Terror Infinity Book 10 Chapter 10 1

Vol 10: Chapter 10-1.

Vol 10: Chapter 10-1.

Zheng placed the rifle by his feet and also dozens of bullets on the side. This was his weapon for the battle, also his only mean of suppressing team Devil at long range.

Sniping talents were difficult to come by. Even though it sounded easy, just aim and pull the trigger, but in reality, one millimeter offset meant missing by several meters when the bullet reached the target distance.

Zeros offensive power surpassed everyone given enough distance when he was on the team. He didnt unlock his constraint. It was due to his strength during the battle with team India they were able to overcome and in the end wiped the team. A snipers effectiveness in combat well surpass any other team members. Similarly, they were weak in close range. Either Yinkong or he only need one attack to finish off a sniper once they close in.

In contrast, Zhengs strength was in close combat and his sniper ability came from the third stage of the unlocked mode. It also couldnt last long.

Heng, can you see my location? Zheng said through his mind.

No problem. I can see your area. But it looks like you are lying down so I cant see you.

Zheng said. Heng, how many arrows do you still have? The enchanted arrows.

Heng counted them. Thirty seven. Its enough even if I only use explosive shots. Arent there only ten enemies? These arrows are enough. What about you?

I will begin the attack with the sniper rifle. I will try to assist you if theres opportunity. What I am worried about isnt your skill but that you wont be able to perform them normally. Your personality worries me.

Heng laughed. Rest assured. The Focused ability works great. I can feel myself becoming stronger every time I use it. Even if my personality hasnt changed much, I wont be scared of anything once the ability is activated.

Zheng sighed. I hope so. Just be careful. You are our strongest ranged person. I wont be able to hold it alone if you die.

Heng nodded then Zheng asked Yinkong. What about you? Can you see me from where you are?

I cant see you two, but I can see the people on the ground.

Zheng laughed. Then I will leave the ground to you. Remember, our mission isnt to fight to death but gain time for the others. Once they reached the checkpoint, we can leave. Protect yourself, attack after you guarantee your safety.

The three of them looked at a direction in the sky. The psyche scan showed ten people flying over at incredible speed. Although there was still some distance but it wouldnt take long at this speed. On the other hand, team Chinas big group was moving slowly and still had ten kilometers to the checkpoint. These ten people could catch up to them in just twenty minutes.

Zheng panicked and immediately said. Lan! Expose us, stop masking our location! Hurry, let them come attack us!

Lan paused for a while then replied. I cant. You need the surprise for the ambush to be effective. You will be right under their gunpoint if you are exposed. They spent too much energy forcing the helicopters to land so they cant break through the mask right now. Dont mention it again.

Zheng was getting more and more anxious. He yelled. F*ck. Just do it when I told you to. If I let them go directly after you, then what is the point of us coming out to stop them? Hurry up and expose us so they can come attack us!

Lan fell into silence for a while. If they are planning to wipe us, theres no stopping even if your location is exposed. Its better for you to hide them and give them a surprise.

Perhaps killing a few members of team Devil in the ambush would allow Zheng to live even if the big group gets killed. However, Lan didnt say her thought out.

Lan didnt answer Zheng no matter how much he yelled. Several minutes passed like this. Those ten people were only twenty kilometers away from Zheng. The scan suddenly lost effectiveness on them. Zheng, Heng, and Yinkong could only use their eyes from this point on.

Zheng stopped talking and calmed himself down. He didnt want to think about anything other than the rifle at his hand. Even though he was still a little anxious, but as time slowly passed, his mind became calm as a lake.

Several minutes of silent waiting. The hoverboards flew across the streets at twenty meters above them ground. At the same time, Zhengs eyes went out of focus.

Heng, see the hoverboards? I will shoot the first one, you aim for the second. Go for the head. Dont move yet. Wait for them to enter the center of this street. Wait.


Zheng yelled in his mind. His movements became extremely precise and aimed at the Caucasian man in the front. Bang! The man fell off and the hoverboard flew into a wall. A blonde woman also fell to the ground as she screamed.

At the same time, Hengs explosive shot came at the man behind the Caucasian. However, this shot didnt have the expected effect. That man moved his hands and blocked the arrow with a broadsword burning in a black flame. The force from the arrow knocked him off to the ground but he slowly flew back up after he spread a pair of wings on his back.

Zhengs eyes twitched. He could see the mans face clearly through the guns sight. That face was an exact copy of his minus the scar.

Clone Zheng sneered. He swung the sword then asked the white man on the ground. Francis, how are you doing? That shot shouldnt injure you.

The white man shook his head for a bit then stood up and looked at an item on his hand. F*ck, a sniper rifle. Lost 80% energy in one hit. Cant block the next attack.

Clone Zheng laughed coldly. Doesnt matter. The battle has started. Xuan, take them to go after the rest of team China. There are three people here. Follow our plan. ZhuiKong take care of your sister. Yanwei go kill the archer. Techoi, Francis, and I prepare to get in close combat. Richard assist us with your Gauss sniper rifle.

Clone Zheng took out a black book from his pocket and started reciting in ancient Egyptian while he flew up mid air using his wings.

Zheng didnt hold back on his clone and said to Heng. Shoot at will! Dont worry about anything. Use your charged shot! Then he aimed at his clone and bang!

The clone turned into numerous bats and scattered. By the time he came into form again, the recitation was finished.

Dark Cage!