Tea Of Summer Chapter 49

49 Chapter 49 Spring Sunshine 5.2
When Xia Liang opened her eyes again, she was still lying on Song Qiyan's back. But they had already at the front of their vacation house. He was opening the door.

Song Qiyan felt movement on his back and turned his head to look at her. His voice was soft and magnetic, "Are you awake?"

Xia Liang rubbed her eyes and quietly yawned. She spoke tiredly, "Umm------? We're already back? Oh, where are Qian Qian and Wei Jian xuezhang..."

Song Qiyan opened the door and walked in. "I didn't see them on our way back. I left them a message and came back to the house directly."

"Oh..." Xia Liang was still drowsy, her head lazily hanging onto his shoulder.

Song Qiyan's heart melted watching her. He put Xia Liang down on the sofa and patted her face lightly. His voice was unexpectedly soft. "Be good, take a shower before you go to sleep if you feel tired, ok?"

Xia Liang widened her misty eyes and nodded. "Umm..."

After Xia Liang exited the shower with her pajamas on, Song Qiyan went in to take a shower also. By the time Song Qiyan came out of the bathroom drying his wet hair, dark clouds had gathered outside. Xia Liang sat holding her knees on the sofa next to the bed. She was absent-mindedly staring at the window.

Song Qiyan smiled slightly and walked over to sit next to her. He held her in his arms.

"Aren't you sleepy? Why don't you go sleep?"

Xia Liang leaned on his chest and pointed outside. "It is going to rain. Qian Qian and shixiong haven't come back yet."


He heard the term and unusually squinted his eyes.

He remembered that not long ago this young lady had also called him shixiong.

His looked down and saw her moist, soft lips. He quietly gulped.

"Xia Xia..." His voice was low, with a hint of passion.

"En?" Xia Liang looked up at him obliviously.

Suddenly, Song Qiyan was overcome by his urges and heatedly kissed her lips. Unsatisfied with just a light kiss, he pressed tighter against her lips, their tongues intermingled...

Bursts of muffled thunder lightly came through the window. The couple inside the room continued unabated.

In the meantime, Wei Jian and Lin Qian stood at the door having hurried back after noticing the dark clouds. They saw the couple on the sofa wrapped around each other. The looked at each other with painful expressions. Should they go in or not...

Finally they looked at each other with reluctance and with clenched teeth turned around to run back out under the dark, cloudy sky.

If they ran fast enough... they could probably reach the small hotel outside the resort village...

Why did they have to be a pair of third wheels. There was no place for singles near them. Aaaaaah!
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