Terror Infinity Book 14 Chapter 3 3

Vol 14: Chapter 3-3.

Vol 14: Chapter 3-3.

The robot said in lacking energy. Fumoffu?

Xuan adjusted his glasses and looked at Lan. She immediately said. He meant if this attack electrifies him then shoot him out of the cockpit.

Xuan turned back and said calmly. Relax. How could I do that? See the blue button next to the red one? Press it. The attack power and duration depends on how long you hold it. It will release the electrical attack when you release the button.

The bear robot stood there for almost a minute. Then a blue electrical light began shining on the metallic plate on its front. The light grew brighter and brighter until it enveloped the bear robot and five meters around with wild electricity. When everyones mind returned from the surprise, the place the robot was standing on became black. They could see smoke rising from the floor.

The robot said a fumoffu before it fell to the floor. Xuan said at the same time. The rule can only convert qi to electricity. We currently lack a rule to control this energy so the electricity it releases is uncontrollable. I can only let it jump wildly. The fur from your robot can insulate against the electrical attack but intense electricity will still paralyze your body. You have to overcome this effect as soon as possible or you might die during a battle.

All it had in reply was another fumoffu then it lay there silently. The bear robot didnt look the best but its ability was nothing like its look. At least after the modifications, the robot could fly short distances under acceleration and perform moving attacks at high speed. Gando said the control system had target locking assistance and a mini radar that could analyze and lock onto living or moving objects within a thousand meters. This robot wasnt weak at all. The weak point was Gandos immature piloting skill.

Run, roll, jump, fly, when to use acceleration and electrical attack, and this Gatling cannon. There are a lot of things you need to be skilled at! Zheng said to Gando through soul link.

Lan obtained some defense against other psyche force users after obtaining psyche whip. Of course, if the enemy was way stronger than her, the whip would be useless. But as she enhances herself step by step, she would offer more and more to the team.

Aside from Lan and Gando, the effect of Kampas enhancement had surfaced. Werewolf bloodline didnt come with any energy like the blood energy but its physical body was one step above vampires. The tier D enhancement increased his strength, reaction speed, and movement speed by a tier when he transformed. Zheng estimated that Kampa was above five times a normal persons stats when he transformed. Such level was impress for just the initial enhancement.

WangXia couldnt learn the Chaotic Unity Qi but Zheng still help him stimulate his meridians every day. Several days later, he sometimes felt a warmth moving within. Although this might be just an illusion but his physical fitness was actually slowly increasing. Which in turn motivated him to train qi with more effort. The amount of effort made Zheng feel ashamed.

Since WangXia was mentioned, now about the plasma weapons. Each plasma grenade contained about 10% of Zhengs qi. This version was an upgrade by Xuan. Electricity would fly in a five-meter radius and attack anything within a ten-meter radius. The high heat from the plasma attack could melt the alloy floor. Even Zheng wasnt certain he could survive it. They also experimented the defense of the dragon shard against the plasma weapons. The result made them happy yet worrying. The dragon shard could block the plasma and the heat but if the other team had a similar defensive item, it would render their plasma weapons useless.

The plasma mine could store up to 20% of Zhengs qi and naturally doubled the power of the grenade. The plasma timed bomb had equivalent power. These self-manufactured sci-fi weapons with magical rules were what differentiated team China from the regular teams. It had become a common acknowledgement that Xuan offered huge support for the team.

Zero was second to the last in enhancement exchanges after this movie. All he got was the dragon blood injection and two Gauss explosive bullets for the sniper rifle. These two bullets could destroy all living things everything within a hundred-meter radius. Furthermore, its effect increases multiple folds if activated within an organisms body. Even huge organisms could get killed by one shot if it got hit by a direct shot.

Xuan didnt enhance anything. Almost all his points were spent on crafting materials. His reward was given to Lan. However, he didnt seem to mind a bit. After modifying the robot, he brought out a large quantity of plasma grenades then modified the Sky Sticks to give them a larger energy reserve and electric jet engines. The Sky Sticks speed could reach up to 3000 km an hour. But the user would also need to face a horrifying level of air resistance. Zheng was the only one who could still control the Sky Stick at that point. So this engine was useless until they obtain a rule to nullify the air resistance.

Zheng sat on the platform looking at all the people. These were his comrades that would fight alongside him. Team China grew stronger again after a wipe. He didnt know how far away they were from team Devil but he knew they would encounter each other again. Team China would defeat them then leave this realm.

Lets go! Dont make the other team wait too long!

Enter the beam within thirty seconds. Target locked. Starship Troopers. Teleportation begins.