Terror Infinity Book 14 Chapter 2 3

Vol 14: Chapter 2-3.

Vol 14: Chapter 2-3.

After the meal, Zheng found the baby dragon to draw its blood. It was rather strange that the baby dragon would bite anyone other than Zheng and Lori when they wanted to touch it, although those tiny teeth were harmless. Its attitude toward Zheng was like that of a child attached to its parent. It would lick his fingers and wag its tail.

The baby dragon looked pitiful but Zheng hardened his heart and drew a vial of blood which made it cried. That childlike expression evoked the womens sympathy. They surrounded it and consoled it.

The men didnt have such compassion. They gathered around the vial and studied the blood. It should have the same effects despite coming from a baby dragon. Since they were in Gods dimension, any problem could be solved by a full body repair. So with a short discussion, they brought the three people who hadnt bathed in dragon blood to the platform.

Zero was the first to get the injection. He held out his arm without a word. Zheng then injected a small vial into his arm. A few seconds later, Zero nodded. Yes, its effective. Four stats jumped by 100 points each. Should I begin the full body repair now?

The others said yes. Zero walked under God and chose the repair. Normally, the beam only lasted a moment on someone who looked as intact as him. But the beam was bright and lifted him up.

Phew. The full body repair is effective. So there shouldnt be any problem. Next up is Lan. Seeing that Zero was fine, Zheng let out a sigh of relief and turned to Lan with a smile.

She closed her eyes and held out her shaking arm. Be gentle. I am scared of needles.

She was so cute but Zhengs whole body tensed up. They werent the only two people on this platform. A group of men were staring at the two and one fiercer gaze from behind. Lori was there with the baby dragon in her arms the whole time. Zheng didnt dare to make any mistake. He quickly injected the blood and pulled the syringe back. He was like a gentleman that wouldnt even touch a womans hand.

Lan opened her eyes and gave him a mysterious look. Then she walked under God then chose the full body repair.

Seeing Zero and Lan got injected with dragon blood, Gando also held out his arm in excitement with a look screaming, stab me! Then Zheng extinguished his excitement.

You are revived as a newbie without any points. You wont have the points for a repair. If you want to die, its faster to just cut your throat. But a full body repair doesnt cost much. We will have Lan pay for your repair after shes done.

Just like that, Gando also received the dragon blood and repair. Everyone came to Zhengs basement. On the way there, Zheng reiterated all the information about the team including each members strength, Lans abilities, the members that would be revived, and their next movie.

He brought out the bear robot from the dimensional bag and said. Gando, you are our weakest member right now. However, you have the talents on piloting machines. That was the reason we revived you in advance. Dont waste this rank C reward. First of all, you need to be practiced with doing regular movements like running, jumping, rolling. You have to be practiced with them within three days. Then you will learn to use its weapons and the modified robot.

Gando looked as though he was going to cry. He grabbed Zhengs leg and said. Leader, bro, please spare me. If I enter into battle with a robot like this, I would down the other team by making them laugh.

Zheng sighed and shook his head. He took out the Gatling cannon and pointed at Gandos head then said in a calm voice. You can of course choose not to pilot it. Dont worry, I wont say any complaints. Who would need any words when there was such a big cannon pointing at the head?

Gando accepted his fate without any hesitation and ran toward the back of the robot. It opened up then he entered the cockpit. The start up was quick this time. Within just ten seconds, the robot was speaking in fumoffu.

Zheng thought for a bit then grabbed an electric shock stick from a cabinet nearby. He threw it over to Kampa and said. Let him run five laps. Dont worry about him. He has double a normal persons physical stats and is running with a robot. There wont be any problems.

Kampa nodded. As someone that came from the army, he had experience training new recruits. He carried the stick and chased after the robot. As soon as it slowed down, he would hit it with the stick. The pilot wouldnt feel the pain from the hit but the electrical shock that came afterward made the robot scream and run faster.

Everyone shook their heads speechless, then they all turned to Zheng. He wasnt paying much attention to the robot as he brought out Tigers Soul. Ok, dont stare at the anime bear. Lets test the power of Tigers Soul. Its a rank B magical weapon so it shouldnt be any worse than the EMP rifle. Hoho. After testing this weapon, I will teach the Chaotic Unity Qi to WangXia.

Everyones attention focused on him. Their imaginations regarding this blade were running wild since it was extremely cool looking blade and cost a rank B reward. This was also the teams first magical weapon.

Leaving aside the bear running around the field, everyone came to the weapon testing site. Several alloy walls of different thickness stood there. The thickest one being ten meters and the thinnest was half a meter. Although these walls were not up to the level of high tech armored plates but they were enough for testing purposes.

Zheng stood in front of the five-meter-thick wall. His mind was in a state of tranquility as he recalled the difficulty he was in when he first entered this realm. Every step that followed was a hardship of its own accompanied by death on the side. Then his comrades dying one by one, the shock when Jie handed the position to him, and the rage and despair induced by team Devil.

He quickly noticed his emotional upheaval. That was probably caused by the influence of Tigers Soul which fitted the description of the weapon. He circulated his qi through his body and brought himself out of this downcast state. Then the qi moved through his arms into Tigers Soul. A red light extended out from the blade and as more qi entered, the light was turning into a dark red and its sharpness seemingly increased. This light also grew from half a meter to one meter from the tip of Tigers Soul. Zheng stopped when he spent 70% of the qi.

He was a bit disappointed. The blade was only 1.6 meters. It was only over two meters with the light blade and so was the reach. In comparison, this range was less than the DD tier light saber without consideration of its power. Though that one was a high tech weapon instead of magical.

Aye. This is already 70% of my qi. Zheng sighed and swung the blade against the wall.

He wasnt giving it much expectation but the instant he swung the blade, a huge force came from the blade to his arm. He activated his qi to hold onto the handle subconsciously. Then a strong wind swept through that gave him the feeling of a sword. He blinked and sweat covered his back. Just as he blinked, the light blade suddenly amplified. Yet, the wall was seemingly intact from the slash. There was no trace of any kind.

Zheng and the others were rather confused. A thought came to his mind and he touched the wall. It slid off in two and hit the ground with a loud impact. He could feel the ground trembled. The cut was smooth as a mirror. No one would believe such a smooth cut came from a sword.

As Zheng was shocked, an eight-meter-thick wall in the distance also had the top slide off with the same smooth cut.