Terror Infinity Book 14 Chapter 24 2

Vol 14: Chapter 24-2

Vol 14: Chapter 24-2

Zheng didnt know how strong these two from team South America were. But he knew he and Zero were in the most disadvantaged situation. The opponents had the best enhancements, best weapons, best defensive items, and more importantly, they had the support of a psyche force user. Zheng and Zero were a lone army. They were exposed in their vision. There was no secret in the opponents eyes no matter where they were at. They could monitor and coordinate.

The environment was also not working to team Chinas advantage. The underground was filled with bugs. Even though Xuans group attracted a large amount of bugs and made team South America revealed themselves, this was still the home field of team South America.

The first attack from the Gauss sniper rifle unveiled their powerful BB defensive item. Zheng had seen the power of the rifle. It was not totally unblockable but he wouldnt dare to stand there and take the shots either. The dragonshard was dependent on its energy. Once the energy depleted, it was no more than a piece of rock. It was not a difficult task to deplete the dragonshards energy with the Gauss sniper rifle.

(Their magical item is different. According to them, it seems to be able to block close range attacks and magical attacks also. I wonder if it can block the light blade. If it is possible, this item is too powerful. No wonder its a BB item. Is enslaving newbies really so profitable?) Zheng cursed.

He followed their initial plan. They ran into the darkness on two sides separately. They couldnt be certain if team South America would split up and chase but this was the best way to try to separate them.

The two Caucasians was surprised. Roste inhaled deeply on the cigar. He said to Nick. I will take care of the fighter with the sword. You go get the one with sci-fi weapon. Gather here after five minutes. For every minute any one of us are late, he will give the other 1000 points worth of stats. Ok?

Nick laughed. I am in on the bet. But you have advantage with your enhancement. The running alone is going to take me a few minutes so I am not giving you the psyche scan to make it fair. Haha. This is your words, 1000 point of stats for each minute late. I worry you dont have enough points for me.

Roste spit out the cigar end and cursed in a murmur then he sprinted after Zheng like the wind. Nick sneered at Rostes back then turned to the two brown skin people at his back. He frowned and said. Get the f*ck back to the swarms. F*ck, if you get killed by team China, I will revive you and torture you to death. Do you believe that I can make you live ten days before dying?

The brown skin people quickly nodded. They looked like they were extremely scared. After Nick went after Zero, they immediately ran back to the hole they came from. There was no sense of anger in their expressions. All that was left was fear.

Back to Zheng. He turned around and jumped. The fungus was still twenty meters high after the cap was destroyed. This little height was nothing to him. He jumped off, then lightly stepped on another fungus with the movement technique which lifted him up again. He was running through the forest on the fungi like a bird. However, it was not even two minutes when he heard a hiss coming from behind. He turned around and a stream of wind flew over his shoulder. The wind cut open a big opening on the shoulder of his cloth.

Zheng stopped jumping. He looked behind and the man with cigar was standing on top of a fungus as expected. He didnt even know when the man caught up to him but this mans speed was certainly impressive. He was able to catch up over the gap when Zheng was running with his movement technique and furthermore, he closed in on Zheng without Zheng noticing. The mans speed was faster than Zheng.

Roste didnt not have his cigar this time. He looked over Zheng without any restraint and smiled coldly. Still not planning to surrender? Do you really want to make me tore you apart? Look at you. That sword is at most a B or BB tier weapon. What a hypocritical weakling. You are probably the strongest member of team China. Yet you actually risk your life for them. If I am in your position, I will kill or enslave everyone except for one or two trusted subordinates. Haha.

Shut up! Zheng shouted. He couldnt help but swung his sword at Roste. The light blade reached out ten meters. As he swung the sword, he charged ahead. The light blade crossed upward diagonally through the fungus and Rostes position.

When the light blade almost touched him, he changed from the cold smile to a slightly serious expression and jumped. He dodged the attack by a hair while the fungus was separated in two.

As Roste landed, Zheng pulled back his sword for another attack. There was no way for Roste to dodge since his body was in mid air. However, Roste swung his hand backward. Clank! Zheng felt his sword trembled. The light blade that was formed from his Qi shattered. This had never happened before. He looked at Roste. Nothing on his hand. How was he able to shatter the light blade? He couldnt even accomplish that even when he was in Destruction.

Can you see my weapon? Haha. This is an A tier weapon. It isnt in its final form but it will become an AA tier weapon in the end, Excalibur! Or you can call it the sword in the stone. Roste laughed out from the top of the remaining fungus.

Zheng stared at Rostes empty hand with coldness. He stood on the ground without moving. He could see Rostes hand was in the shape of holding a weapon. Judging by the size of the grip, it seemed to be a two handed sword. Only such larger weapons could rival his big sword directly. What he never expected was that his light blade was so fragile.

How strong are you? And your unlocked stage? Zheng was pondering on what to do next and asked casually.

Roste was surprised for a bit laughed with amusement. What? You planning to gather your enemys data now and kill me? It doesnt matter anyway. I only need ten seconds to finish you. I can spare the few words with you. I am the leader of team South America, unlocked the second stage of the genetic constraint. Haha, I cant go back to a world that couldnt enslave newbies. I am in love with this world. Crazy, bloody, massacres, and exposing that nature of those pitiful hypocritical weaklings. Such a wonderful world. Let me tell you some truth. I am not only strong but my potential is recognized by God. I have been cloned into team Devil long ago. Haha. I wonder how my clones life is in team Devil. Is he enslaving newbies there. I hope hes not much weaker the next time we meet.

Zhengs eyes defocused. He gripped the handle of Tiger's Soul with both his hands and looked at Roste. That means even if you are not the leader of team Devil, you are one of them. So you are related to that event.

Roste was about to attack when he heard this. He showed an interest. That event? What event? Hurry up and say what you want before I kill you and take away your chance.

Zheng waved Tiger's Soul. I have no more to say. I think the weapon of the legendary Chiyou wouldnt be weaker than your sword in the stone. If the light blade isnt enough, I will fight the battle with the clash of swords. You should ask your clone when you get to hell. Thats the reason I am killing you!