Terror Infinity Book 10 Chapter 13 2

Vol 10: Chapter 13-2.

Vol 10: Chapter 13-2.

The bear lived up to the toughness of its type. It didn't seem damaged too much from Zheng's attacks. It flipped itself up, then banged its paws on the ground with a green glow on the paws. A shockwave spread from the point of contact, and Zheng ran into the wave.

Zheng suddenly felt as if he was hit with a hammer. He paused in place, not because he wanted to but he couldn't move his body. The bear slapped him flying over ten meters with its paw. He crashed into a wall. The seemingly thick wall also collapsed.

Zheng lost consciousness for at least a second. He felt a sharp pain on his nose by the time he work up. Even with this enhanced body, he could negate the bear's attack. Not to mention he took it to the face without any defense. He felt lucky to be still alive.

When he slowly got himself up, he heard the wind up sound of machine guns and immediate charged to the side. At least four to five bullets hit his legs but he also charged out through the wall. Outside was a rather flat and open area. He saw the Nemesis raised its rocket launcher and the laser was aiming at his direction. There was no where to hide this time.

"One! I am Zheng!" Zheng had no choice but to yell. He couldn't hide anymore so he had to take this risk and see if One still remembers him.

The Nemesis paused for a moment then slowly lowered the rocket launcher. It looked hesitant and raised the launcher several times. Finally, it howled as it turned to the bear. A series of shots from the minigun and a RPG blocked the bear from running away.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief. He sat up, cut open his legs with the knife, then picked out the bullets with his hand. He didn't use the hemostasis spray because the wound had already started to heal. He got up and ran toward the bear.

Zheng didnt know why his clone still hadnt appeared. Perhaps something delayed him, or perhaps he was waiting for an opportunity to give him a critical hit. Whatever it was, this was his best chance. He had to kill the bear in the meantime. Otherwise he had no chance when the clone comes.

He triggered the air cannon while he was running. As he was getting near, the bear banged the ground again.

Zheng aimed the air cannon at its face as soon as he saw it. The cannon fired at the same time the shockwave came. The two waves collided together but the cannon shot looked obviously more powerful. It negated the shockwave and continued onward to the bear. However, the shot lost some of its force in the collision and its direction changed slightly. It hit the bear's left arm along with the wall behind.

The bear screamed. Zheng closed in and stabbed the knife into its chest. Its skin and muscles were too thick, the knife didn't reach deep enough for any internal organs before it stopped. Zheng shouted as he grabbed the knife then pushed it horizontally. Even if the knife wasn't sharp to begin with, his strength could open this wound up.

The bear then swung its right arm and slapped Zheng and the knife away. It looked enraged from the attacks with a pair of red eyes. It howled and charged into Zheng who just landed then continued to push Zheng into a house. It opened its mouth to bite at Zheng's head.

The charge got him good. Furthermore, his head banged onto the corner of a wall and knocked him out for almost a whole second. When he opened his eyes, he saw a mouth coming at him. His body was pushed against a wall and couldn't move. A flame engulfed his whole body at this split second. When the bear loosened its grip a bit, Zheng focused his Qi and punched its chin. The corrosive Qi destroyed its chin and sent him flying.

Zheng breathed heavily. The charge and push almost squeezed all the air out of his lungs. However, there was no time to rest. He quickly ran through the hole on the way and saw the bear getting up. It looked miserable. The chin only had bones left from the corrosion. A large cut on its chest that almost exposed its organs. Blood sipping its left arm, which looked shattered from the inside.

Fear and panic replace savageness on its eyes. When it saw Zheng coming out, it turned around and ran as blood dripped off its body.

Zheng didnt relax. He had entered into a kind of berserk condition some time ago. As soon as he saw the bear ran, he jumped onto its back with the movement technique and bit its neck. Then he pulled off a piece of flesh. He stabbed the knife into its spines and snapped it, the blade also snapped at the same time. The bear screamed in pain then fell to the ground in a convulsion.

Zheng got up from the ground as he breathed heavily. His body was full of black blood. He couldnt tell if those were his blood or the bear's. But he didnt have time to care about his injury. He walked in front of the convulsing bear and aimed the air cannon.

The bear looked in fear. Its body started shrinking and it turned back into human form after two seconds. The lost of this Caucasian's chin made his talking sounded airy, yet he still yelled. "Spare me, I can have leader"

Zheng ignored him and pulled the trigger. He looked calmly as the man's expressions changed from begging to fear to despair. Two seconds later, the shockwave from the cannon hit his face and crushed his head along with the ground.

Zheng sat down as he breathed heavily. That fight had him fighting with his life. He hovered on the intersection to death several times. His mind was highly concentrated. Now that he got to relax, the exhaustion came back all at once. His body also felt like it was injured all over. The pain was indescribable. He could barely move a finger now.

A large figure appeared behind him. Zheng turned his head and saw the Nemesis standing there quietly. The weapons weren't aiming at him. It looked like One recovered his memories, or at least had an impression of him. Otherwise, the Nemesis wouldn't give up such a good chance to kill him.

"You lived up to be my original. The same hidden cruelty. I thought this cruelty was forced onto me when God cloned me, but it looks like that's not the case."

A cold voice, then a man lowered himself from mid air with his black wings. His hand was holding a flaming broadsword.