Terror Infinity Book 11 Chapter 11 2

Vol 11: Chapter 11-2.

Vol 11: Chapter 11-2.

Zheng felt his blood energy was completely drained once the flash happened. It was such a discomfort having the energy taken away at once. His qi was also disturbed for a moment but quickly calmed down.

A few seconds later, the army of Anubis rose from the ground one after another. They had the head of a dog and the body of a human. They were three meters tall and carried huge swords. The important part wasn't their looks but their numbers. A rough look around and it was several hundreds of them.

Xuan had a rigorous personality. He walked from one end to the other and counted each row. A minute later, he said. "Three hundred. There are three hundred warriors here. Which means you can summon six mummies. Good. This number is powerful enough to change the tides in many movies and even allow us to wipe some teams in team battles!"

Zheng wiped the sweat off his forehead and forced a smile. "Don't talk so creepy. You made us seem like mafias. How useful do you think these warriors are against other teams?"

Xuan said calmly. "Good enough. They can be a critical force if we use them in strategies. Not every team is as strong as team Devil. There should be weak teams. Otherwise, God wouldn't have put so much focus on team China. The previous team China was probably one of the strongest teams aside from team Devil and team Celestial. If we have difficulty taking on three hundred of these warriors, so do the other teams. The question is, how long will they last? And how much do they affect you?"

Zheng paused for a moment. "There's no time limit. They can exist as long as they don't die. I can also disband them. Summoning empties my blood energy complete. So I won't be able to use Explosion and the Spear of Osiris. There are no other downsides. Summoning doesn't expend my stamina or qi so I can still fight."

Xuan thought for a bit. "This ability isn't totally worthless. It can have miraculous effects in certain situations. How many more days do you have to stay here?"

"Over ten days. Why? Anything you want to do?"

Xuan nodded. "I plan to analyze the structure of the Sky Stick. It's something I will eventually I have to do anyway. A single hoverboard doesn't mean much to a team. It's best if we can equip each member with one. So instead of using the ten days inside God's dimension, I can finish this task while we still have time here. After we return to Cairo, you should also train your Explosion technique. I have some experience similar to this ability, but we can't gather testing data here. I will help you test it when we return. That may increase your combat ability by several folds. However, you must increase the duration to over thirty seconds first."

Zheng exhaled. "Aren't you going to take a break? I mean after you are done analyzing the Sky Stick, or just exchange the design from God. You should take a break once in a while. This battle lasted so many days. We were flying back and forth, getting wounded every time. I am planning to just do my regular training daily and take a break for the rest of the days. What about you?"

Xuan frowned, seeming to ponder over Zheng's suggestion. "What do I do if I am on a break?"

Zheng recalled that Xuan had never rested once since they met. It seemed like he was always able to find something to do, like a clockwork. After learning the inner thoughts of Xuan, Zheng knew he just didn't know what to do. A person without feelings would be devoid of any desires when he couldn't find the next task or goal.

"Understand. Forget about everything and come fish at the Nile River with me." Zheng said with ascertion.

"Fishing?" Xuan pondered, as if this was the most difficult problem. Finally he nodded. "Fine. Go fish at Nile River."

The dirigible returned to Cairo in just two days with the Sky Stick as the power source. Izzy couldn't stop smiling when he received several gold bars and quickly left. Zheng split the rest of the gold to the movie characters. They also knew Zheng had no use for the gold and gladly accepted it.

The farewells were slightly sentimental. They had become comrades after several trips to the edge of hell. So it was a bit gloomy when it was time to part away. Fortunately, Jonathan always managed to lighten up the mood.

"That's our plan. We will buy a big mansion in England with this gold then invest some of them. Need to leave some assets for the child. I am never going on adventures again. Archaeology, mythologies, legends can stay away." O'Connell said.

Zheng easily noticed Evelyn didn't seem to agree with O'Connell. Then he recalled about her mentioning the golden mask from Maya that could turn people into vampires and the seven crystal skulls. He gave O'Connell a moment of silence.

Jonathan said. "I have decided to head east. I heard there are many opportunities to become rich. Not that I need anymore money but I just want to travel the world."

Ardeth said. "Zheng, our tribe will continue to protect Hamunaptra and the altar. So you don't have to worry. We welcome you the next time you return to this world."

Zheng smiled. He was surprised that he formed such bonds with the movie characters. He also felt a bit sentimental for parting. After the day was over, everyone left Cairo on ships and horses. Zheng and Xuan returned to the inn where he entered this world and rented two rooms. He still had enough money left over that he didn't have to worry about cash for the remaining days.

At night, Xuan analyzed the Sky Stick and Zheng trained his qi and blood energy.

The next morning, Zheng saw Xuan eating breakfast at the dining table when he got up. Xuan took out a fishing rod and said. "I had the maid bought me a fishing rod last night. I connected the rod to the power source of the Sky Stick. When a fish bites the bait, it will exert 10k voltes of electricity. This will increase efficiency vastly."

Zheng opened his mouth wide then wiped sweat off his forehead. "Uh. The goal of fishing isn't for fish. It's so we can spend the time leisurely. Let me ask this way, what do you need the fish for?"

Xuan said emotionlessly. "I am not fishing. I can spend the time to think over the design of the Sky Stick. This will be useful for our next movie."

Zheng quickly interrupted. "Halt. I meant fishing isn't about efficiency. You can't use this rod. Let's head to the wharf first." Zheng put away the Sky Stick into his dimensional bag and head out the inn. Xuan followed after him.