Terror Infinity Book 11 Chapter 12 2

Vol 11: Chapter 12-2.

Vol 11: Chapter 12-2.

Zhengs nose felt a bit stuffy. Kampa came here like everyone else, having lost hope in the real world. But WangXia was different. He had a pure heart just like his inner thought said, he still hadnt been corrupted!

Many people live yet accomplish nothing. It was like they live to await their death. People who were truly living life had their beliefs, their dreams, something they would always cling onto. Something that once existed during childhood but vanished as the cruelness of reality kicked in while growing up. The previous Zheng was such person until he entered this world. His biggest goal right now was to revive his comrades then survive together!

People like WangXia deserved respect. Zheng looked at him differently, though Xuan was as indifferent as always.

Kampa opened his eyes then flipped up from the floor. After realizing it was Zheng and Xuan standing next to him, he laughed out loud. We passed the Alien movie? Haha, thats lucky I am still alive. I thought I saw my partner was coming for me. Didnt think I would survive it. As he laughed, tears flowed down his face. However, Zheng knew those werent tears of joy.

WangXia also opened his eyes and jumped up. His right hand quickly reached for his waist but when he saw Zheng and Xuan, he was shocked. He saluted to Xuan and said. Sir! Lieutenant Wang Xia arrived at destination waiting for the next action.

Xuan saluted back. Take a rest. This isnt the military, nor the real world. I have mentioned in the message I sent back that people who entered this world will be rid of their position temporarily. Your utmost goal is to survive. You are currently a member of team China.

WangXia paused for a moment. Seeing that Xuan took his hand back, WangXia did the same. He looked around the place, especially at the sphere of light above.

Kampa looked at WangXia then pointed to himself. The only other person in this platform was Lori. Where is Jie? Who is this lieutenant? Was he in the team?

Zheng gave a bitter smile and said. Things are a little complicated. Go take a shower and get changed first. We will talk later. See the rooms by the edge of the platform? Hold the handle then imagine the design of the room, including furniture and decorations. Then open the door. That will be your room for the future. Uh, Xuan, you too. These desert robes look so unpleasant.

Their original clothes were ruined during the fights. So they had to buy the black desert robes in Cairo, which didnt really fit the aesthetics of Asians. Xuan didnt object and walked to a room.

After all three people left, Zheng walked over to Lori. She should be awake by now since they were talking so loud. Zheng noticed she adjusted her position a little.

What are you lying there for? Mad at me? Zheng sat next to her. He lit a cigarette and took a smoke.

Lori sudden turned around and bit him in his arm. He could dodge it but Zheng was afraid she might injure herself and held his arm in place.

Zheng smiled bitterly and said. Mad that I didnt let you come with me? I have my difficulties. You have to believe in me. I have been fighting for us to return to the real world. Remember the girls that lived in here? I have to revive their men. So, dont act spoiled anymore.

Lori massaged her jaw and said. I would have refused to go with you even if you want to take me. I know I was a deadweight the last time in Alien. I just wanted to see if you will keep our promise to the end. You asshole! If your skin isnt as tough as rubber, I will bite all over you. Liar!

Zheng laughed. He picked up Lori and headed to their room. Team China was changing, including Lori. He hoped they would grow stronger and stronger, and the members could bond together.

Thats the current situation. You guys died a few movies back. In fact, I was the only one that survived in the battle against team Devil. So, we have to revive our team members and become the strongest team!

Inside Zhengs room, none of the four men could cook anything eatable. Fortunately, Lori knew a thing or two so they all came over. Zheng told them about what happened, especially that revivals were only one time for each person. The next time they die would be real death.

Kampa and WangXia were both accepting of the fact to Zhengs surprise. They didnt show any surprise or fear. They thanked Zheng then drank their tea.

Zheng said. You dont look emotional at all. Haha, whatever. Thats basically it. Now moving onto the next movie and the weapons you want to use.

The next movie is The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Just as Xuan predicted, the difficulty we are facing reduced drastically. This is even easier than sci-fi movies. Maybe the quantity and size of dinosaurs might create some difficulty but its totally doable with just regular firearms. The most important thing is, the number of dinosaurs can be an opportunity. I wonder if you will get points for killing dinosaurs. If so, lets wipe out all the dinosaurs in the island! Tell me what weapons you want to use.

Xuan looked through some items in the exchange system. He didnt have the leader privilege so he had to delegate the task to Zheng.

Kampa said. I I need a heavy weapon, maybe Gatling gun

Zheng laughed. Dont bother with modernized weapons. I have enough points and rewards. And you cant get revived anymore so you should get equipped as best as you can. You can each use a rank C reward and 2500 points. That can totally get you a multiple barrel EMP rifle. It uses a different technology from gauss weapons. About twice as powerful as the gauss counterpart but reloading can be troublesome. You have to reload every three seconds. So instead, you can get an unlimited ammo version with a rank C reward and 2000 points.

Kampa didnt say anything. He nodded and sat down.

WangXia said. I specialize in traps, mines, and detonations with passable skills in mid-range shooting.

Zheng nodded. Then I will exchange you fifty high explosive mines and ten timed bombs, also three gravity mines that cost a rank D reward and 500 points each. I dont know how powerful they are so you have to make use of your imagination. Furthermore, I will help you increase your muscle density and reaction speed by 100 points each.

WangXia nodded and sat down just like Kampa. Though his posture was much more upright. While Kampa looked bolder and vulture.

Afterward, Xuan said. I dont need any enhancement. Two unlimited ammo gauss pistols, a rank D reward and 1500 points each.

Zheng nodded then counted the expenses, which added up to over 9000 points, two rank C rewards and two rank D rewards. He still had 1000 points, two rank B rewards and a rank D reward.

The points really dont last long. It was just some weapons and knocked me down from the rich to the poor. Zheng smiled bitterly. However, the new sci-fi weapons looked shockingly impressive after he exchanged them.

The EMP rifle was two meters long, a little bigger than his Gatling cannon, and of course more expensive. The smooth surface and shiny metal looked stylish. Kampa embraced it in his arms like it was a woman.

WangXia looked at the EMP rifle with envy. In contrast, the gravity mines were just three black balls. Their look totally didnt live up to their cost.

The gauss pistols were smaller than the ones Xuan was using. Also shiny and stylist like future weapons in movies. Though Xuan didnt give them a second look and slid them into his sleeves.

Lets go. We will test these weapons in the basement.