Terror Infinity Book 14 Chapter 9 3

Vol 14: Chapter 9-3.

Vol 14: Chapter 9-3.

Six hours is too short in a persons life, barely a night of sleep. But to these several thousand people, these six hours determined whether they could continue their lives or not. Passed and they continue to live. Fail and they die. All the troopers became aware of it in under twenty minutes because Xuan altered some tasks for the instructors.

You have to admit that the instructors are much more valuable than they think. The Chinese army never had a problem with morale. You just assign some people as instructors and tell them how to convince the soldiers. Let them know that fighting with their lives means live, losing to despair means death! I need an army that has no sense of fear.

Xuans words were simple. He placed his orders via the communication devices while he talked to Zheng. Zheng almost felt like he was unnecessary. Though he wouldnt be jealous. Xuan would make anyone feel inferior after all. It was like looking up to an omnipotent.

Zheng thought a bit and said. They still havent begun their attack. Are they waiting for the brain bugs order?

Xuan replied without raising his head. No. The brain bug probably placed the order already. However, due to the width of this road and the environmental conditions not being suitable for hopper bugs, coming up in small waves wont threaten us. The brain bugs order should be one all-out attack. A hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, five hundred thousand, one million. It will keep attacking until we die without regard for casualties. Lan, have you masked the mountain top yet? Expose the entrance to the road. Let the other team see us. Zheng, if our defense falls and our lives are in danger, follow Lans lead to subdue them with Destruction. That will be the only way for us to live!

Zheng nodded with a serious expression. Before he got to talk, they heard gunshots coming from the road entrance. Then the troopers cries. Cries of fear and the desire to live coming from deep within their hearts. Those troopers were fighting for their lives. Bullets rained down the road.

Xuan immediately yelled at the communication device. Kampa! How did you manage your group? Make them conserve ammunition! You should be aware of how much firepower is needed. If this happens again, you can get out of there!

Kampa yelled back. Yes, sir! F*ck. Dont make me recall my past. Lots of bugs swarming over. Not going to talk anymore. I know to conserve ammunition but f*ck. The number of bugs!

5 hours 42 minutes until the rescue ships arrive, the bugs began their attack. Several hundred thousands of bugs were charging up the mountain road. The terrorizing scene made these troopers shiver. They had forgotten about their orders and fired their guns based on instincts. There was only one thing in their minds, make the bugs disappear.

Tatata! Kampa looked around in a cold expression. The barrel of his gun smoking. Several troopers lay on the ground in a pool of blood. The others looked at him in shock. He yelled with rage. Aim and shoot as you were taught. Ten people a group. Each group is responsible for one section. Anyone who wastes their ammunition will be subject to military execution!

The troopers were still in shock until he fired at the sky. These troopers quickly began aiming down the road. The militarys quality wasnt high but the trooper trainings were rigorous. Every trooper was able to accomplish aimed shooting with decent accuracy in this situation. Kampa let out a sigh of relief. He held a rifle on each of his hands and sprayed down the mountain. Even though he was spraying, his accuracy still surpassed everyone here. But despair slowly creeped into him as he watched over the boundless sea of green and yellow.

So this is a war genre world? An individuals strength is so insignificant. No one person selected by God is perfect. We need comrades, need to combine various strength, need to cooperate to finish such missions. I will probably die without you three in this world. Haha! Zheng laughed as he stood by the entrance.

Lan sent the result of the scans to him. In the deep underground 10km away, an area was masked. It might be the other team, or it might be the brain bug. Zheng had decided that the time the team fell into danger was the time he had to put his life on the line.

What are those?

Some troopers shouted. Ten tanker bugs were charging at them. These tanker bugs couldnt move in closer than 500 meters. The federations guns werent powerful but their range was quite good. These bullets were designed for longer range.

On the back of the tanker bugs were ten tumors. The tanker bugs from before didnt have these. So everyone focused their attention at the tumors. As soon as these tanker bugs got killed, the tumors shot out from the back.

Shoot! Shoot those things down! We cant let them get close! Kampa yelled within the troopers. He sprayed with his rifles but the bullets only set off sparks as they got reflected off the tumors. These tumors crossed several hundred meters and headed to troopers.

Down! WangXias voice came from behind. People turned their heads back subconsciously and saw him fired a tactical nuke from his shoulder. The troopers yelled. F*ck! The nuke has a one-minute timer after impact. Are you trying to kill us all?

Just then, a brilliant light sparked in the sky. These people screamed with their hands covering their eyes. Those who got down on the ground were luckier. They only suffered some shockwave and heatwave.

People looked up to see the fireball still burning in the sky. WangXia put down the launcher and said. I modified the timer to three seconds. Be careful.

Two tumors were further away from the explosion. They rolled off the fireball and onto the ground. The troopers around them instantly ran away. The tumors didnt explode but rather stretched out into spider like bugs. These spider bugs jumped into the troopers and shredded them to pieces. Their speed and strength were much higher than regular bugs. Dozens of troopers died in a few seconds. Yet, the others couldnt open fire since they were inside the crowd.

Zheng yelled. Kampa, organize men to continue shooting! WangXia, use up some modified grenades until new troopers take their place! Xuan, send a hundred troopers over! Zero, shoot, shoot them down! He charged over and leaped at one of the spider bugs.

(Cant use any strength on my right arm and I am not left handed.)

Zheng was thinking how to fight as he entered the unlocked mode. He was only a few meters away when the spider bug noticed him. It raised one of its sharp legs. Zheng leaped right into it with his stomach. The leg pierced through him. But he had already calculated his positioning to have the leg go in between his organs. It seemed terrifying but his organs were intact.

Ah! Zheng closed in through the leg and stabbed the army knife and his whole arm into the spider bugs eye. He activated Red Flame on his left hand since no one would see through the bug. The bugs brain was burned with just one attack. Its body struggled for a moment then got shredded by Zheng.

Zheng breathed heavily as he turned his head around. The other spider bug had killed so many troopers during this time. Broken limbs, organs, and blood filled the ground.

P.S. What are the names of the pincer bugs and spider bugs? I never watched the movie.