Terror Infinity Book 14 Chapter 2 2

Vol 14: Chapter 2-2.

Vol 14: Chapter 2-2.

Gando was sensitive to the topic of death and revival but as soon as he heard the mention of piloting robots, he stared straight into Xuan. Did you just say pilot a robot? The ones with a cockpit, a joystick, and panoramic screen?

Xuan nodded. Correct. Thats the one. Furthermore, I can modify your robot to some degree and give it the ability to fly, faster speed, higher strength, more powerful attacks. Of course, that will require a higher level of skill to control. Anyway, WangXia, exchange the robot for him first.

Without any hesitation, WangXia stood under God with his eyes closed. A beam shone down which made Gando cried. He stared at the beam with excitement and then, a two-meter-tall bear robot appeared next to WangXia, a kawaii anime bear. That innocent face had no connection to the word robot.

Gando turned around speechless, then pointed at the bear robot and said. Thats the robot you spoke of?

Xuan walked two laps around the robot and said with certainty. Correct. Looking at its size, there should be no problem fitting you in. Get in. Let me see your piloting level.

Dont dont kid me! Gando shouted. You call this a robot? Are you humiliating a diehard Gundam fans heart? You think someone who watched from 0079 to Seed doesnt know how a robot looks like? It should be metallic and at least several meters tall! I am not asking for an Eva or Mazinkaiser nor Providence or Freedom in the beginning but can you at least give me a Zaku I? Are you planning to get me on the battle field with an anime bear? Even among the Full Metal Panic series, you could have gotten one equipped with Lambda Driver. Anyway, I

Xuan frowned. A gauss pistol slipped out of the sleeve to his left hand. He pointed the gun at Gandos forehead and said. I am not consulting you. This is an order, understand? If you cant qualify the task, I will kill you and pilot it myself. Even though that will take away my attention from the immediate situation, it will still be better than wasting a combat spot. Have you made up your mind?

Gando immediately said. No problem. However, this is my first time piloting a robot, I dont know anything about the controls inside. Can you give me a manual?

Xuan looked at WangXia. He nodded and said. The manual is inside the cockpit. Enter it from the back. The first person that enters will have his voice recorded. After that, you will be the only one that can pilot this robot. These are the information God pushed into my head.

That was when Gando became more serious. He walked over to the bear robots back. He searched on its fur with his hand then, di-da. The robots back opened up. Gando climbed in and the back slowly closed up, concealing any characteristic of it being a robot. If you just looked at it by its appearance, it would make you laugh.

Everyone looked silently as the robot stood there motionless. People were getting inpatient ten minutes later. The robot finally made a noise. However, everything that it said was Fummofu.

Fummofu, fummofu, fummofu. The robot swung its arms in excitement and attempted to walk while saying the same word over and over.

Zheng asked Xuan with a weird look. Why does he keep saying this strange word?

Xuan waved his hand. Cant help it. I thought this flaw only existed in its origin. Didnt expect the clone from God to have the flaw also. The flaw came from the robots design and translates everything the pilot says into this word. Any attempt to turn off the voice changer will also crash the robot. However, we have soul link so there wont be any issue communicating with him. His talent is not bad to figure out how to use the robot in just ten minutes. Or you can call it his talent with driving games.

After Gandos excitement calmed down, Zheng narrated his story of dying and being revived. Gando stood there expressionless for quite some time before he laughed out, saying lucky. This attitude shocked the others but also gave everyone a favorable impression.

Xuan saw that everything was set so he told them to bring the robot to his room. He would begin modification and also begin crafting the devices for the Sky Stick and the plasma grenades and mines. However, they didnt let him go since it was several days before they last saw him. Xuan had no choice but to accept eating dinner together and also take care of two things.

First is the dragon blood cultivating plan. Every newbie must get injected with dragon blood in Gods dimension. This will in effect give them 4000 points worth of stats. Of course, after injecting the blood, they will have to get repaired. Thats why it needs to take place in Gods dimension.

The second thing is the T-virus prototype plan. The T-virus prototype can unlock the first stage of the genetic constraint for every member. Based on the rule of bigger reward for bigger danger, this bonus mission will be at least BB difficulty. I dont suggest tackling it without enough strength. However, we can begin our preparations now. Xuan said as he ate.

Zheng asked. Like? Aside from enhancements and exchanges, what else do we prepare?

Xuan nodded. The key is the next movie, Starship Troopers. This movie belongs to future technology. I watched it twenty-one times. There are two noteworthy weapons, Tactical Nuclear Launcher, which can be used from the shoulder, and the Morita MK II Advanced Systems Rifle shown near the end of the film. It could destroy an area of fifty meters in diameter. These two weapons are equivalent to D tier weapons from the exchange system while you can obtain an endless supply of them from that world. So we should gather these weapons in large quantities in the world. Maybe we can even come to an agreement with the government. Of course, that will be what we need to do when returning to the world in the future. We have three goals this time. One, complete the plot without casualty, even if that means we cant kill the other team. Two, find as many clues about bonus missions as we can, a plus if we can complete the bonus missions. Three, buy as much of these two weapons as possible, at least a large quantity of tactical nuclear launchers.

Even though Xuan was calm the whole time, as if he was talking about what to have breakfast tomorrow, the others were dumbfounded. Gando laughed and said. Youre funny. Talking like we are going there to be arms dealers or terrorists. Haha.

Xuan nodded seriously. Correct. We are going to be the arms dealers and terrorists in that world. In fact, if we have a large enough space, I want to buy a small starship. Quite a few movies contain large scale battles. As our teams strength increase, there will certainly be similar war type movies in the future. Then it shouldnt be an issue buying a starship in Starship Troopers.

Sweat covered Gandos head. He asked Kampa in a low voice. Hes joking right?

Kampa gave him a bitter smile. Dont ask this type of questions again. I swear hes serious about buying a starship. I dont doubt his determination or ability to buy one. If this man shows any sign of enthusiasm, I can bet hes planning something insane.

Zheng naturally heard the conversation with his hearing. All he could do was smile bitterly. He had to admit that indifference was the normal state for Xuan. If he was enthusiastic for something, there would be something crazy going on his mind, like burning down a forest.

Zheng coughed and said loudly. Ok, ok. Lets come up with a plan first. After dinner, we will go test the power of Tigers Soul. Everyone needs to train for the next several days until the movie comes!