Terror Infinity Book 11 Chapter 8 1

Vol 11: Chapter 8-1.

Vol 11: Chapter 8-1.

The injury was very serious. Zheng couldn't move as fast as before or the wound would tear open. Blood would then pour into his lungs and suffocate him.

"Incredible rate of recovery. Your flesh has closed up. It will only take several more days to heal. Are you really a human?" Ardeth asked as he bandaged Zheng up.

"Well, this recovery rate is the only thing I am proud of. But several days we don't have several days. I believe Imhotep is still chasing after us. He can easily locate us with his powers in this large forest. Furthermore, we don't have the Book of Amun-Ra so if he finds us, we can't do anything other than run. We need to reach the pyramid as soon as possible. Obtain the Scorpion King's treasure and use the Anubis army to confront Imhotep. Then we can return to Hamunaptra, get the Book of Amun-Ra and kill him again!"

O'Connell shrugged. "Is that why your plan is crazy?" He looked at the TNT on the ground.

Similar to when they buried the three statues, the target this time was the pygmies. They would bury enough explosives to blow up ten thousand people inside the canyon, all ten cubic meters of them. Then Zheng would go lure the pygmies into the canyon, the others then ignite the fuse from far away. He had a few seconds to run.

"We have quick burning fuses, so it only takes two to three seconds. I will be standing at the bottom of the canyon and need to run three hundred meters during the time frame. My speed with the movement technique is six seconds for 100 meters, and ten times that with Explosion. I should be able to run away no matter how I see it. As soon as you see me and the monkeys run into the canyon, ignite the fuse. I am counting on you!" Zheng said to them.

The plan sounded crazy but they saw how fast Zheng could move with his techniques. In that case, he should be able to come out before the fuse finished burning. This also seemed like the only way to clear out the pygmies quickly.

Zheng exited from Xuan's simulation and breathed heavily. "This is as much as I can plan before my wound opens up. Let's buy the explosives first. Then we will wait half a day for my wound to recover a bit more."

A hawk cry came from the sky then the little hawk landed on Ardeth's arm. He took out a rolled piece of paper from its feet. "They said they have started on the cliff. The cliff is not as deep as expected, only about twenty meters. It should be cleared in three days. Which means they should find the book in three days!"

Zheng nodded. "That's great. If we can't reach the pyramid within three days, we will go back to get the Book of Amun-Ra first. Then we don't have to be afraid of Imhotep."

They began to bury the TNT in the bottom of the canyon and also some on the outer sides just in case.

Perhaps it was their time to be lucky, there were no monkeys or beasts or Imhotep during this time. Time passed slowly. Zheng spent the whole day meditating with qi. His recovery rate increased further during this state. By noon the next day, the wound was almost healed and he could move intensely for a little bit.

The movie characters stood by the edge of the canyon. Once Zheng runs to the center of the canyon, they would start igniting the TNT on the outer areas and move to the center.

Zheng took out a jade pendant and smiled. "This is a one time use protective item. I originally planned to use it in the fight with the Scorpion King but I have to use it now. Haha, hope it can block the rain of bullets from all the pygmies." He jumped on top of a tree then began running on the branches.

During the day of resting, he carefully floated up with the Sky Stick to test the laser. The height required to trigger it was three meters above the top of the trees. The tree branch he was holding would get shot as soon as it went past this height. Zheng couldn't help but curse when he came to the result of a laser weapon before World War 2 even happened. The Sky Stick would have been able to fly him over and bypass the pygmies in a few minutes if it wasn't for this.

Zheng moved head quickly without any difficulty with the movement technique. Half an hour later, he found the first pygmy.

The way he was going to lure them was straightforward. He took out the Gatling cannon and immediately tore the pygmy apart along with a tree behind it. Then noises started coming from all sides. Zheng ran forward with the cannon until he encountered the first wave of pygmies. The cannon crushed them before they could even shoot. He didnt have to worry about ammunition so he continued spraying from one side to the other. After all the trees within a hundred meters collapsed, he continued forward.

The number of pygmies increased the closer he was to the pyramid. Their weapons also change from guns to heavy firearms. By the time Zheng saw an anti-tank RPG, he immediately turned around. The pendant blocked off numerous shots on the way but he didn't want to test the power of an RPG.

He had forgotten how many pygmies he killed on the way. The Gatling cannon rarely stopped shooting. When he began to run, thousands of pygmies were chasing behind him. They filled the forest from the ground to the trees. Bullets were hitting a translucent field on his back one after another. However, this field was becoming more faint as time passed, until a Dum Dum bullet finally shattered it.

Zheng felt the pendant on in his palm turned to powder. He immediately took out another one and also wobble his body while he ran. However, it was futile. An individual's strength was powerless in this situation. Not even his clone could sustain against several thousand pygmies with guns.

More and more pygmies joined as they ran. Though Zheng had no time to think because the pendant was already cracking. At the same time, the edge of the canyon also came into sight. Zheng gave a shout and jumped down the canyon. The pygmies behind him also jumped. He began accelerating but his heart skipped a beat as he reached the center and looked at the other side of the canyon.

Imhotep and his group were holding O'Connell's group hostage with guns.