Terror Infinity Book 14 Chapter 27 3

Vol 14 Chapter 27-3

Vol 14 Chapter 27-3

This was an idea Zheng came up with before the movie, an instant Destruction state. Destruction was powerful but so was the burden it put forth. It was best to leave Destruction for when he was certain of winning unless the fight was one of life and death, such as a fight against his clone. However, many situations required him to use Destruction in reality. If he could use it against the bodyguard bugs at will, he could tear them apart at the joints. He wasnt confident at tearing through their exoskeleton with his bare hands even in Destruction.

That was why Zheng came up with the idea of instant Destruction!

Time seemed as though it slowed down once he activated Destruction. One second might feel like several for him, so he could perform many actions in an instant. He could use a Rankyaku or Soru or Geppo when he was in the air to change direction and accelerate. One instant was enough time to use these abilities and wouldnt put a large burden on his body.

Zheng researched the possibility of his idea carefully back in Gods dimension. The most difficult obstacle was how to collide his qi and blood energy for just an instant. It would otherwise be a fantasy if he couldnt achieve this.

It was indeed difficult for the human body to collide the qi near its navel and the blood energy in its head. The meridian network wasnt a laser circuit. The energies required time for movement and collision. Furthermore, would they separate so easily afterward? The whole process would take at least one second. His idea was theoretically impossible. The shortest Destruction activation was at least one second.

However, an item made this idea came true, the mithril rings. The rings stored energy and the amount that came out was determined by his mind. The entrance where energy entered his body was at his fingers. When he wore two rings on the same finger, their energies would meet the instant he drew them out. He would move these two energies to his heart while colliding them on the path. Once he used that instant of Destruction, the energies would be used up. He only had to drain them depending on how much time he needed.

(Its still not perfect. The path going from my finger to my heart hurts so much. It seems like I am injured internally already. Cant use this instant Destruction so much either.)

Instant Destruction allowed him to use abilities that he could only use in Destruction. He flew another fifty meters. What was left in front were the warrior bugs and then the bodyguard bugs further away. The brain bug shifted its body with unease. But the presence of thousands of bodyguard bugs calmed it down.

Zheng was two thousand meters away from the brain bug. Any normal bugs in front of him would get sliced by a slash. The bodyguard bugs chasing was over a hundred meters behind. He killed his way through with the ten-meter light blade. The unlocked mode also allowed him to take care of hoppers that sneaked up from behind. Zhengs expression was slowly growing with insanity.

The brain bug seemed to be highly intelligent. As soon as it saw Zhengs strength and speed, it reacted by sending the bodyguard bugs ahead to block him. While it walked slowly toward the tunnel entrance. However, it was walking slow as if it wanted to see if the bodyguard bugs could take down Zheng.

Zheng killed forward another several hundred meters. The normal bugs suddenly moved over to the side and the bodyguard bugs appeared. He was 1.2 kilometers away from the brain bug. There were hundreds of bodyguards in front that didnt fear his light blade. He could only run with Destruction if he got caught.

Though Zheng had his plan. He knew he wouldnt be able to get near the brain bug if he just headed straight into the bugs. The only thing he could do now was perform unexpected attacks with instant Destruction. He needed to scare the brain bug into going through the tunnel to where Zero was waiting.

When Zheng was ten meters away from the bodyguard bugs, he jumped. All the bodyguard bugs jumped along but they couldnt reach the same height as Zheng using the movement technique. He stepped on the air and used Geppo continuously to move toward the brain bug swiftly.

He thought about using the Sky Stick since this was a wide open area. However, the hoppers in the sky flew faster than the Sky Stick. And if he were to use its jet system, that would make him go too fast. He had no choice but to use Geppo which had more flexibility. Several steps later, he closed in another several hundred meters.

The brain bug finally showed further reaction. It retreated toward the tunnel while ordering the bodyguard bugs to attack Zheng. The hoppers also charged at him with no holding back.

Zheng was 400 meters away from the brain bug. He finally entered real Destruction!

He dropped down abruptly to the ground. The bodyguard bugs couldnt even react due to his speed. He stepped on top of a bodyguard bug and leaped again. The bug got pushed into the ground. Then Zheng used Rankyaku.

It wasnt a powerful attack but its speed was extremely fast. The vacuum blade crossed hundreds of meters within a second toward the brain bug. A dozen bodyguard bugs near it jumped up to block the blade with their bodies. Saying it was weak was just relative to the other attacks Zheng could perform in Destruction. The force still sent the bodyguard bugs flying. A few collided with the brain bug and made the brain bug ran for his life toward the tunnel. Zheng came back down to the ground.

He immediately exited Destruction. The series of actions took him a total of two seconds. All those instant Destructions added up to about one second. He only had one to two seconds left. The tiny blood vessels on his sky were busted and blood spurted out. He looked in terrible condition. However, he still entered Explosion as soon as he landed before the swarm of bugs tore him apart.

Even though Zheng was feeling sore and exhausted through out, he still slashed at the bodyguard bugs nearby with Tiger's Soul.

He shouted through his mind. Zero! See the brain bug? Fire! Thats the bonus mission of this movie!

The moment his said these words, Zero pulled the trigger. With a loud bang, a bullet pierced right into the brain bugs head that was only half way out the tunnel. A brilliant light radiated outward and illuminated the tunnel and a two-hundred-meter area.