Terror Infinity Book 15 Chapter 7 2

Vol 15 Chapter 7-2

How Zheng left the building needed not to be said. It didnt take much effort with the assistance of mind control from Lan. After he lesiurely left, he still had the time to sit down for a cup of coffee with Lan.

After their coffee, Zheng muttered. Do you think I did the right thing, taking on an unwarranted uncertainty? Even though I have been saying to try our best for more points and rewards and do more bonus missions to close the gap between team Devil and us, but I was reckless this time.

Lan was spacing out with her coffee in hand. It wasnt until Zheng asked her a second time before she put down the coffee and laughed. Well, it isnt totally reckless since you have your consideration. Getting information from the movie characters, whether the information has to do with bonus missions or our plan, has the opportunity of helping us avoid danger. And working peacefully with movie characters in order to obtain information and help from them is how we are different from team Devil.

Zheng nodded. "That isn't wrong but our goal this time is the prototype T virus. We got caught in another mission while we have such a mission. Fortunately, the bonus mission doesn't conflict with stealing the virus. Otherwise we will either have to abandon the virus in order to save time, or split the team into two groups. If that happens, our strength will decrease and might result in casualties. Perhaps this is the reason Xuan didn't want me to get in contact with Carlos. Neither the time nor location is suitable. The uncertainty will also hugely affect our team."

Lan smiled and didn't follow up. Soft music was playing in the cafe. She seemed to be drowned in the music. She looked so gentle with a slight smile despite listening to the serious topics Zheng was talking about.

"Zheng, have we sat down for a quiet cup of coffee like this before?" Lan suddenly muttered after he was finished talking.

Zheng was surprised. He was concerning the team's surival. He couldn't flip his mind around to such a girl's feeling all of a sudden. It took several seconds for him to understand what Lan meant. He gave a bitter smile and picked up the cup of coffee to relieve this awkwardness.

Lan also took a sip and continued. "It's been a long time I hadn't sat down for a drink quietly since I entered this world, epsecially with you. Hehe. I suddenly feel like we are in the real world. This doesn't seem like a horror movie at all."

"If there isn't the T virus or the biohazard, this is the real world for people in this movie." Zheng sighed as he heard her words. He felt the peaceful atmosphere here and it affected his inner sensation.

Lan smiled. Then she just sat there quietly with Zheng, listening to the soft music. She seemed content. Zheng planned to talk to her about the bonus mission but seeing such serenity from her, he couldn't utter those words. In the end, he had no choice but to just sit there and listen to the music with her.

Time slowly passed peacefully. When it was almost four in the afternoon, Lan smiled. "He came down from the building. Should we contact him now?"

An afternoon of being lazy was enough for him. He stood up abruptly. "Connect our minds."

Carlos just left the building and was heading toward the park. Zheng's voice appeared in his mind. He was obviously prepared this time around. His body paused very slightly then he continued walking normally.

Both sides exclaimed when they met up in an alley. Carlos was going to continue the topic regarding the time after the previous movie but Zheng steered the conversation away on time. He was deducted a few hundred points last time. It would put him in the negative before long if it were to continue.

"Jill and the others are also in this city. They will certainly be happy to know you are fine." Carlos said with a laugh.

Zheng and Lan looked at each other then said. "Our comrades are also in this city. We want to break into Umbrella Corporation's research facilities to find something, but we aren't familiar with the place there. Call Jill and the others over, we can discuss the plan and also to save Alice."

Carlos agreed. He reminded Zheng of some secrets Umbrella Corporation had in this secret. This was the city they announce the to public as the location of their headquarter so it wouldn't be strange to have their intelligence agents everywhere. A seemingly normal person on the street or the baristas in a cafe or the patrolling police and maybe even the owner of the inn they were staying in might be the Corporation's agents.

"That's an exaggeration but just be careful. From known information, the Corporation is cautious against anyone who knows about the event that happened. Once they discovered any such persons, they will bring the person back to their facilities to undergo brain wash or inject the T virus. There's probably a hundred Nemesis in the facilities by now." Carlos sighed then left the alley.

Zheng was feeling fine until these words made him frown. A minute later, he was twirling the hair on his forehead. Lan asked curiously. "What happened? Is Carlos a spy from Umbrella Corporation?"

"No." Zheng had entered the third stage of the unlocked mode and simulated HongLu. "The problem isn't Carlos but it's Xuan. F*ck! Simulating always makes me realize things only after the fact. If it's HongLu, he would've known what Xuan is trying to do. At least I won't have to feel so risky every time. Getting sold by him and still counting money for him"

That was really curious to Lan and she asked further. "What happened? He didn't do anything special. We only intercepted the passwords in the building but he didn't do anything else there."

"Just because he didn't do anything proves he's planning something."

Zheng pulled the hair on his forehead and smiled bitterly. "I think I get his plan and it was thanks to Carlos. Umbrella Corporation will capture people who know about the incident and bring them to the facilities for brain wash or inject the T virus. Which means the person is going to enter the facilities. This is Xuan's plan. He wants me to use myself as bait to enter the facilities then obtain the prototype T virus."

Lan responded. "That can't be? If that's what he's planning, why didn't he tell you anything? He could have had you expose some traces in the building. Yet, he suggested you not to contact Carlos to avoid further uncertainties. I think he wouldn't do such a thing?"

Zheng waved his hand. "That won't be Xuan if he didn't do this. He includes our team in his calculations. That's his style. Think about it. Isn't YinKong the better pick for this operation to obtain the passwords? She's the perfect person for the task given her sneaking techniques and familiarity with computers."

The two of them had exited the alley. Zheng called a taxi over. They entered the taxi and he continued over their minds. "However, YinKong couldn't do the task because she could help Xuan with things regarding the computer. So I ended up having to do it. However, we forgot an important point. What can they do on the computer without the passwords? Even if there's something to do, it wouldn't be effective. Xuan rearranged the order of our plan to make me the only person for this task. As a result, I was exposed under the security cameras of the Corporation."

"He definitely remember what I told him had happened in the second movie. I told the Corporation I was a G virus carrier. They probably really want to capture me. And Xuan knows it."