Terror Infinity Book 11 Chapter 6 1

Vol 11: Chapter 6-1.

Vol 11: Chapter 6-1.

"This is the location of our third target, the Temple of Osiris. Wish the first sight I see is beautiful women welcoming us." Jonathan said.

The bracelet occasionally projected various images since Zheng wore it on his wrist. These images were the locations of temples remaining in Egypt. The group had to keep following the pointers and search one place after another.

There wasn't much Zheng could do. Even though he saw the movie but he didn't know this world. Like if someone in the movie mentioned a location, would you be able to find it once inside the movie? So you had to keep asking people for the way to get there.

Zheng had no other choice but to follow the locations projected by the bracelet. Fortunately, Evelyn knew Egypt well enough so she could figure out which temples they were by the images. The dirigible was also pretty fast. So they reached their third target in a few days.

The previous two images appeared once Zheng got off the dirigible. However, there was no image this time even after he reached the entrance of the temple. Did they guessed it wrong?

Everyone turned to Evelyn. She shrugged and said. "Don't look at me. I am certain that I didn't get it wrong. The image appeared last time was definitely this Temple of Osiris. I dont know what went wrong. Maybe we she enter it?"

Zheng suddenly took out the axe and submachine gun then said to them in a low voice. "Be careful. I felt something wrong with this temple. Dont you feel a sense of stress?"

The others shook their heads. Then a large stone statue suddenly blocked their way.

This statue was over seven meters tall. Its body was weathered and looked thousands of years old. This was the statue of Osiris, the God of afterlife, the underworld, and the dead. The statue moved toward them while they were still in shock. Then punched where Zheng was standing.

The air pressure coming from the punch was enough to let him know he couldn't take one hit. That force was over 900kg, enough to turn him into a pancake. He immediately rolled backward. After he backed off three meters, bang. The whole ground trembled. He could tell there was a big hole without even looking. Zheng immediately yelled. "Get out of the temple! Hurry and run!"

Everyone else came back to their senses and ran for their lives. Even though they had the courage to fight the mummies, the army of Anubis, or even the large scorpions, but this seven meter tall statue was terrifying. Their actions were the same, turn around and run. Jonathan ran ahead of everyone as always. Then O'Connell followed behind carrying Evelyn. Ardeth after and Zheng half crawling out at last.

The statue was powerful but its speed was slower than the group. It barely reached the door when they were already outside. Then it crushed the temple door with a punch and walked toward them.

"F*ck, I am going to die. Zheng, did you ever offend God, that's why your luck is in the negatives?" Jonathan yelled as he ran.

Zheng laughed bitterly. However, he noticed the statue was only attacking him. Whenever he slowed down, the statue would prepare for an attack. So he yelled. "You guys go help me find an area of quicksand. The bigger the better. Hurry!" Then he made a turn and ran toward the desert.

The group split up to find quicksand in the desert. Thought the task wasn't so easy. After Zheng ran around in circles three laps, Jonathan said. "Hey, the sand ahead feels soft but I can't be certain if its quicksand."

Zheng didnt hesitate. He had to take any chance now. He made a turn and ran toward where Jonathan pointed at. The statue chased after him like it was not going to part until death. When one of Zheng's leg suddenly sunk into the sand, he activated the movement technique and ran on top of the sand. Though not quite the same for the statue. It was moving slower and slower in the quicksand until both its legs sunk in. then its body slowly sunk until it disappeared after about a minute.

Zheng could finally stop. He fell straight on the desert and just lay there. The intense running wasn't tiring. His body could sustain an hour of two of it. But the mental strain was overwhelming. The statue's attacks were simply too powerful. He could take a hit or two from Aliens, creepers, or other monsters, but he was sure one punch from the statue was enough to smack him into a paste.

Everyone else ran over to him. The situation was scary even for the people watching. Then an image projected from the bracelet into the air. Evelyn immediately said. "I know this place. It's the Abu Simbel Temple, not far from where we are. We can get there by tomorrow."

Zheng forced a smile. "Well, that's lucky. Can I ask how big the statues are? If it's too big, we will have to plan it out."

Evelyn shook her head. "The statues are about as big as this one. It's in a siting posture, so about eight meters tall when it stands up. The temple in a desert so we can probably get it into a quicksand, but"


They all asked simultaneously. Zheng and Jonathan sounded intense.

"That temple worships three statues."

"F*ck. One already almost took our lives. If all three comes at the same time, we might as well go home." Zheng smiled bitterly. Then an idea came to his mind and he brought out the Book of the Dead. Evelyn stared at the book as soon as she saw it.

Zheng opened the book with its key then pointed to the hieroglyphs. "Evelyn, can you help me translate the incantation? I need to find a spell that can create quicksand. Since these spells are all desert and death related, it should have something similar."

Evelyn nodded and grabbed the book at once. She smiled like a child as she read out the spells. "Return of the dead, nope. Mummy guardians, nope. Sandstorm, nope. Resurrect the last creature killed by the Book of Amun-Ra, nope"

Evelyn read out every incantation in whole. However, something felt not right to Zheng. Though she soon found the spell for quicksand which made him delighted to hear and asked her to teach him.

At the same time, a group of people on camels were riding out of Hamunaptra. A woman asked an old man. "Priest, can the high priest still come back? We didn't find the Book of the Dead."

The old man muttered. "The master will resurrect. The Medjais made big movements to excavate Hamunaptra and we got a chance to slip in and stole his body. Those idiots only cared about the gold on the first and second levels. Haha, we only have to steal the Book of the Dead, then master will descend our world again!"

A bag on the camel started moving. A dehydrated hand reached out from its opening.