Terror Infinity Book 15 Chapter 1 1

Vol 15 Chapter 1-1

Zheng and the others waited for everyone to come down. Kampa wasnt the last one, though he had the worst injuries. Injuries on the body itself was much easier to heal than those incurred after unlocking the genetic constraint.

Zheng looked at that smiling face of Kampa and gave him a punch on the shoulder. Of course, he controlled his strength. Then he grabbed Kampas shoulders and laughed. Man, you scared us there. And all you talked about were depressing stuff. What the f*ck man.

He didnt know what to say at the moment and muttered in a low voice. Then slapped Kampas shoulder and said. Dont say such depressing things again. Let us go back to the real world. Comrade He turned around and walked toward Lori.

Same old rule. Meet up here tomorrow noon and discuss things at the time Xuan, dont pull all-nighter. We will make decisions after the discussion tomorrow. You wont get much done with just a night. Everyones tired. Go get a good rest! Zheng said without turning his head then grabbed Lori and walked to his room.

Lori looked at him with curiosity. Are you moved so much that you are going to cry?

Zheng glared at her and said. Who did you say is going to cry? Do you think I am someone so fragile? F*ck. No one died, no one died!

He placed his head on Loris shoulder. A few drops of tears flowed down the corner of his eyes.

Lori was shocked for a moment then she embraced Zhengs head tenderly and headed back to the room. She kicked the door close, placed Zhengs head on her chest and murmured. Its not a big deal. Sometimes a man can also cry, especially times like this.

What could a man cry for? Ideals, hope, victory, and feelings. Feelings like that between comrades.

Zheng walked out the room refreshed the next day. There were only Xuan, WangXia, Zero, and the little girl under God. She was giggling with a big red apple in her hands. Xuan also had a red apple in his hand. He was reading a stack of files while eating the apple.

Zheng came out while holding Loris hand. The little girl cheered and ran over to them. She walked around Zheng timidly then leaped into Loris arms. She laughed out as she brought out another apple from her pocket.

Lori took the apple with a smile then gave her a kiss. Zheng walked over to the other three.

So early. Xuan, dont tell me you didnt sleep last night. Zheng said loudly.

Xuan glanced at him then pointed at WangXia. He continued reading the files without uttering a sound.

WangXia scratched his head. Right. I got up at 9:30 this morning. He came out at 10.

Zheng laughed. Everyones going to feel exhausted after such a movie. You also need to rest. What is that?

The engineering design of the tactical nuke. Xuan didnt raise his head.

Tactical nuke? Zheng was pleasantly surprised. Did you take it out from Starship Troopers? Thats great. Its power is impressive but I didnt see anything like that on you back then.

Xuan replied. The design isnt too complex. It only takes an hour to memorize it then copy it down for analysis after returning to this dimension. The materials used arent complex either. It only needs a small detonator and a storage device for nuclear energy. I did some calculation. It takes about 7000 to 8000 points. I will also need to analyze the design and its assembly if we are going to make it. It will take 50 to 60 days if I am doing it by myself. Not worth the effort.

Zheng laughed. We can also help. This is the job of the whole team, not just your own. Wouldnt that save a lot of time?

Xuan gave him a disdained look. Judging by your intelligence, I can only see you being a hindrance. So my suggestion is prepare to head back to Starship Troopers after some time. I need to test two things. Whose movie does it belong to? The team that entered first? Or every team? Or would the movie characters not remember us? Secondly, we have to buy some items. I am quite interested in the smaller starships. We can bring in large quantity of gold or rare metal or even some weapon designs. It isnt a bad idea to buy some weapons.

Zheng suddenly felt a headache. Wait, wait a minute. Even the smallest starships are gigantic. How are we going to bring it back? Furthermore, if we lose our identity in that world, its going to be difficult to buy these things off the federation.

Xuan wasnt in the least bit worried. That isnt an issue. Everything has its cost. The reason something isnt done is because its cost exceeds its value. Just like we are going to enter the Resident Evil world to steal the prototype T virus right now. Isnt this also extremely dangerous? As long as we have detailed plans, I have a 70% chance of obtaining a large amount of tactical nukes and a small starship. However, the bracelet needed to store the starship is going to cost two rank B rewards. It might take us quite some time to save up.

Zheng, WangXia, and Zero were sweating. They were at a loss for words.

Xuan suddenly asked. Zheng, how many points and rewards did you get? And tell me how many of that is from killing people and bugs.

Zheng paused for a moment then walked over to God with excitement. He connected with God to check. His heart beat intensely. The rewards were great this time. He obtained 12000 points, and one of each rank B, C, D reward. That was such a plentiful harvest in just one movie.

He said to the others excitedly. I got 12000 points, and one of each rank B, C, D reward. What about you guys? How much did you get?

He saw WangXia and Zero smiling bitterly then asked. Whats wrong? Why such expression? Did I say anything weird?

Xuan shook his head. Nothing wrong with what you said. I made a wrong calculation. Do you remember that you told us to kill those two people? When I killed one, the team didnt get notification for plus one in score. His body disappeared shortly after. The same thing happened to the person Gando killed. Both of them had a revival cross hidden on their bodies. Once they died and chose to return to Gods dimension, we only got the reward from killing them but not the score for the team. Each of us lost 4000 points.

Zheng immediately followed. Wait. Let me calculate my rewards. One not unlocked member from team Africa, 2000 points and a rank C reward. One tanker bug, 1000 points and a rank D reward. The brain bug, one rank B reward. Thats all for the rewards. Then theres 3000 points from destroying starships. We gave up six military bases and saved one, so minus 5000 points. That adds up to 6000 points. I killed about 4000 points worth of bugs. Then those two people really didnt get counted in the team score!