Terror Infinity Book 15 Chapter 6 1

Vol 15 Chapter 6-1

Vol 15 Chapter 6-1

Team China was strong.

Zheng firmly believed in this. The teams strength wasnt merely their cooperation, nor their believes or anything. They had really become strong and that was the fact.

Perhaps this team China was nothing more than a bunch of bugs in the eyes of the saints who created Gods realm, but as they struggled between the line of life and death, as their enhancements increased, their strength had surpassed the concept of powerful in the real world.

Zeros sniping skills when working with the Eyes of Death Perception and the power of the Gauss sniper rifle could take on even Zheng with the dragonshard in long range. The magic to the Eyes was their ability to locate fatal points. Despite the fact it only had a duration of half a second, Zero could shatter barriers if he could hit a fatal point in that short time.

Zheng realized the problem when he faced the super defense from team South America and the exoskeleton of the bodyguard bugs in the last movie. He remembered a theory Xuan once said that as swords became sharper, shields would become tougher. That was why he wished to obtain a sword technique. Unfortunately, his wallet wasnt fat enough to exchange the one he wanted. He would have to wait and see if he was lucky enough to get the AA technique in the future.

Zeros skills were outstanding. There didnt seem to be anything in this world that could withstand a shot from the Gauss sniper rifle. Even the OverTechnology armor of the Valkyrie wouldnt be able to take a hit if Zero were to use the Eyes of Death Perception. The end result would be an explosion if he hit a fatal point.

Of course, his excellence was limited to sniping. He couldnt take on dozens of armed helicopters. Even if he were to shoot down half the helicopters, the enemies just needed a single shot to hit and he would be dead. Taking on a large number of high tech weapons was the task of Gando. The Valkyries effectiveness was maximized at fighting high tech armed vehicles.

WangXias detonation and his future enhancement might become a powerful AOE user that could control bio bombs.

Kampa had fire support and the possible tactical nukes they might get.

Yinkong had assassination and close combat.

Heng had his arrow techniques for long range.

ChengXiao had his medical skills and Gu.

Lan had psyche force abilities and mind control.

Team China was strong. Even though they might still be lacking in some ways compared to team Devil and team Celestial, this gap would close in as they grew. They would surpass these two teams at the end!

That was what I had been thinking about. Zheng muttered in his mind. I approximately get the reasons Xuan wanted to come to this world for the prototype T virus in such a hurry. I at least get the gist of it after simulating HongLu. One of the reasons is to improve individual members strength. I think you know that the prototype T virus unlocks the first stage of the unlocked mode. Kampa and WangXia still havent unlocked the genetic restraint yet. Though this isnt actually a pressing matter. Zhengs true intention is rather nefarious.

Zheng smiled bitterly. Killing an unlocked member in team battles has a big difference compared to killing a normal member. The difference is almost heaven and earth. He made two mistakes in the last movie during the end. One, he didnt consider team South America would communicate through Soul Link and hid the fact they had the revival crosses. As a result, everyone in our team lost 4000 points. Two, we didnt get their storage item and that meant we indirectly lost a lot of points and rewards. That was why he said points and rewards arent too useful. I was actually quite happy when I heard it. It means he had begun to understand human nature. He isnt thinking like a complete machine anymore. So he wished to make up for the teams lost and the best method he came up with was to make every person we kill in future team battles unlocked members.

Lan was shocked and replied. How is that possible? Not even team Devil had a full team of unlocked members when we fought them. Are you saying?

Zheng confirmed her. Correct. Thats what I meant. He saw that the next movie is a team battle so he wanted to obtain the prototype T virus first. That would increase our team members survivability but the real intention is to inject enemy team members with the virus. So that every person we kill will be an unlocked member. The amount of points and rewards we can get will be unimaginable.

Lan shivered. Xuans mind was frightening when they came to understand it. Every action he took had an underlying reason deep down. He even included people he hadnt seen in his calculations and furthermore, his calculations were nefarious.

Ok. Dont over think it. No matter what his plans are, I believe that he has become a real member of the team after so much we have been through. Team China wouldnt be the same without him. If I am the heart of the team, hes the brain, and everyone else are the bones and flesh. As long as we stay united, and only if we stay united, will we be able to defeat team Devil. Because we possess what they dont have.

Zheng walked along with a crowd to a building in the center of the city. This was the headquarter of the Umbrella Corporation, a silver and tall building. The silver glass formed the shape of the umbrella logo. It was announcing that this was their headquarter.

Zheng casually walked into the building. Lans psyche scan showed him the distribution of the security guards and cameras in the building and also the special locations inside.

No biological weapons like zombies and lickers. The securities in the first thirty floors are normal. But the number of security guards increased above that. There are no elevators to floor between thirty-nine and forty. That in between floor is a bullet proof glass corridor. There are heavy firearms at both ends of the hall. Forty and above are various weapon laboratories. There are also human size robots.

Zheng headed toward the elevator as he looked over the map in his mind and listened to Lan. Send these images to Xuan and connect our minds.

Lan complied. Ten seconds later, Zheng entered the elevator and pressed 29.

Xuans voice also came through. I have seen the scan. What are you thinking?

Zheng replied. You can see that the building is heavily guarded at floor thirty and beyond. The security cameras are going to capture me if I go in without an identity. I might even get into conflict with the guards. Can I intercept the passwords you wanted in the lower floors?

Xuan thought for a moment then said. Probably not. You have to know that I need the passwords to their internal network. I used the device to capture a section of their firewall when I invaded them. You can start below floor thirty. If the interception is successful, the lights will turn green. If it fails, they will turn yellow. If you are discovered, they will turn red. I suggest you try a floor below thirty, then between thirty and thirty-nine, and if that fails, go above floor forty.

Zheng said. Floor forty? Please. You see the scan? Do you think I can get through that transparent corridor without triggering the guards? I can if I force my way through.

Theres a way. Xuan replied with certainty.