Terror Infinity Book 15 Chapter 5 1

Vol 15 Chapter 5-1

Vol 15 Chapter 5-1

It had been a few hours since they came into the Resident Evil world. The point of entrance was an inconspicuous alley. Lan used psyche scan to locate themselves. This area was on the border of a crowded city. There was a long way to the city center. The time was late in the day so they casually selected a decent looking inn on the street and checked in.

Zheng didnt use up all the USD from Jurassic Park. These cash didnt take up much space so he kept them in the bottom of the storage bag. He took the cash out as they came to this world. The cash belong to different worlds but were the same currency after all. The inn owner pinched them then gave them the keys with a big smile. He also asked if they needed any services or dinner.

"We only have twenty days. In fact, this is five days more than I wanted. Fifteen days is the ideal time frame." Xuan said to the team.

They weren't in an assigned mission so as long as they didn't go looking for dangers intentionally, these twenty days would be very safe. However, they weren't here for vacation. Their goal was unimaginable to the people of this world. They were going to sneak into the headquarter of the Umbrella Corporation and steal the T-virus prototype that was hidden deep within, then head back to that same alley. No one should die in this process, or at least that was what they wished for. Their current knowledge of this world was only the time limit of twenty days.

"We first need to know where the headquarter of the Umbrella Corporation is, how big it is, how many people are in there, if there's any bio weapons, what kind of dangers we might encounter, where the T-virus prototype is, how to obtain it, and last, how to escape from the Corporation's chase or perhaps their nuclear attack."

The process was similar to regular movies except for the lack of a field restricting them from leaving the area in the beginning. The team of ten gathered in Zheng's room to discuss their plan. Of course, it was mostly just listening to Xuan than actual discussion.

Since there was no immediate danger, Zheng entered the third stage and simulated HongLu.

"I have some ideas." He twirled the hair on his forehead. "The situation is simple. We dont know anything about the world. The only connection we have with it is we finished the movie, actually two movies. We didnt have a specific place we wanted to go to when we entered so God probably wouldn't put us too far away from its theme. Which means the headquarter of the Umbrella Corporation wouldn't be too far away. It may be in the center of the city, or under where we are standing, or even above us."

Xuan nodded. He picked up a bright red tomato and took a bite. "The issue isn't the whereabouts of its location. Based on the movie, the Corporation had resemblance of the government and its responsibilities. Its headquarter should be easily recognizable just like the landmark of a country. Every country wants to display its magnificence to people. The Umbrella Corporation will do the same to increase its publicity. What we are searching for is their research facility for secret bio weapons inside the headquarter.

"Judging from the current situation, we have three things to verify. First is the current time. How long has it been since the second movie? Second is our location. How far away are we from the headquarter? That will determine the order we do things because the distance represents the security strength of the Corporation and affects whether or not they will use nuclear weapon during our escape.

"The third thing is more complicated. That's the interior map of the headquarter. It will affect how we go about sneaking into the headquarter and obtain the virus. If my speculation is correct, this should be worth a rank B reward for the team."

Contrary to Xuan's certainty, Zheng who was still simulating HongLu frowned. He thought about it and said. "Do you remember Alice being brought away at the end of the movie by people disguised as staffs of the Umbrella Corporation? They were obviously familiar with the inside of the headquarter. Can we ask them for help? Just like how we asked the characters for help in The Mummy? Those people had fought together with us after all."

Xuan took another bite off the tomato. "You are putting too much emphasis on human nature. It may be taken into consideration but human nature also involves the most uncertainty. If possible, you should abandon such considerations at the beginning of any plans. If we were to include the movie characters into our plan, there will be too much variance. First of all, do you still remember the scene where they sneaked into the Corporation?"

Zheng looked at Xuan with surprise. The man finished the tomato two more bites then said. Judging from the scene, the movie characters definitely borrowed powers from another big force in this world. That was how they were able to bring Alice away under the disguise as the Corporation staffs. As for the big force, I suspect it may be the government. Understand? The more forces we get in touch with, the higher the variance becomes. Most importantly, human nature has the biggest effect on variance. Do you want to leave your future up to fate?

It took Zheng quite a while before he smiled bitterly. Those words gave him Deja vu. It was like when he first met Xuan back in Alien. Xuan grouped himself among the major group and asked if he would leave his future up to fate. His reply was to decide on his own future. This was how Xuan was, always had been.

I get it. We will do this by ourselves. The first thing is we need are your computer skills. I know you are good with computers. Find out the time we are in. The second thing is find out where we are and where the Corporations headquarter is. The last step may be more difficult since we only have twenty days. Once we have the locations, YinKong and I will sneak into it.

Zheng then assigned them other tasks. Xuan and YinKong was responsible for the computer related tasks. YinKong also had amazing computer skills, only second to Xuan. She said that as an assassin, there were more ways to killing the target aside from weapons and combat. She was the only one that could help Xuan with this.

Lan had to scan the whole area around them then draw it down. WangXia would then set up traps based on the terrains and plan the escape route. Once they got to the point when they get chased by large groups, they would run back here and use the traps to delay the enemies. WangXia had a lot of such experience from being in the special forces so he agreed without hesitation.

Now we wait for Xuan and YinKong.

The Resident Evil movies, both the first and second, were the turning points for Zheng. He went from a normal person into a member of this world in the first movie. That was when he came to realize what it meant to fight to live on. That was the beginning of his transition from a normal person to a warrior that struggled between the line of life and death. The second turning point was the battle against team Devil in the second movie. The loss of his comrades made him understood what they meant to him. The him before that point became a leader due to the dangers and responsibilities. It wasnt after the battle that he considered himself a real leader. One that wish to lead his team to the top, never lose to another team, and hope to win against team Devil without losing anyone!

The first two times were turning points for me. Will this third time be a new turning point? Zheng lightly asked himself as he stared at the night sky after everyone left.