Terror Infinity Book 15 Chapter 8 2

Vol 15 Chapter 8-2

It had been five days since they entered this world. Aside from sneaking into the building to steal the password, Zheng continued going to the building the following days according to Xuans plan. And in order to attract attention, he even went above floor fifty. He walked directly under the security cameras every time. Five days passed but Umbrella Corporation seemed to have no interest in him. No one came to capture him, not even to tail after him.

Sigh, looks like there arent any results today. Zheng left the building among the people leaving work. He was just like an employee these several days, coming in early and leaving late with an always unsatisfied expression. He seemed like more qualified than an actual employee.

Ten seconds later, Lan suddenly said. No. Someone is following you. There are a lot of people hiding and several snipers on building roofs. They are loading some special bullets, maybe strong anesthetic. What should we do? She sounded a little anxious. She knew this was going to happen sooner or later but when Zheng finally got surrounded, she still felt anxious.

Zhengs eyes defocused. He said to Lan through soul link. Its fine. Just send the images to me. If I get captured, dont attempt to attack and expose yourself. Keep following me with the scan and go tell Xuan. I will leave the team to him for now.

He put the dragonshard necklace into the ring. He handed the storage bag to Xuan before coming. Everyones weapon was in the bag. The only thing he worried about was the ring. If the Corporation took it away, he could only fight barehanded.

Lan, can you leave some kind of mark on the ring? So that if it got taken away, you can quickly find it. Zheng pondered for a moment and asked.

Lan quickly replied. Yes. Its possible. I just have to attach some psyche force on it. Zheng, be careful. You have to resist if they want to dissect you or inject anything. Even if we fail the mission, I dont want you to

Relax, relax. Dont worry. Nothing will happen to me! Zheng laughed then walked ahead.

Before long, dozens of security guards came from all sides. They isolated the crowd from the place. About ten of them looked over with caution. The crowd also noticed something went wrong and started running away. Soon, there was only Zheng left in the area.

Zheng felt it was funny. With his current physical stats, anesthetic that could knock out an elephant might not even work on him. He also had vampire bloodline and the cells of a dragon. So even the T virus could get devoured by his cells.

He made up his mind and acted like he was going to run. After just a few steps, several gunshots sounded. He felt pain and numbness on his chest, back, shoulder, and leg. Then he fell to the ground. However, the numbness quickly went away. This level of anesthetic couldnt take him down. However in order to get captured, he closed his eyes and lay there.

The security guards began talking. About a dozen of them began running to him. Several black sedans drove to Zheng then some people in black came out. They took a vial of green solution and injected it into Zhengs shoulder. Zheng actually started feeling drowsy after the injection as if he wanted to sleep. Before he could react with his Qi, he fell into sleep.

Zheng opened his eyes dizzily then jumped up abruptly. He looked around cautiously. It took several seconds for him to organize what had happened. The scare made him sweat.

That was indeed scary. He only planned to play an act to enter the Corporations inner facility. He didnt think that the Corporation lived up to their reputation, that they had the technology to knock him out. It was impressive to knock him out with drugs given how strong his body was.

Zheng observed the surrounding carefully. He was in a concealed and spacious room. The only thing in this room was a metallic door. The walls were metallic. This was obviously a confinement room.

He then looked over his body. No wounds of any sort. There were only the marks from the anesthetic shots. A metallic collar was put around his neck. That surprised him. It was probably something like in the movies where the collar would explode on the press of a button.

As Zheng pondered, he walked toward the door. An electric current transferred from the door to him as soon as he touched it. Pah! He fell to the floor. His whole left arm was shivering.

What happened in the room was sent through the surveillance cameras. The men in black in the surveillance room watched in shock. My god! That current can burn a person into charcoal, but only had his arm shivered. Look, he stood up. This monster!

Youre correct. He is a monster. There was a middle age man dressed in a lab coat behind them.

He looked at Zheng swinging his arm through the monitor and said. His physical attributes are that of a monsters. Our new cell weakening drug only knocked him out for three hours. A normal person will go into torpor immediately with just a tenth the amount until his cells die off. However, he stood up as if nothing happened. Do you know the results of the temporary tests we did on him? His muscular strength and cellular strength are over ten times that of a normal person. You can think of him as a super human. These were only from physical tests. More importantly, the G virus inside his body evolved a second time.

I now truly believe he has the G virus, an evolved G virus. We discovered his cells have unbelievable reproductive ability. It has a powerful effect on both his vitality and self healing. A normal person injected with these cells will at least double the attributes of his body. These cells may even contain too much vitality. The lab rats we injected with his cells have died. If we can stand this backfire from the cells The middle age man had drowned himself in his own world as he muttered about extracting the G virus from Zheng and holding off the backfire of the cells. In the end, he acted like a mad scientist, swapping between laughing and crying. That give a chill to the men in black.

Zheng swung his arm around as he sat on the floor. It wasnt that the electric current could stop him from leaving. He had too many ways to destroy this place if he entered Destruction. What made him feel unease was that he couldnt contact Lan. There was no reply no matter how much he tried to reach her through his mind.

Zheng pondered then suddenly, a mans voice sounded. Hello, Mr. Zheng. Let me introduce myself. I am the head of the research team responsible for you. You can call me the team leader. Theres no need to know my name. I think we should have a good talk, do you think so, Mr. Zheng? Or should we call you the G virus carrier?