Terror Infinity Book 13 Chapter 13 1

Vol 13: Chapter 13-1.

Vol 13: Chapter 13-1.

Zheng's qi and blood energy were about double what he had when he first obtained the Spear of Osiris. His qi also stepped up in quality. This throw only used up half his energies but it was definitely more powerful than his full power throw when he first obtained the spear. The glow from the spear seemed like a tiny sun. The vampires in the distance ignited themselves upon contact with the light. Brown hair's body didn't burn but neither did it had any defense against the spear. The spear passed right through him and disintegrated his chest. The force pulled the rest of his body to the ground as the spear and piercing through the floors.

Zheng panted heavily since this attack took over half his energy. Not even his body could withstand the strain without issues. But it was all worth killing the monster.

Yet, before he got the chance to contact Xuan and the others, a ball of flesh in the blood pool began moving. Small pieces from the burned vampires and the corpses nearby crawled their way to the ball and fused together. By the time Zheng came back to his senses, the ball slowly transformed to a human figure. Several seconds later, the brown haired man stood on the pool of blood.

He looked at the hole on the floor and said. "Impressive power. If it was the me that just evolved back in the town, I would have been killed. Haha. I am constantly evolving to a higher level organism. This hole is witness to my evolution. You can't kill me. No one in the world can kill me."

Zheng asked. "Why? Did you dodge the spear? It can't be. Not even me in the Explosion state can dodge the spear. That's impossible!"

Brown hair laughed. He walked over to a living human nailed to the wall and stabbed his hand into the man's stomach. The man's body slowly withered then grew back up. In just a few seconds, he turned into a vampire. The vampire tore himself off the wall and took on the task of draining blood off the living.

Brown hair licked the blood off his fingers. "My body took critical damage back in the exhibition center. Even though I can regenerate my body from the other flesh pieces, I still needed a large quantity of energy. These people all died because of you. Haha. You are to blame for their deaths!"

Zheng gave him a cold smile. "Shut up with your nonsense. Don't smear your shit on us. I can claim everything is your fault. If you died back there, no one would have died. You disgusting monster."

The man looked at his arm. "Disgusting monster? Really? You low level species won't understand the feeling of the higher organisms. The sensation of absorbing a human's blood and feeling them become a part of you was ecstatic, more so than sex. Do you want to know why I didn't get killed? Because I have become invincible."

He laughed in madness. Several balls of flesh rose from the blood then transformed into his figure.

Zheng was shocked but he acted with a sneer. "Don't try to deceive me with your vampires. Go f*ck yourself. Once I retrieve the spear, you will be gone in an instant."

Brown hair shook his head. "Stupid low level species. You are ignorant if you think of them as fakes. Every vampire I created has my cells within. As long as one vampire survives, I will live forever. Those bitten by the vampires also have my cells. Get why you can't kill me? I have tens of thousands of bodies in this city and the number is still growing by the second. What you don't know is any one of me that evolve in the fight against you will cause all the others to evolve. Don't think that you can just kill the strongest me. My evolution can't be stopped."

Zheng didn't know the truth to his words but if they were real, his team would be in great danger. This monster was almost unkillable. Their only chance was killing him before he could first evolve. No wonder the lack of a time limit for the mission.

Brown hair saw Zheng's expression and sneered. "Don't try to run. The boy in your arms has my cells inside. Those cells are hibernating. Once ten days are up, they will activate and grow. The boy will become one of my vampires. My conditions are simple. Give me the diamond and fragment and I will spare you. There is no need to kill you since this city has enough people to feed my evolution. I don't have a conflict of interest with you. Why don't we come to deal?"

What Zheng needed the most was to delay for Imhotep or sunrise. So he replied. "Stop lying. You had said that your evolution had come to a stop, so you came to attack me and take my blood. Do you think I will believe your words? Furthermore, you are already cruel enough. Once you evolved, you will just annihilate the human race."

Brown hair sighed. His expression turned hideous. "What a thickhead! I planned to make you my personal vampire guard and let your friends live for a little longer. But it seems there's no way I can let you go. Be proud of becoming the guard to the future ruler of this world!"

A pair of black webbed wings spread out from his back and the four copies of him. They floated up to the air to Zheng's surprise.

Brown hair laughed maniacally. "This is thanks to your life essence. It evolved my body and gave me the ability to fly. Even though I will eventually gain this ability but it's still nice to have it early. Don't be concerned about your friends. My vampires are surrounding them. Once enough of the vampires died, a copy of me will arise. That will be the time of their death."

Despair was slowly clouding Zheng's heart. He watched the five copies of brown hair flew toward him and turned the Sky Stick around. He started calling for Lan in his mind as he flew toward them. He sent this message over and told them to run and avoid killing vampires.

As the multiple brown hairs were chasing after Zheng, a sandstorm whirled over to Zheng. He heard Imhotep's voice. "You look terrible. You are the person that defeated me. How can five little bats scared you running like this?"

The sandstorm enveloped the five brown hair men. Zheng also stopped in surprise. However, when he saw the sandstorm surrounding the men, he noticed several more of them was flying over from afar.

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