Terror Infinity Book 16 Chapter 11 3

Vol 16 Chapter 11-3

Orcs! Legolas repeated. He brought up his bow and arrows. Aragorn and Boromir also readied their weapons. Boromir especially ran toward the gate. However, an arrow nearly scraped the skin of his nose as he reached the gate. One more inch forward and that nose would have been a goner.

Aragorn and Boromir quickly attempted to close the gate. A thought came to Zhengs mind however and he yelled. Wait. Let me out! He jumped on the Nightmare then pulled the rope. The horse neighed as it stood on its two back legs then charged ahead.

Crimson flame was burning in its eyes and on its hooves. Zheng channeled Qi into Tigers Soul. The light blade bended at his will and covered him and the Nightmares whole body. As soon as they exited the gate, multiple arrows reached the light blade then shattered. Zheng didnt pause despite seeing the humanoid monsters coming from all sides. He charged into them.

Nah! Nah! Nah! The first orc he charged into busted and all the orcs that came in contact with him all turned to pieces. The light blade might have changed its shape but its power remained. Charging with the Nightmare among a bunch of weak creatures was destructive. Anything that touched him was wounded and anything that he ran over died. He and the Nightmare tackled a path of flesh and blood.

The orcs strength was unusually strong. The major characters werent the only ones with increased power in this world. The orcs gained increased strength. Zheng estimated their strength was between three to five times that of a normal person. Their speed was perhaps slower than a normal person but the strength was a counter to his tackling. After the Nightmare ran through a few dozen orcs, it was forced to slow down.

Good! Zheng shouted. The nightmare leaped. Zheng could see a large number of orcs and several four meter high humanoid creatures charged into the room. He didnt have the time to think further. The Nightmare leaped onto a pillar then ran along it. Zheng turned body to the orcs below.

Go! Kill! Qi entered Tigers Soul. The light blade extended up to twenty meters. The Nightmare charged down the pillar. Zheng placed Tigers Soul horizontally and the light blade extended to the side of the horse. Over a hundred orcs and the pillars on on the way were sliced in two as the Nightmare ran. It made a 180 degree turn and ran back. The orcs on the other side were then sliced in two. About a forty meter area around him were laid with corpses and all the orcs dead. The orcs further back were shocked. None dared to approach him.

Zheng took a deep breath. It was fulfilling massacring like this but this tactic would be useless against more powerful creatures like the final Ringwraith. Running head to it would be like asking for death. Another flaw was it consumed Qi extremely fast. He used up 50% of his Qi in that run. He wouldnt do it in an army without enough storage rings on back up. Only small scale battles like this one was doable.

While Zheng was catching his breath, he heard gunshots coming from the room. It was the sound of the Gauss pistols. Sci-fi weapons were nullified against creatures native to this world. Did that mean team Africa or team Northern Ice Land attacked his team while he was away?

He didnt continue his fight and had the Nightmare charge back toward the room. Any orcs that couldnt get out of his way on time was killed. It didnt take him much effort to get back into the room. What awaited him was a troll swinging a stick at him before he got sight of the players and movie characters. The trolls were four meters tall. Their intelligence was low but their strength was superb. Judging by the sound of the swing, their strength was about twenty times that of a normal person, on par with Zheng in Explosion.

The panic was getting into Zheng. He gave the Nightmare more blood energy. Its speed increased a little more and it ran into the trolls torso before the stick fell on Zheng. The troll broke into pieces with that tackle. Zheng also took an impact and almost fell off the horse.

Zheng shook his head to get it clear. He saw Xuan shooting at all directions with his Gauss pistols. Each of his shots would shoot down an orc leaping at him. There was a pile of corpses by his feet. After all the orcs were dead, he clapped his hands together. Two empty magazines dropped off then he slid the pistols back to his sleeves. The motion was so smooth as if he practiced it numerous times.

Eh? Arent those the Gauss pistols? Zheng was dumbfounded. He didnt realize there were no more orcs coming into the room and all the orcs in this room were dead.

You are correct. They are the Gauss pistols. Xuan nodded apathetically. He crouched down to examine the orc corpses. After a while, he went over to check the troll corpse.

Thats impossible! Dont sci-fi weapons have no effect here? Zheng yelled. The other veterans looked over. Both teams had their sci-fi weapon users. If the weapons could be used in this world, they would have a substantial increase in strength and other advantages. They could bring the characters over obstacles with their transportation tools.

Xuan nodded. Correct. Sci-fi weapons are still ineffective. So I tested combining sci-fi weapons with magic. I had Elrond carved rune words on the bullets back in Rivendell. The bullets contain life forces and enabled their usage.

Now that you mentioned it. Zheng remembered Xuan had a meeting with Haotian. Were they discussing this at the time? Furthermore, if Xuan could use the Gauss pistols this way, then the Gauss sniper rifle could become their trump card against the characters of this world.

Gandalf suddenly said. Nows not the time to talk. We have to hurry to Khazad-dum bridge. Everyone follow!

Zheng was also aware of it. He nodded then ran ahead. Several arrows hit his light blade barrier. The barrier wavered as the arrows busted. It wasnt that the arrows were powerful but his barrier was running out of time.

Zheng quickly backed into the room and dissipated the light blade. He recreated a new one before heading out again. Tigers Soul slashed ten orcs in front before they could react. The rest of the group then followed behind Zheng.

Endless orcs were coming out from all sides and climbing down the pillars. Their number was so huge. There were thousands just in this hall. The players groaned. There was nothing they could do other than keep running. Zheng stayed in front of the group. The mobility of the Nightmare allowed him to kill off any orcs than attempted to come near. He killed numerous orcs in just a hundred meter path. And now Xuan also recovered his combat strength. The gun-kata had no defense but its power was so advantageous in such crowded battles. Many orcs died to the bullets.

According to the movie, the Balrogs roars would come by the time the Fellowship was surrounded by the orcs. The orcs then scattered. However, the roar signaling the wake of the Balrog came before they got surrounded by the orcs.

The orcs immediately stopped attacking the group as if they encountered the most horrifying thing in the world. All the orcs looked back. The path that they just came through was illuminated by a red light. Several streams of fire burst out before the orcs could scatter. The fire consumed an area spanning tens of meters. Inside the fire, a humanoid creature appeared. It opened its mouth and sprayed a beam of fire across. A thousand orcs vaporized to ashes without uttering a sound. The group could sense that terrifying heat despite being so far away.

Balrog, demon from the ancient ages, a creature that rivals the gods! Run! Gandalf shouted. He led the group toward the other side of the hall.

The Balrog was skill massacring the orcs as if it didnt see the humans.