Terror Infinity Book 12 Chapter 6 2

Vol 12: Chapter 6-2.

Vol 12: Chapter 6-2.

The water resistance was quite strong especially due to the high speed of the Sky Stick. They were almost pushed off the Sky Stick. Xuan had to lay low on it and the other three had to grab onto the rope tightly.

About a minute later, Xuan piloted the Sky Stick out of the water. The air was still warm. A reddish fire was burning from afar. However, the bees didnt stop there. They were swarming toward the fleet as expected. The first of their victims were the buildings near the shore and the soldiers inside. Numerous soldiers were screaming as they ran to the barbed wires where the insecticide was.

As soon as the Sky Stick got out of the water, Xuan piloted it toward the nearest ship. They had to fly near the surface to avoid getting detected by radar and the three hanging on ropes were dragging on top of the water. Fortunately, since it was the darkest hour before dawn, no one would notice the unusual rolling water.

Zheng suddenly felt a sense of danger from beneath, a chilling sense of killing intent. He shouted to Xuan immediately. Go up!

Xuan piloted the Sky Stick upward. It was capable of lifting ten meters in just a moment. At the same time, a round mouth swam up to where they were. Countless teeth the size of a finger filled the mouth. When the owner of this mouth came out of the water, they saw that it was a giant starfish, or perhaps a species related to it.

The three people hanging on ropes gulped and felt a chill over the body. Dying in a battle, to a gun was acceptable. Death wasnt scary, but getting chewed by that mouth was a different kind of horror.

Xuan said. Then we will fly at this height, but thats taking another risk. The Sky Stick accelerated to its maximum speed. They could feel the strong wind blowing past. Then the ship came into sight.

Zheng counted the time and distance quietly. When it was only 500 meters away, he shouted. Attack! He pulled the ring on the grenade he was holding for some time and threw it over. It exploded in the center of the deck and caught dozens of soldiers around it. The main gun nearby was destroyed. Though the missiles didnt get set off.

The EMP rifle roared loudly. The gun showed its full power being at a height advantage. Needle like bullets caused a scraping sound from the metal deck. The sound went all the way to the bottom of the ship as if it were being torn apart. All the people on the deck were easily shredded to pieces, including some weapons.

Zheng and WangXia were shocked. The gun seemed too powerful even as a sci-fi weapon. Furthermore, it had unlimited ammos. Kampa would have been able to take the ship on his own if he just continued like this.

As the Sky Stick flew over the ship, the EMP rifle basically sprayed every area of the deck. A few missiles were caught and caused explosions. After they crossed the ship, another bigger explosion occurred. They looked back to see half the ship had sunk in a sea of fire. More explosions were happening inside the ship and soon it slowly slid into the sea.

Everyone aside from Xuan was shocked by their weapons. Even as a sci-fi weapon, the EMP rifle was more powerful than the average energy weapon and had a horrifying range and speed. When given unlimited ammos, it was the king of mid to long range battles.

WangXia was shocked by the explosion radius of just a small bomb. It was almost equivalent to a nuclear bomb of the same size and mass. Furthermore, he still had many of these timed bombs on hand, enough for him to sink a ship on his own.

Xuan said. Kampa, is the gun barrel boiling hot?

The other three people looked at the barrel and saw that it had turned white. That temperature seemed even higher than softened metal that was burned to red. However, the alloy used in the gun didnt seem soft or going to melt at this point.

Kampa, dont use the gun again for some time. It originally had a shooting time of a few seconds then a cool down time during reload. However, the unlimited ammo version took away the cool down time. Continuous use will cause the metal to fatigue. If you dont want to ruin this gun, dont use it for half an hour. Xuan said calmly then headed toward another ship.

Wait! Didnt you just say he should use the EMP rifle? What are we doing over there? Zheng immediately shouted.

Xuan replied. Did you not heard the notification? Each of us obtained 1000 points. Furthermore, just sinking one ship might only seem like an accident to the Navy. Since we already sunk one, it doesnt hurt to sink another. Xuan said without stopping.

The ship had caught them in the searchlight. Several helicopters took off and headed toward them. The artilleries were also firing at their way. Fortunately, the Sky Stick moved fast enough and Xuan was still in his unlocked mode. He dodged all the projectiles while flying toward the ship.

Kampa thought of firing but the whiteness of the barrel made him stop each time he raised the gun. At the same time, several anti-air missiles shot out from the ship and air-to-air missiles from the helicopters. These missiles had their guidance system locked onto the Sky Stick. They were two kilometers away.

Zhengs eyes defocused. He aimed the Gatling cannon at the missiles. The trajectory paths appeared in his head as if something pre-calculated them. Then he pulled the trigger of the Gatling cannon.