Terror Infinity Book 10 Chapter 5 1

Vol 10: Chapter 5-1.

Vol 10: Chapter 5-1.

Zheng napped for an hour. Then he couldnt continue because he wasnt feeling tired and he was getting anxious. This feeling came without any reason, like danger was incoming. Danger not coming from any zombies, creepers, or Nemesis, but something far away. He had been feeling that team Devil was more dangerous than he imagined.

The others also couldnt sleep. Alice only napped for a bit. Everyone sat in the bus in silence.

Alice asked. Zheng, what are you planning to do after this? The Corporation had their eyes on you. I think they will send mercenaries to capture you. You cant escape.

Zheng looked out the window and muttered. Not going to run anymore. I will fight when the time comes. What about you? What are you planning to do? You are also their test subject.

Alice sighed and didnt reply. Jill lit a cigarette then said. Expose the truth of the Umbrella Corporation. Let the public know what kind of company it is. I want to let the whole world know of it. Even though it will be difficult but if I manage to escape this city alive, I will do everything I can. I will forever feel guilty if I dont do something after seeing the suffering in this city.

The woman filmed their conversation with her camcorder. The bus came to a sudden stop, almost throwing everyone out of their seats. A black man came next to the windows and said with a smile. Hey guys, that cop, do you still remember me? You saved me in the police station. Look, I am clean. No wounds, no bite marks. How about taking me along?

Jill nodded to the other people. ChengXiao whistled and opened the door. The black man immediately came up in excitement and said loudly. Thank you so much. Haha. Ive been running non stop. The zombies would gather around me every time I try to take a break. My legs are feeling numb. I can finally sit down now. My name is Lloyd Jefferson Wayne. You can call me LJ.

He was obviously a talkative guy. He hadnt stopped talking since he got on the bus. Though that eased the atmosphere a bit in this situation. However, the others werent in the mood to talk so it was only him talking the whole time.

Before I encounter you guys, I saw a huge zombie hound running across the street. That hound looked terrifying. It was larger than a lion and could bite off the head of other zombie dogs. Luckily, it didnt see me. He said with lingering fear.

Alice couldnt stand it anymore. Ok, you can shut up. Zombies are everywhere in this city. Nothing you see is worth feeling surprised anymore.

LJ laughed. Not so sure. I saw one carrying weapons. It was two meters tall, like a muscular man. It didnt eat any human and just killed people with a minigun and RPG. If I didnt react in time, I would have been dead by now.

They knew LJ was talking about the Nemesis, then everyone looked at Zheng, who was even scarier than the Nemesis. His strength was way beyond that of normal people by defeating the Nemesis face to face.

The bus entered the city center and was driving toward the school. There were more and more zombies appearing on the streets. Even though the bus drove straight into them, not all zombies were knocked away. Some of them were crushed under the bus and left a bloody trail behind. Everyone had to start shooting zombies that got too close. Fortunately, the bus drove fast enough to leave this area before too many zombies gathered around.

An hour later, they could make out the outline of the school. This road was rather quiet without any zombies or light.

Everyone got off the bus with Zheng and Alice leading the way. The others followed behind them. On the side of the street were two stray dog transportation vehicles. The door and gates were open so those stray dogs probably became zombies by now.

Zheng thought for a moment and said. No need for everyone to go in. Alice, Yinkong and I will go find the girl. Everyone else wait here. Of course, if you want to die, you can come along. ChengXiao, Heng, and Jill protect the others. Thats basically it. Lan, can you find her?

Lan shook her head. No, I cant sense her location. You have to go in and search. Be careful.

LJ and the two newbies didnt want to enter this creepy school to begin with, so they nodded furiously as soon as they heard Zhengs words. ChengXiao, Heng, and Jill also nodded as they held onto their weapons and be on guard at three directions. Seeing this, Zheng walked into the school.

He said to Yinkong. Yinkong, the dogs are swift. Dont get close to them and use the wire. You guys wait a moment.

Zheng smiled and took out some bones, sand, and the Book of the Dead. He chanted the spell. The bones and sand combined to form four mummies.

Yinkongs expression didnt change but Alice was shocked. She pointed her gun at the mummies and yelled. Zheng! What are these!? Zombies? Evolved T virus?

Zheng immediately held her arm and said. Hoho, relax. These things are under my control. They wont pose any danger to us. Relax. Go, kill all the zombies in this school!

The mummies turned around and scattered. They ran along the walls or ceilings and quickly left their sights.

Alice stared until they were all gun before lowering her gun. What the heck are these things? Are you a wizard? How can you use such evil tricks?

Zheng waved his hand. Its just a trick. Dont worry. Hoho.

Just as he finished talking, there were gunshots and a mans shouts coming from a classroom on the second floor. The three of them sprinted to the stairs.

As soon as they climbed up a floor, a rifle was pointing at them with the laser pointer on their heads. A man in mercenary outfit ferociously said. F*ck, you trying to scare people? Say a word if you are alive! What the hell was that thing? Skeleton in armor and holding weapons running on the ceiling. I thought it was a creeper. Didnt you guys see that thing when you come up?

The three of them smiled bitterly because what he described was Zhengs creation. That mummy didnt kill any zombie before it was kill by this man. Though he was not to blame since a skeleton in armor would scare anyone in this world of zombies. This man had enough self control to not shoot them when they came up.

After the scare wore off, he let out a sigh of relief and said. Shit, I was scared. You have cigarettes?

Zheng took out a pack and threw him one. Are you also here for the little girl? Did you find her?

The man took a smoke and said. Good stuff. No, havent found her, but our leader went to the upper floors. Chances are slim. All the students we saw on the way had became zombies. That girl probably also became one. We will just do our best to look for her.

I am sorry. Are you looking for me?

A timid voice came through the darkness. Everyone was shocked for a moment. Alice and the mercenary pointed their guns toward the direction of the voice.

A little girl walked out from that darkness. Her face was filled with fear but also delight and relief.

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