Terror Infinity Book 14 Chapter 4 2

Vol 14: Chapter 4-2.

Vol 14: Chapter 4-2.

As expected. Their identities were registered within the Federal Armed Services. All were private ranks. Though a senior officer appointed Xuan as the squad leader. Three other troopers were assigned to their squad, making them a regular ten men squad of Platoon 4.

Everything followed smoothly since they didnt have to worry about identity. The team followed the three other troopers to find their respective rooms. Fourteen hours to go before the landing. They could get a good nights sleep after dinner. These three troopers became their guides.

Once they found the rooms for their squad, Xuan sent the three troopers away to fetch the battle manual for the site Platoon 4 was responsible for. His position gave him the right to see this manual.

I dont know when they will come back, so I will make this brief. Xuan looked at the other six people and said. The first issue is we entered this world at a time earlier than I imagined and at a place safer than expected. Dont you feel strange? Three teams entered this movie. The weakest team entered first, followed by the second team, and the third team. We appeared right before the first invasion. There werent any dangers in the movie before this time unless they appeared in the city hit by the meteorite. But God wouldnt put any team in such a hopeless situation so I think the other two teams are either similar to us in strength. We entered just a few minutes later. Or

Zheng had a bad feeling at this point and asked. Whats the other possibility?

Xuan waved his hand. The other possibility is they entered much earlier than us then they will have the time to do a lot of things. If they really did, we are at a disadvantage.

Kampa asked. Like what? What can put us at a disadvantage? Training martial arts or magic in this world? Thats only possible if they have ten years of time here.

Xuan shook his head. Not that extreme. They just needed to enter the movie when the Federal Armed Services recruited troops. What if they became high ranking generals? If we encounter them in the battlefield, they can straight up order the troopers to attack us. Or they can find our location through scans and order bombers to bomb us. Anyway, if the teams strengths are similar, we will make peace with the other two teams and exchange information. If it is the other possibility, that will be up to whether they can think of what I just said.

Lan asked. They couldnt get to high ranking generals so fast right? I remembered the main character only became a sergeant after many battles. They wont be able to order a large number of troops unless they are at least colonels. Smaller numbers arent a threat to us.

Zheng said before Xuan could reply. I get what he said. Why did they have to join the Federal Armed Services during active recruiting? Thats because you could choose which field you want to be in. There are people with psychic in this world. But how much weaker is their psychic in comparison to us with enhanced mental capacity stat? If you entered the Military Intelligence, your psyche scan and soul link can probably help you climb ranks faster than the main characters friend.

Xuan nodded. Correct. This is one of the points I am concerned about. If the other team discovered our location first, then we might be in special dangers. If they really became a high ranking general in the Military Intelligence, they just need to issue an order and place us on the starship where the female main character is. They can also order other starships to open fire if we seized control of the starship. While if we dont run, theres a 90% chance we will die following the plot.

Zheng exhaled then sat on the bed. He grabbed a drink from the cabinet and took a gulp. I understand. That means, we cant expose ourselves as players before they do. Correct? However, once the invasion begins and we take out our weapons, we will become the center of attention. Are you suggesting we shouldnt use our weapons but use those harmless firearms from the Mobile Infantry?

Xuan nodded. Yes. This is one of our choices. There is another one but that may go against your justice. Xuan smiled sarcastically.

Zheng was surprised and asked. Against my justice? Let me hear it.

Xuan sneered at him. The landings consist of groups of three hundred troopers. These troopers dont land on the same spot and we can defend against their firearms with the dragonshard. So we just have to kill everyone around us. Know why I am looking for the battle manual? Because we need to find Platoon 6, where the main character is, then follow the characters who lived through the First Bug War. Once we see them, we will put away our weapons in the dimensional bag then we can come back here in safety.

What a sinister plan. Killing three hundred troopers, all the bugs on the way, and all those who would see their weapons. Most of the fleets were destroyed during this war and the rest were busy running for their lives. So naturally, no one would notice their abnormality. Furthermore, Lan could block off the other teams psyche force users with psyche whip. They could tell that team China was here but wouldnt be able to pin point who. Then the team would follow the movie characters back to the starship. Almost perfect!

Zheng sipped his drink quietly. He finished the last gulp and gripped his hand. The aluminum can was crushed. Then he said calmly. I understand. Lets do it. Kill the three hundred troopers in our group. If Platoon 6 is not that far away, we will kill our way through.

Live on. Such a heavy weight within these two words. Xuan, do you still remember the conflict we used to have? Can I dirty my hands to stay alive? I can give you the answer now.

The three troopers brought back the manual. The map showed that Platoon 4, 5, and 6 were spread out in a triangle. They werent that far away. If they used the Sky Sticks during part of the way, it would be easy to reach Platoon 6.

After everyone fell asleep, Zheng had Lan connected him to Xuan through soul link.

My answer is I can dirty my hands but not my heart. I can massacre everyone in front of me for the lives of my comrades, for my own life, but if you use anyone from our team as bait, I will beat the shit out of you. Zheng said calmly as he lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Xuan replied with a short En. No one knew what he was thinking. He flipped his body to the side and fell asleep. After a while, Lan sighed and fell asleep too. Zheng continued staring at the ceiling.

Eight hours of sleep passed by quickly. The broadcast woke the troopers up. After cleaning themselves, the troopers flooded into the cafeteria for breakfast. Three hours later, the countdown finally began. All the troopers gathered in the lobbies and received their weapons, armors, helmets. The squads then headed to the transportation ships.

The seven people from team China were among one of these troopers. They and the three troopers in their squad were assigned to a transportation ship. The door closed and a lieutenant walked out. He gave everyone a cold stare and said. Remember, kill everything that isnt walking on two legs! Kill with all your might! Give your best to stay alive!

Yes. Sir!

The three troopers said. But Zheng and his team were silent. This lieutenant was going to rage but when he looked at them, a chilling sensation shut down all the words he had. Aside from the girl and a boy, the other five people gave off a murderous feeling, a feeling directed at him.

Rumbling. The ship trembled as it began to descend toward Klendathu.