Tea Of Summer Chapter 6

6 Chapter 6 Summer Tea 2.3
On 15 August, at Pudong Airport.

Xia Liang, with 2 large suitcases, was accompanied by her parents as she waited in line to get her boarding pass and to check in the luggage. Her ears were full of her mother's non-stopping nagging, so she could not stop her mind from wandering around.

She quit her intern job from the recording studio in the first week of August and went to Xining and Qinhai region for 10 days. She had gotten a deep suntan.. The days after she had returned from her trip were spent packing her luggage and getting ready to return to the US. She had to endure her mom's constant nagging during the whole time.

Her eyes were constantly roaming around beneath her cap. Suddenly she noticed that the back of the man who was checking in luggage looked familiar...he looked so much like...

"Oh nevermind, I'll just stop bothering you. Nevertheless whether you take good care of yourself or not is your own business." Her mother saw that Xia Liang was obviously absent minded and felt that she was wholly unappreciative of her advice.

Xia Liang quickly looked back and smiled affectionately. "Hey hey...I won't starve myself to death."

Her mother stared at her, "I am not worried that you'll starve yourself. You have to remember to eat balanced meals. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Eat less garbage food. Additionally, a girl should watch out for your safety. Especially at night, absolutely do not walk around outside at night." "I know I know~" Xia Liang played the role of nice and obedient daughter. Her mother stared at her in both annoyance and amusement at the same time.

When Xia Liang turned around again, that man's back had already disappeared around the corner. She bit her lower lip. She must have been mistaken.

The airplane took off like a big white bird flying over the sky------

Xia Liang watched the ground become more and more tilted and far away. She quietly spoke to herself.

"Goodbye, Shanghai.

And, Seattle, here I come."

[1]: , "ge ge" in pinyin is Chinese for "older brother."

[2]: Xiao Xia is Xia Liang, he's just addressing her with (lit: small) in the beginning, used for colleagues or friends or younger people. The inverse is true for older people where you add Lao (lit: old).
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