Terror Infinity Book 14 Chapter 5 1

Vol 14: Chapter 5-1.

Vol 14: Chapter 5-1.

The ship shook violently. Everyone knew the battle had begun. The lieutenant jumped out as soon as the door opened, followed by the three troopers. The others stood there silently.

Just like we had planned. Kill all the bugs and humans on the way. If we happen to meet the other team, kill them along! Live on with all we have. We will first clear all the bugs and people nearby then head toward Platoon 6. The battle begins!

Everyone brought out their weapons. Kampa had his huge EMP rifle. Zeros Gauss sniper rifle wasnt as cool looking but his expressionless face brought the cool factor up.

WangXia took out many plasma weapons the size of half a fist. He hung them all to his body. Fortunately, the plasma weapons were quite stable that neither high heat nor impact could trigger them. Otherwise, these plasmas weapons would take their lives.

Gando also got his bear robot. He did not hesitate climbing into the cockpit this time. Then he picked up the Gatling cannon Zheng placed on the ground. The robot didnt look too great but its fingers were well made. It looked dexterous holding the Gatling cannon then jumped off the ship.

Put your dragonshard necklace on. As soon as you notice its glow dimming, come right to me. I will refill its energy. Be careful of ambushes from beneath. And be careful of the tactical nukes. Kill all the humans thats not one of us!

Zheng said to them and brought out Tigers Soul. The moment this weapon appeared, a layer of red light filled the ship. Everyone here quivered slightly. Then Kampa and Zero exited the ship.

The outside was rather dim. The clouds of this planet looked quite thick that it blocked sunlight from reaching the earth. The color of the sky looked similar to dawn but the place was loud in contrast. Troopers were coming out of transportation ships continuously. Many of them seemed like new recruits. Some were even excited and in high spirits. There was no sign of worry for this war. It was as though this was a trip or a game.

Zheng walked out of the ship and saw these troopers ran past him. The three troopers from his squad also ran away. Kampa said by his ears. You call this an army? Just a bunch of mobs.

Xuan stood behind Zheng and said calmly. Nothing to be surprised about. The people in this world are different from our world. There is only one government in this Earth. War hadnt happened for a long time. The army is more like a planetary expedition. Thats the cause for the huge casualty in the first invasion. The higher officials in this world are truly idiotic mortals.

The rest of the team looked at each other then laughed dryly. A middle age lieutenant noticed the group of seven, especially the bear robot that looked totally out of place. It shouldnt appear in serious battle. So he walked towards them.

The lieutenant said in a cold voice. What is your

A red light flashed across following Zhengs hand as soon as he spoke. The lieutenant who was three meters away moved his hand toward his chest in a confusion. His body began to slide off with this simple touch. Blood spurted out from his lower half and he fell off in two.

Lets begin. Dont show any mercy! If you want to live, then kill every person who sees our weapons! Lan, scan Platoon 6 to the north.

Zheng gave a shout then charged toward the two troopers who were standing behind the lieutenant in totally shock. The Tiger's Soul slashed across when he was still three meters away and cut the troopers from their chests. Death didnt come immediately. They wailed and struggled on the ground with their upper bodies.

Zheng didnt look at the ground. His gazed ahead and said. Zero, over there. Those two beside the transportation ship seemed like reporters. I remember the reporters were reporting the event live in the movie. Kill them!

Kampa also began shooting at a spot crowded with troopers. He roared and pulled the trigger. Countless tiny bullets shoot through in speed not visible to the eyes. The outer most troopers were torn to pieces without making any noise. The EMP rifles power almost wiped the group of fifty in an instant. Merely a few survived by hiding in the holes on the ground. Waves of noise came from people around them and bullets were fired from those troopers.

The first to get hit was the bear robot that was standing on the outer most. Xuan embedded the dragonshard on the robot and had it powered by the energy reserve. So the barrier from the robot was the second toughest. The translucent barrier blocked all the bullets coming at it.

It lifted the Gatling cannon with seeming difficulty. However, it hesitated for some time before turning its head around. Fumoffu?

Zheng sighed and said. Gando, fire! I wont recharge your robot again in this movie. Understand? Every bit of energy is precious. If you dont want your energy to deplete and get killed, then raise your weapon and begin the battle!

Bang! Zeros rifle also fired. The bullet break through the air on its way. By the time everyone reacted to it, a half meter hole opened up on the ship and behind the hole was a splatter of blood and flesh. The gauss sniper rifle wouldnt even leave behind a corpse at such close distance. Those two reporters and their cameras were crushed. The only things left behind were two pairs of legs.

Gando also finally pulled the trigger. Zheng noticed a trooper carrying a rocket launcher type weapon on his shoulder. Another trooper inserting a red shell into the launcher. This scene was familiar from the movie. This was the only heavy firearm of the Mobile Infantry, also an unreasonable display of the federations technology. This weapon could destroy an area of several hundred meters with a shot. Gando was aiming at these two troopers attempting to use the tactical nuke.

The Gatling cannon was not as powerful as the EMP rifle but it could still tear human bodies apart within a thousand-meter range. The two troopers were shot flying before they could finish firing.

Kampa, Zero, attack all the transportation ships. Dont let any leave our sight. WangXia, use the plasma weapons. We have to finish the fight in under a minute. Lan, find all the troopers that are hiding. We cant leave any survivors. Also keep an eye on the distance of the bugs. Xuan, finish off any troopers that didnt get killed immediately!

Zheng shouted then jumped up using the movement technique. He raised Tiger's Soul and slashed at a ship behind him. This ship was just taking off. The light blade from the slash cut the ship in half. It then exploded. The barrier blocked the flare and shrapnel flying at them.