Terror Infinity Book 15 Chapter 13 1

Vol 15 Chapter 13-1

That was what Xuan said but the others felt he was intentional. It felt like he knew this would happen then had the leader step into this danger.

YinKong nodded without saying anything. She turned around and ran toward the exit. She appeared calm but there was a hint of anxiousness in her eyes. They could tell she actually worried about Zheng.

Xuan didnt stop her. He flipped through the documents. We have enough time to leave here. We have obtained our item and reward for the bonus mission. Thats it then. Mission obtain the prototype T virus successfully completed. He ignored the weird expressions from the others and started walking away.

After Xuan got ten meters away, ChengXiao said to the rest of the team in a quiet voice. Did something happen before I was revived? Is he trying to kill Zheng? You really cant irritate this psychopath. He just kills you if he catches you and you dont even know how you died. Yes, dont ever irritate him. And did Zheng really do something to him?

Kampa patted his shoulder and said. It might be a misperception but dont you think what you just said annoyed him?

ChengXiao suddenly looked shocked. He carefully glanced at Xuan and saw him still reading the documents like nothing had happened. ChengXiao let out a sigh of relief. Be careful of what you say. This is a man with a demon hidden within. He looks like he never cared but he will eat you in whole when he starts calculating. Anyone that talks behind his back needs to be careful. Or you might be the next one to get abandoned.

Talking behind him? Just like what you are doing? WangXia walked past ChengXiao and casually asked.


Enough about ChengXiao seeking death. YinKong was running to the research facility anxiously. She wasnt good at communicating herself but she was really worried about Zheng. She didnt want to see him die. She wasnt aware when did it start that she had acknowledged these people around her, even though they were weaklings when judged on the standards of her seniors, comrades and ZuiKong. These people were weak in both strength and willpower. They were people that could be abandoned at will. Yet she had acknowledged them as comrades.

ZuiKong killed all her the people she trusted. She didnt want to give up on any of these comrades she had now. This emotion was not in accordance with the way of assassination. However, she wished to protect them.

The corridor leading to the exit was quiet. Team China had cleared all the defensive machineries and guards. She easily came out of the center in just two minutes. Then she ran toward the research facility in full speed. She noticed fires burning in everywhere. There were remains of several armed helicopters burning on the ground. A fighter jet was speeding through the sky and a dozen armed helicopters followed behind it.

YinKong didnt stop to watch this intense fight as she continued toward the facility. Half way there, she heard a loud bang. One of the helicopters that was firing missiles shattered into pieces. It then exploded in midair.

Zero moaned as he held his head in his hands. Lan quickly asked. What happened? Why was that helicopter shattered with a shot? Are you alright?

Zero shook his head. Its fine, just a little headache. The success rate of the Mystic Eyes is too low. You can only see half a second and the points and lines move extremely fast in that half second. This is my fourth shot already. Its impossible to hit a moving dot. I have to rely on the speed of the Gauss sniper rifle to hit the lines. Theres less than a 25% chance I can use the power of the eyes successfully.

Lan didnt understand the situation regarding the Mystic Eyes but she believed what Zero said. She suddenly saw Zero bleeding blood from his eyes, nose, mouth and ears and panicked. Zero, you all right? Say something!

Zero wiped the blood that dripped down from his eyes and smiled bitterly. The Mystic Eyes put too much strain on my body. I cant see anything now. I probably wont die but I have to exit the unlocked mode now. The pain is going to knock me unconscious. His body started convulsing.

Zeros last shot was spectacular but YinKong wasnt in the mood to watch the firework. She counted down the time in her mind. And she had entered the unlocked mode. Numerous guards were running out from the facility and screaming with fear. Some of these guards had missing arms and legs.

YinKong ignored them. She still had her dragonshard with full energy. Her Excalibur didnt have the laser ability but its sharpness was impressive by itself. Its invisibility attribute allowed her to kill people without traces. She stopped hiding herself and charged straight ahead. The guards didnt bother her. They kept running as if they had seen a ghost. Neither side bothered the others. YinKong counted four minutes and thirty-seven seconds. She entered a big lobby and a pungent smell of blood struck her sense.

There were no living humans in this room. Two seven meter big Creepers hung on the ceiling. Tentacles grown on their bodies made them look like octopuses. Their hideous appearance gave her a shock. What was more shocking were the pressure and sense of danger these creatures imposed on her. She tensed up herself as her instinct was telling her she would die from these two monsters.

One of the Creepers jumped down from the ceiling. YinKong immediately rolled toward a corridor to the side. The claws swiped into the metallic floor then pulled a layer up like it was a piece of paper. The Creeper pulled off several meters of the floor. The other one also jumped down and leaped at YinKong.

The strength and speed of these Creepers were terrifying. YinKong could only rely on the sharpness of Excalibur. Her close range assassination techniques were nearly useless against these huge monsters and the lobby was spacious. If only she still had the metal wire she could use in long range.

Experience told her there was no way to live if she fought both Creepers unless she found terrain suitable for assassination. Worse yet, these Creepers didnt seem to see with their eyes. If they sensed people with smell or temperature, her sneak techniques would be useless. She flipped herself up from the floor and ran into the corridor.

YinKong didnt turn her head once. She could move faster than these Creepers but such speed also robbed her of the ability to do anything else but run. Yet, the further she went, the more that she felt despair. Because the smell of blood was getting even more intense ahead. So intense that it could make a person suffocate. The place ahead seemed like a slaughter ground. Were there even more Creepers?

YinKong took a deep breath. She didnt stop her steps. She raised Excalibur as she made a turn. The area ahead was much brighter. It was a huge lobby and there, she saw Zheng. Zheng stood on top of countless human and Creeper corpses. He was holding a Creepers head in his left hand. His right hand was holding Tiger's Soul. The sword pierced through a Creeper then into the wall. There were at least a hundred Creeper corpses in this room.