Terror Infinity Book 16 Chapter 3 2

Vol 16 Chapter 3-2

The other two people were stunned as they saw a head flew off. Blood from the persons neck sprayed outward and these two people screamed. They were a man and a woman. The woman displayed much more ferociously even though she seemed like a weak woman in her early twenties. She jumped up and stepped on the mans leg. It wasnt until after she had gone four meters was he able to get up. However, that was already too late. A dark shadow flew across from this back. The man was worse off than the person before. The shadow moved across his abdomen and cut him in halves. He couldnt die off instantly and screamed in misery.

A chill struck everyone watching. The black knights attacks were sharp and swift. Only a small group of people could see the attacks. And that seemingly weak woman was so sinister at critical moments. Those two men were giving her favors just moments before and in the end, she used one of them as her shield.

The knights speed and strength was much stronger than that of the movies. Less than ten people out of the three teams could follow the path of his sword. It was a two handed sword emitting black mist. Any grass that came in touch with the mist withered. The two corpses also started to rot from their wounds. This sword had attributes of poison and corrosion.

The knight came out from the bush. He sat on a large, black horse. The horses eyes were giving off a mysterious red light.

Is this a joke? How can a Ringwraith appear here? Shouldnt we come in contact with the Ringwraiths after we meet the other two Hobbits? A newbie from team Northern Ice Land couldnt contain himself and cried.

The qualities of the newbies were displayed at this point when compared to the veterans composure. Only four newbies remained calm as they stared at the Ringwraith. The rest were panicking and shouting, hid behind the veterans, or simply fell down on the ground. The scene was a mess.

The Ringwraith charged at Frodo. His horse was unbelievably fast. It was four times faster than race horses in the real world. The speed made it seem like it transformed into a shadow. The Ringwraith raised his sword

Clank! An axe blocked the sword. Richard had stood in front of the Ringwraith with a red two handed axe in hand.

F*ck! How are we going to survive this journey if you start panicking now? Aya! Poison any newbie who continues to cry and run with your bees! Richard shouted. He blocked several more attacks with his axe and every time the two weapons met, he was forced a step backward.

Many veterans couldnt react in time due to the speed of the Ringwraith, and Zhengs group was rather far from the location. However, the veterans had been through bigger situations and life and deaths. So when Richard started fighting the Ringwraith, they quickly gathered each teams newbies. Several veterans protected the Hobbits in the center.

After blocking several hits, Richard gave a shout and hacked back with his axe. The Ringwraith was skillful with his horse and with the speed of the horse, he had already moved the horse to the side when the axe came down. Boom! The axe blasted a half meter deep pit on the ground. At the same time, the Ringwraiths sword was already moving toward Richards head.

Bang! Pah! Pah!

Zeros Gauss sniper rifle, Hengs silver bow, and the green bow from a girl from team Northern Ice Land fired at the same time at the dark sword. The bullet from the Gauss rifle traveled the fastest. A translucent barrier appeared around the Ringwraith as soon as rifle fired. The +3 enchanted arrow and a green arrow arrived almost instantly. The two arrows snapped the dark sword but the broken sword still slashed a long wound on Richards body. He quickly rolled out of the Ringwraiths attack range. The man with dyed hair from team Northern Ice Land charged at the Ringwraith with a spear in hand. The spear looked translucent as though it was made of ice.

F*ck, such heavy force! Richard shouted.

That was when the others noticed even though his axe was intact but the web space between his thumb and index finger was torn. Richard was a berserker that that focused on raw strength. His body was tough even without entering Berserker. In order to cause such damage, the swings from the Ringwraith was as strong as Zheng in Explosion.

Zheng's heart skipped a beat. He had a bad feeling yet he couldn't know why. He shouted. "All psyche force users scan the area! Zero, your weapon is ineffective against movie characters, stay aware and protect everyone. Heng and the girl with a bow, shoot the horse. ChengXiao, treat the poison on Richard. Everyone else stay on guard. Don't let the Ringwraith get away from the battlefield!"

Zheng couldn't care about overreaching into the other teams' authority at this moment. He subconsciously assigned tasks to everyone here. He drew out Tiger's Soul and leaped at the Ringwraith.

The young man had started attacking the Ringwraith already. His spear was clearly a magical weapon, one rather high ranked. The spear stabbed toward the Ringwraith's head but his movements were just so agile. The spear missed and hit the Ringwraith's robe. The robe began freezing and in under a second, it exploded.

The young man laughed and was about to stab again. Yet the Ringwraith backed into the farm. The man laughed out. "So that's all to the Ringwraiths? I wonder how many points they will reward. Haha. It will be great if there are also ranked rewards." He charged up again.

The sense of danger growing more intense to Zheng. He didn't warn the young man in time when mist started coming off the Ringwraith. The farm field around him withered and the dark sword recovered. By the time the young man was close, the horse turned from a black horse into a skeleton horse. The horse's eyes were red as blood. Its hooves were burning in a crimson flame. Its bones were emitting black mist. The Ringwraith slowly fused with the horse.

"Be careful!" Zheng was still ten meters away from the young man and the Ringwraith. The spear stabbed forward. The Ringwraith pulled the lead rope and the skeleton horse leaped on top of the spear. It seemed as though the Ringwraith and skeleton horse had no weight. With a swift sound, the young man's head flew upward.

"Explosion!" Zheng didn't attack. The sense of danger peaked when the young man's head flew off. He immediately backed away and entered the second stage. He even activated Explosion.

The Ringwraith didn't go from him and pulled the lead rope again. The skeleton horse ran up a tree as though it defied gravity. It left a burnt trail behind. As it reached the top of the tree, it leaped toward Frodo.