Terror Infinity Book 14 Chapter 6 2

Vol 14: Chapter 6-2.

Vol 14: Chapter 6-2.

Kampa and Gando were quick to react in such dire situations. They aimed their guns at the entrance simultaneously and blasted the few hoppers near it. Then they heard the rocks cracked. Zheng collapsed the wall behind with a slash so the bugs coming out of the connected holes couldnt get to them.

Kampa and Gando looked at each other then came to a temporary cooperation. Kampa continued shooting ahead while Gando aimed at the top of the entrance. Multiple shots from the Gatling cannon broke off a large rock and it fell down to block off the entrance. The sound of hopper bugs tackling the entrance could still be heard at their end.

The group finally got to breathe heavily despite the dirt and dust in this cave. The cave was so dark that they couldnt even see their fingers. However, they felt much safer in comparison to the situation from before. Anything but a whole sky of hoppers.

The concept of safety didnt exist in the world of movies. They were still so weak after obtaining their powers. Zheng was the only one who could have escaped with his Explosion or Destruction if stuck in that situation. Everyone was powerless against the number and strength of these bugs. All they could do was take a few more bugs with them.

We underestimated the bugs. They are not crops waiting for harvest. The movie worlds wont become easy just because we are stronger. God wouldnt make a theme park to give out free points. Zheng sighed.

They could hear the sound of digging through the rocks, especially from the entrance area. This sound gripped their hearts again. Zheng could see the bugs within the connected hole and the hopper bugs outside through Lans scan. But there was more. A huge bug was digging itself up from under the ground. It would reach them in five minutes.

Dangers are relative. You grew stronger so God threw you in more dangerous and more rewarding worlds, just like this movie. There may be worlds in the future such as Star Wars where a humans strength is almost negligible. You can get killed in an instant no matter how strong you are. Xuan was still looking so calm. He readied his pistols in his arms.

Zheng took a deep breath then said to everyone. A huge bug is coming our way from underground. It should be a tanker bug judging by its size and shape. It will break apart this cave with any hit so we have to clear the hopper bugs outside within five minutes. Xuan, Gando, and I will begin the attack now. Kampa defend the entrance. Spray to your hearts content as soon as you see any bugs come near. Dont be afraid of hitting us. We have the dragonshard necklace. WangXia set up bombs on the ground. With a timer of four minutes and thirty seconds. Add a few mines for additional power.

Gando was shocked and began crying in Fumoffu!

They were confused until Lan translated in a low voice. Why do I have to go out for the attack? The Gatling cannon is so weak and isnt near as powerful as the EMP rifle in killing bugs. Why do I have to attack too? Thats just pushing me to die!

Zheng gave him a cold stare and said. I am not going to say more than this. The robots defensive system isnt weak. The Gundanium Alloy armor doesnt break so easily. You also have a AOE attack by luring bugs to you. Isnt this the best crowd battle ability here? We are a team. Everyone should be prepared to sacrifice himself. If you dont have this realization, I dont mind killing you right here! Zheng raised Tiger's Soul.

Gando immediately aimed the Gatling cannon at the people behind him. Time froze at this frame as they fell into silence until Xuan said without a hint of emotion. Gando, I placed three plasma bombs inside the robot. If you get further than 50km away from me, the bomb will explode. If my heart stops beating for thirty seconds, the bomb will explode. The choice is yours.

The bear robot was shaking. It lowered the Gatling cannon and muttered Fumoffu in a low voice.

The situation was urgent and Zheng didnt look at him again. Set the timer to four minutes. Xuan, get up in the air and attack with your gun kata. Remember to stay in the unlocked mode. Gando, lure a big swarm of hopper bugs for the electrical attack. I will use Explosion. We must finish these bugs within four minutes!

Zheng slashed the rocks blocking the entrance with Tiger's Soul. After a few slashes, he broke the rocks with a kick. These shattered rocks flew out and knocked down several hopper bugs. Then the crimson light blade slashed them in halves.

Xuan charged out right after Zheng. The Sky Stick flew upward, instantly attracting dozens of hopper bugs to chase after him. Xuan had entered the unlocked mode. The gauss pistols were firing at every direction. But more and more bugs were crowding up on him. His gun kata was quite powerful. It covered every direction that he might get attacked. Dead bugs were dropping nonstop. The Sky Stick was also more agile than the hopper bugs under his control in the unlocked mode so nothing even got near ten meters of him.

Gando was the second to charge out. The bear robot didnt have the best style and it cried in Fumoffu. If it wasnt the Gatling cannon in its hands, one would have mistaken it for a comedic character.

Gando received a warm welcome just like Zheng and Xuan. Countless bugs flew at the robot. Those knife like wings that could cut humans in half hit the robot several times. The clanking sounds on the robot were nonstop and its fur had torn apart.

However, just like Zheng had said. The robots armor was made of Gundanium Alloy. Its toughness was extremely high. Almost all the wings that hit it got shattered, leaving only a faint trace of white on the armor. A few more tries later, the hopper bugs stopped attacking it with their wings and switched to their legs.

Gando was prepared to die when he charged out. However, seeing that the robots armor was so tough, he dropped his worry. He began firing the Gatling cannon but before long, a hopper bug slashed the Gatling cannon with its wings. Clank! The Gatling cannon broke in half. At the same time, another hopper bug slashed its foot and knocked the robot down.

The fall dazed Gando for an instant. Before he could do anything, several bugs lifted the robot. More and more bugs were swarming up on it and began pulling the robot in midair. The Gundanium Alloy armor was tough but the robots joints were not so much. Gando could hear the tearing sound coming from the robots joints. If the robot got torn apart, he would be exposed to these hopper bugs, a human without any abilities. The only thing that awaited him was death!

Gando cried with his heart. The fall had almost swapped the location of his arms and legs in the cockpit. His hands were so far away from the control panel. His eyes slowly went out of focus then he grabbed the joystick with his legs. The robots arms pushed forward and pushed away the bugs on the robots head. Gando flipped himself around in the cockpit and his hands reached for both the blue and red buttons.