Terror Infinity Book 16 Chapter 13 2

Vol 16 Chapter 13-2

The cliffs on both sides of the chasm collapsed. The collapses only spread twenty meters in but they caught several movie characters and players. These people rolled down along with the rocks. Beneath them was a burning blue fire and a smaller silver flame revolving in the center.

Argh! Zheng responded faster than anyone else. He was also the one nearest to the cliff. He fell further than the rest of the group and was near the fire. A few seconds after he began falling, the heat forced him to leap upward with all his strength. He could still use Instant Destruction despite being exhausted. Geppo pushed him up several meters. He leaped onto land that had yet to collapse.

The others werent so lucky. First, the three Hobbits fell then Legolas and Aragorn followed. Four of the players also fell right after them, the archer girl, Neos, Heng, and YinKong.

All of these happened in just a moment. The difference in everyones physical abilities were apparent in this situation. Legolas and Aragorn both brought out their close range weapons and stabbed them into the cliff. They put out a hand to reach for the falling Hobbits. Yet, they only had two people. One caught Frodo and the other caught Merry. The third Hobbit kept on falling. He fell into the still burning fire at the bottom right in front of everyones eyes. And then he vaporized without a sound.

On the players, YinKong was the fastest. She was five meters away from the cliff. She curled herself up then kicked a falling rock right behind her. The force pushed her toward the cliff like a rocket. Heng was in her path. He fell unconscious after using charged so he wasnt reacting at all. Thankfully, YinKongs reaction and ability saved him from the fate of the Hobbit.

The archer girl was also several meters away from the cliff. She didnt have the agileness of YinKong and fell into the fire. She vaporized in the blink of an eye. Neos was lucky to be near the cliff. He grabbed a protruding rock and hung himself there. He wouldnt have made it otherwise with his ability.

Zheng got his feet on the ground then turned around just in time to see the Hobbit and archer girl vaporized. His heart skipped a bit. Seeing the people hanging by the cliff were still in danger, he immediately tried to enter Instant Destruction to save them. Yet, any movement of Qi and blood energy would put his whole body in excruciating pain. He might fell before saving these people if he were to try.

Zheng immediately yelled. Gungnir! Turn into ice form and save them!

But he instantly knew it wouldnt work as he turned to Gungnir. Gungnir was sitting on the ground with a pale gray face. He returned to human form. It was clear that freezing the Balrogs body parts used up all his energy. There was no way for him to save these people.

F*ck! Zheng panicked. He shouted to the people below. Hold on! Then rushed to the Nightmare.

It was ten seconds after the first explosion by this time. Zheng had gotten near the Nightmare when the ground trembled again as if a second explosion occurred. He cursed again but he didnt have the time to think further. He mounted on the Nightmare and charged at the cliff.

The cliff began to collapse for a second time as expected. Large pieces of rock fell off. Zheng reached the cliff to see the rock holding Aragorns sword was falling. He grabbed Aragorns arm then threw him and the Hobbit toward the top. The people up there would catch the two. Without pausing for a moment, he charged downward.

The collapse proceeded quickly. By the time he grabbed Legolas and threw him up, he turned to fear as he saw YinKong and Heng fell off the cliff again. A falling rock hit her hand and knocked her off.

The Nightmare couldnt catch up to the falling speed. Furthermore, the fall would become faster with each second. Redness saturated Zhengs eyes in his panic. These two people were comrades he would exchange with his life. He could stay calm with the death of others but his comrades death would put a layer of guilt and sadness on his heart for the rest of his life. So he leaped off the Nightmare toward the two without a moment of thought.

The temperature rose as he came down the chasm. It was fortunate that the blue fire had fallen further than before so YinKong and Heng didnt get burned so fast. Zheng accelerated with Geppo twice. He caught up to them before they fell another hundred meters. He seized the two with an arm and held YinKong close to his chest while he gripped Heng under his triceps. He began another round of Geppo.

Zhengs body had reached a limit by this time. He used so many seconds of his allowed time in Destruction and multiple instances of Instant Destruction. The strength of Geppo could only lift him up less than seven meters now when it would be over ten meters normally. A few more Geppos later, the height of his jump decreased further. His legs convulsed violently.

Zheng almost crushed his teeth from clenching so tight. Blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth. Just then he saw another figure falling down from above. He looked more closely to see that was Neos who was horrified. The rock he was holding on finally broke off. There were several cries following Neoss fall. They came from two girls in team Africa.

Zheng subconsciously reached out with his arm. YinKong was now hanging on him and Heng was under his arm. So he had an arm he could use. But he hesitated the moment his hand reached Neos. Neos was definitely a top tier strategist. He wasnt a rival to Xuan but he was much better than the rest of the people in the three teams. Having someone like that alive would cause huge uncertainties in this world. If he let Neos die here, the rest of team Africa would lose their threat and become a force they could use.

These thoughts crossed his mind in the blink of an eye. Neos was about to fall past him. He closed his eyes with a bitter smile. At the same instant, Zheng grabbed his collar. The momentum dragged Zheng down several meters. Geppos height also fell to under five meters at this point. Those standing on the cliff saw this with their eyes.

(Argh! F*ck it!)

Zheng squeezed the last bit of his strength to enter Destruction instead of relying on Instant Destruction. He used Geppo one after another to push himself up while carrying the weight of three people. At the end of the last second he had, he got himself onto the back of the Nightmare. The sudden weight of four people bended the Nightmares legs slightly but the anti-gravity attribute saved them. Once all four people were seated, Zheng grabbed the lead rope. The Nightmare slowly ran up the cliff.

I applaud your bravery and strength for saving everyone. Xuan sat on the ground with a few fruits in hand. He looked down at Zheng looked crippled. But I am curious. It was understandable for the first half of your actions. Since the Sky Stick wasnt fast enough to save so many people and the movie characters will turn it off. But why didnt you use it after you saved these three people and was jumping up?

Eh? Zheng opened his mouth wide. He stared at Xuan dumbfounded. Xuan was eating his fruit as though Zhengs idiotic expression was invisible.

It was such a dangerous moment. I Zheng tried to justify himself. After a while without words, he gave a bitter smile. I am an idiot.

Neos walked over to team China with the support of Aya. He calmly said. I know you hesitated when you saved me but you did it. There isnt much to be said. I will repay you for this! I will repay you in this movie!