Terror Infinity Book 14 Chapter 26

Vol 14 Chapter 26

Vol 14 Chapter 26

Zero looked bedraggled when Zheng found him. His body was covered in damp and black soil. There were numerous cuts from stones from his rolls and thin trails on his back. If he didnt dodge in time, any of those shots would have killed him.

You okay? Zheng helped him up and asked, deeply concerned.

Zero nodded. However, he fell again when he just got his feet on the ground.

Zero smiled bitterly, Cant do it. My whole body feels sore and exhausted. The after effect of unlocking is scary. I thought I was going to die here.

Zheng stopped for a moment then yelled in surprise, Unlocking? You unlocked your genetic constraint? Thats great! Dont worry, we just have a few more hours left before returning to Gods dimension. You can repair your genes there. Just dont enter the unlocked mode again during this time or it might cause your genes to break down. We dont have any way to save you if that happens.

Zero nodded quietly. He stood up using the Gauss sniper rifle as support as though he recovered the strength to fight. But Zheng knew that it would take a long time before he could fight again after unlocking for the first time. That was his experience when he had Qi and blood energy. Zero didnt have any energy within. He helped Zero walked toward the two captures.

All the bugs that would have come should be here already due to the noise. The majority of bugs were lured to Xuans group. So when Zheng came over to Roste and Nick, they were still lying there like before. They expressed difference reactions. Roste stared at Zheng hideously. It seemed like he wanted to bite off a piece from Zheng. Nick on the other hand was scared especially when he saw Roste in the same state as him.

I advise you to behave yourselves. To be honest, capturing you isnt rewarding. Both weapons are bounded and your defensive items are destroyed. I dont mind killing you right now but my team members might need to enhance themselves. So I am handing you to them. Choose for yourselves whether you want to die in an instant or tortured with thousands of cuts! Zheng said coldly.

Roste replied ferociously, F*ck you. Why are you still talking so much trash? Come and slash me if you can

He watched with fear as Zheng motioned the sword over his body slowly. Roste finally shut up.

Nick immediately nodded, Please dont kill us. My items are in his storage belt. I can give you support with my psyche force abilities. Right, arent you looking for your team? They are in huge danger. The brain bugs bodyguards have surrounded them. I dont think they can last much longer. When the brain bugs bodyguards appeared, that means it wants to eat their brains. Do you want to see your team die in such horrible deaths? Spare me. I will take you to the deepest part of the bugs nest!

Zheng and Zero met eyes with each other. Zheng nodded. Okay. I can spare you but you need to lift the mask you placed on them. I have to contact my team first.

Nick nodded. The mask was lifted when I was fighting this man. But I masked our location so they couldnt find you. Do you need me to connect your minds to your psyche force user?

Zheng looked at Zero, signaling him to be careful. Then turned back to Nick. Nick immediately closed his eyes. He quickly connected Zhengs mind to Lan.

Zheng asked, Lan! Hows the situation over there? The fight on our side is successful. Where is your location and how are the bugs reacting?

Lans mind shook for an instant then she answered, Are you alright? Look at me being stupid. You contacted me so you are of course fine. Dont worry, we are still good here. Do you want to speak with anyone else?

Zheng replied, Yes. Get me connected to Xuan.

The next second, they were connected. Xuan, my part of the plan succeeded. Both high stat individuals are captured. However, their items are either unusable or in their storage device. I cant get anything good right now. What is the situation over there? Zheng asked in a hurry.

Xuan said, Dangerous. You only have five to ten minutes to come over. Afterward, one person will die every minute. Grasp the time by yourself. Dont kill those two people if you can. Your priority task is to come over. We encountered a type of black warrior bugs that are extremely difficult to deal with. It would push us a long way into the tunnel before we could kill one. You need to hurry up.

Zheng gave Xuan a confirmation then held up Nick, Send a scan of the area and their location to my mind. Zero, can you run while holding the other one?

Zero nodded. His body was quite fit to begin with and he bathed in dragon blood. He grabbed Roste and followed behind Zheng.

Zheng looked fierce as he carried a limbless man in blood with his left hand and a red crystal sword with his right hand. Dirty blood also stained his body. Someone like this in the real world would be avoided by any person. He killed all the bugs that appeared on his way, every bug with one slash.

The distance between Zheng and the other group was quite far. It would take him three minutes if there were no obstacles like bugs and roads blocked with boulders. Though he simply slashed the boulders then kicked them to pieces. The light blade could cut through the toughest boulders. He took the shortcut this way so that Zero could also make it in five minutes even though he was slower.

Zheng and Zero passed through an entrance. The area brightened up. This was another open plain under the ground. Fungi plants grew all over the plain. The only difference between this plain and the one from before was the numerous warrior bugs and a type of bugs with huge pincers. These bugs charged at Zheng and Zero the moment they appeared. However, the bugs hesitated when they came within twenty meters. This surprised Zheng and Zero. The bugs then stopped as though they didnt see the two humans.

Zheng and Zero looked at each other with shock and surprise. They carried the two people and ran through this sea of bugs. Not a single one attacked them.

Zheng said to Nick with a cold smile, Didnt know you are such convenient items. We could have just brought you over to the brain bug and capture it instead of luring it out.

Nick opened his mouth but Roste yelled, Nick, are you going to die if you say one less word?

Nick stopped. Zheng and Zero saw the scene then Zero scooped out Rostes eyes. He threw the eyes over to Nick. As Roste was screaming, Nick immediately yelled, I will say it. We wont get attacked by the bugs but if we get within 300 meters of the brain bug or do anything that might resemble danger to it, they will attack us. We had five newbies in the beginning but we didnt know of this rule so a few of them died. Do you really think we dont want those points?

Zheng and Zero nodded. They believed his words. Xuan who was still connected the whole time suddenly said, If thats the case, I have a plan. Zheng, do you see our location? Lan, mark this place, and here. See the marks?