Terror Infinity Book 10 Chapter 8 1

Vol 10: Chapter 8-1.

Vol 10: Chapter 8-1.

That voice did not say much for a while. Judging through the surveillance system, team China had shown an insane amount of strength this moment. Of course, they had no idea that these powers couldnt last long, or that Heng was fragile in between shots. They also had to assume the other people were at the same or similar levels.

The cold voice said. Understood. We wont limit your freedom but keep in mind that the Corporation doesnt like to be threatened.

Zheng smiled. No one is threatening the Corporation. Arent this an equal trade?

There was no response. Then the phone hung up.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief and said to the others. Lets go. Wait for the helicopter at the top of the building and also eat some food. Hoho, stop standing there. Lets go.

Moving pass the corpses, they followed Zheng into the building. Alice was fairly familiar with its structure since she was a security agent here. Soon after they entered the building, a group of twenty guards ran out. The guards didnt point their guns at the group, perhaps they had received orders. Ten of them went to guard the door while the rest followed behind Zheng to the elevator.

A few minutes later, everyone reached the roof. The helicopter hadnt arrived yet. However, there was a large round table with various canned and packaged food. This looked like the most these guards could do in this situation.

Zheng did not act polite. He walked over and started eating a can of food by himself. The others shortly followed suit after seeing it. After a difficult day and night, the sun was beginning to rise and they could not hold their hungers.

In a series of clapping, a young man walked over to them with a Nemesis following him. You are worthy of being the evolved T virus carrier to enjoy infected food so much.

Zheng replied without even raising his head. Do you believe I will take off your head to use for soccer? Dont think that thing behind you can protect you, nor those guards. You should know what happened outside the building. If you dont know, I dont mind showing it again.

His smile froze and he laughed awkwardly. Just joking. Of course I know how strong you and your comrades are. I am just curious why people would go after you. I think the helicopters that went after them encountered problems. Otherwise, I should have received reports by now. Can you tell me who those people are?

This man probably didnt receive a message from the higher ups. So he knew the helicopter went to attack team Devil but not about getting wiped. Zheng finished the can and said. You can go ask your superiors. Dont bother me again. Understand?

The mans eyes were filled with anger but when he saw Zheng moved his arm, he took a large step back, then turned around and walked away.

After he was gone, Zheng said to the others. Everyone listen quietly. When the helicopter comes, we will drive it ourselves. ChengXiao, do you know how to pilot a helicopter?

ChengXiao shook his head. You think I am a special agent? I am just an army doctor. Have you ever seen an army doctor piloting a helicopter? This isnt some YY novel. No such person exists.

Carlos said. I can pilot a helicopter, but my skill isnt too good. If you guys dont mind, leave it to me.

Zheng nodded in agreement. Good, then you will pilot it. Just fly straight to the checkpoint. We only need to arrive at the checkpoint.

Carlos nodded. They continued eating quietly. Honglu suddenly pulled Lans shirt lightly and pointed to Zheng. Lan understood him and connected their minds.

Honglu said. Zheng, I think we should plan what to do if the helicopter crashes. If theres still over a hundred kilometers, we should group up then find a defensive spot to wait for team Devil. Then whether the fight happens or not, they will also have to face the problem of the nuclear strike. The Umbrella Corporation had decided to obtain your evolved T virus as best as they could, and destroy everything if they cant, so no other people can obtain it. This is especially possible when they are under the impression of the existence of another force. After the helicopter crashes and you dont answer the phone calls, they will probably go through with the nuclear strike.

If that happens, I think team Devil wont have the time to wipe us. They will probably negotiate and complete the missions together with us. We dont know what team Devils mission is, but it should be killing or escorting a movie character. I dont think it will be something like stopping the nuclear strike. Because if it is, they wouldnt have killed all the mercenaries sent after them. So these two possibilities are the highest.

In other words, we should be able to coexist peacefully. After we bring the characters to the checkpoint, they can do whatever they want with them. Either kill them or take them away.

Zheng sighed. Its impossible for peace. Even though I havent seen them, but I can feel the pressure and killing intent coming from their direction. I can feel that they want to kill us all. Theres no way for peace. Continue.

Honglu sighed. Fine, even if we cant coexist, we can at least hold out defensively. As long as they think killing us all will have a huge impact on them, we have the basis for negotiation. We can compromise and let them finish their mission first. We just need everyone to survive. Otherwise, they can take the nuclear strike together with us.

Zheng asked. Why dont we just find a place to garrison here? Dont we have a higher chance if we make use of Umbrella Corporations technology?

Honglu shook his head. I am betting. We dont know if team Devil have large AOE weapons or abilities. If they do, all we can do is run. So one ability can wipe us out if we stay in one place. Thats why we will only do it when we cant run anymore, like over a hundred kilometers away from the checkpoint. If we are close, then I would rather split up in groups and head for the checkpoint.

Zheng thought for a moment and agreed to the plan. Do we have to split? Are there any methods or traps that allow us to fight them? Splitting up and run makes us too reactive. It isnt like you.

Honglu smiled bitterly. You think I really want to? Strategies and wits are a joke in front of absolute power. Strategies are only useful when both sides are similar in strength or there is something very beneficial to us. Getting in contact with Umbrella Corporation is a strategy, but is it effective? The result of the six helicopters had given us the answer.

So when it comes to the point that we have to run, we should just split up and run.