Terror Infinity Book 11 Chapter 12 1

Vol 11: Chapter 12-1.

Vol 11: Chapter 12-1.

The remaining ten days quickly passed by. Zheng and Xuan returned to God's dimension without any issues. Zheng was worried that Xuan couldn't go back because he didn't enter this world.

Everything in the platform looked just as when he left. Lori was still sleeping soundly. Xuan immediately walked over to God and closed his eyes. "Basically the same as I thought. I wasn't included when calculating rewards for The Grudge. I cleared six waves so there should be some rewards but I only have the same amount of points when I entered the movie. You can revive Zero here after the next movie."

Zheng was delighted to hear it. It would be great if he could revive the members with less than 8000 points and a rank B reward.

"Then let's revive Zero along with Kampa and WangXia. If I recall correctly, he only had a rank C reward and 4000 to 5000 points. We have enough to revive him."

"I disagree."

Xuan adjusted his glasses. "Who we revive depends on the situation. You currently have enough ranked rewards but not enough points. 10,000 points seem like a lot but it would be gone in an instant when reviving any veterans. Zero's sniping ability is important for the team and Lan even more crucial to the team."

Zheng asked. "I am confused. Why didn't you let me revive Lan in The Mummy world? Or Zero here?"

"Because we need them. We don't revive Lan because we don't have the ability to protect her. She has two essential psyche force abilities that every team needs. Plus she is a rare talent. But what if she gets killed because we are weak? She doesn't have any combat capability on her own. If she dies, that will be forever.

As to Zero, he can protect himself but before that you have to arm Kampa, WangXia and me with weapons. The two of them don't cost anything to revive but they also don't have any weapons. Furthermore, you have to spend the points on necessary items for the next movie. You won't have enough to revive anyone currently."

Zheng said. "We are comrades from this point on. I know this can be unreasonable but please don't treat us as chess pieces or tools! We are comrades that can take a hit for you and fight together till death! So I will try to listen to your advices but you should also consider each person when you make plans."

To his surprise, Xuan frowned and pondered for a moment. "Understand. I will try to consider  when it comes to 'comrades'."

Zheng suddenly realized that both he and Xuan had changed a lot. The him before wouldn't have accepted Xuan's value on human lives. And Xuan wouldn't have taken his opinion.

"Perhaps this is the start of a metamorphosis for team China."

According to Xuan's plan, the early and mid stage of team China should focus on both enhancing the bodies and using scientific weapons. Like the gauss sniper rifle for Zero, heavy firearms for Kampa, and mines for WangXia.

"I will also use scientific weapons, especially pistols. In the movies, there's the Gun Kata theory. Through various positions, one can theoretically reach every blind angle and also increase the damage of bullets by 20%. This may seem absurd but I saw this ability in the exchange system. It is a tier B ability. So my goal for the mid stage is to use gun kata with two gauss pistols." Xuan said.

Zheng nodded. Then he connected to God and chose resurrection. He imagined Kampa and WangXia's names and images.

This was a corridor made of steel. Kampa, Xuan, and Zero was running. They entered a gate that was filled with firearms. Kampa grabbed a large Gatling gun and pointed it at the gate at once. However, before he stabilizes, an Alien tail pierced through the gate and stabbed into his chest. He pulled the trigger.

After the Soviet Union disbanded, the first wave of special forces had no country to return to. They wandered between other countries then formed a group of international mercenaries. They moved from one battlefield to another. Those without a family, without a country, and without a future. All they had left were their comrades that stood beside them. They smoked and drank, talked about women, counted cash, and planned to make some people pay.

Kampa's group ambushed several drug lords on a mission and kill several people. However, one of the drug lords escaped. What followed was revenge on the mercenary group. Kampa's partner got kidnapped and he was sent a skull several days later.

The mercenaries chased after the drug lord's life for half a year and finally killed him in a base. Kampa took seven bullets in the battle which painted his whole body in blood. That was at the north east border of China.

Kampa's body appeared on the floor out of nowhere. A large hole on his chest was recovering at visible speed. Zheng sighed then connected with God again.

This was a dim warehouse. As the gate opened, a group of people including Zheng, Lan, and WangXia walked inside. As Zheng and WangXia picked their guns, Zheng suddenly picked Lan up and ran toward the exit. WangXia only took a few steps before the fire consumed him.

In a modern laboratory, rows and rows of soldiers stood in place. A white haired researcher was lecturing them on hypnosis, selection, physical fitness, entering the unknown worlds of horror movies, enhancing themselves, exchanging technologies and paying back their mother country.

In a small village in the rural areas, a mother with silver hair quietly held her child's arm. Her tears could not stop even though this child had became a valiant soldier. The aged mother took off a jade pendant from her neck and put it on the child with her shaking hands. The mother was already in her sixties. The child knew he might not ever be coming back once he leaves. Even though man do not shred a tear easily but he still lowered his head. He kneeled down quietly and touched the ground with his forehead heavily, leaving a mark of blood.

"Perhaps a lot of people this country have been corrupted, but I still haven't!"

WangXia's body also appeared on the floor. His whole body was completely burned but it was recovering at visible speed like Kampa. Several minutes later, his skin turned back to normal.