you want...uhm, let me return this for you..."

Wei Jian was stone faced. He turned over the hot potato to her without hesitation.
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