Terror Infinity Book 16 Chapter 32 4

Vol 16 Chapter 32-4

Zheng didnt know he just made a roundabout on the edge of hell. YinKongs existence caused ZhuiKong to give up assassination on them. Zheng would not be a match for ZhuiKong given his physical condition at the moment, even if he managed to enter Destruction. Furthermore, what would have come was an assassination. There was probably no one who could withstand ZhuiKongs assassination.

Zheng very luckily knew nothing about what had happened. The situation was under his monitor by relying on Lans psyche scan. He made contact with Xuans mind. This was not the time to speak in detail but Zheng kindly informed Xuan he would get beaten up badly.

Even though I still dont know what you have done or are planning to do. But I can tell you with certainty that you need to be prepared for what I have for you once we return to Gods dimension. His tone was sweet rather than vicious. However, this sounded weird when combined with the content of his words.

Oh. Xuan responded as if he wasnt concerned of the threatening in the least bit. There are two things I need to remind you. First, Saurons death. The best case is our team obtaining this reward if possible. Second, about the time. The countdown begins once all five teams gathered at Mordor. Four teams are here. The last team, team Northern Ice Land is probably wiped. Thus, we must seize the One Ring into our hand at this final duration.

Zheng turned serious. For Sauron its going to be difficult. We dont know his strength but it is unlikely he will be weaker than the final Ringwraith. The Ringwraith took me a so much effort to take down. I cant even move now. If Sauron comes to be honest, I have no confidence in taking him.

Xuan calmly said. Let Heng and YinKong do it. You always rely too much on your own power. You are only a member of team China. Even though you are worried about the other team members safety, you also have to trust them. Begin the attack at Sauron once YinKong returns.

A rare scene was happening at Mordor prior to their conversation. The enormous Mordor army was being pushed back due to the participation of the Army of Anubis. Tens of thousands of Anubis warriors chased after the orcs. The alliance could only serve as their backup. They followed closely behind the Anubis warriors, finishing off orcs that were lying on the ground and wailing.

The Anubis warriors knew no such thing as fatigue nor injuries. Their only goal was to charge forward and kill all living beings in front. The orc army was gradually pushed away from the Dark Gate. As the army was going to collapse, a giant in full armor appeared in the center of the orcs.

The armor was eight meters in height. The giant wielded a mace. Its body emitted an aura of black mist. Wearing on the finger of its left hand was a ring radiating a dark light. This giant in armor was the Dark Lord, Sauron!

He swung the mace at the incoming Anubis warriors. A black gust swept onto the Anubis warriors and corroded the monsters away in an instant. The corrosion consumed these sand and soil bodies and the dead bodies of orcs lying on the on the ground, leaving an empty land behind. This single attack from Sauron wiped off thousands of Anubis warriors.

This scene relived again! Gandalf gazed at the corroded land in the distance and exclaimed. History wrote men and elves came together in an alliance. Three elven kings entered the war with the three great rings. Yet, Sauron stopped the alliance all by himself. The alliance was at the verge of being destroyed. If Narsil hadnt cut the One Ring from Saurons hand, men and elves might not exist at this age.

The movie characters looked toward Zheng with a sense of helplessness. He was the trump card in the plan. His strength shown in the fight against the Balrog and in the battle at Helms Deep was beyond the imagination of the movie characters. Thus, it was decided that Zheng was the main force of this battle, the strength to rival Sauron at the chance that he revived.

No one could have guessed that Zheng suffered such severe injuries in Gondor. He could no longer carry on this responsibility. Yet, Saurons power struck terror into their hearts. The movie characters could not come up with any mean to take down Sauron.

If things have come down to this Aragorn sighed. I will lead the attack. Narsil once countered Sauron and it will do so again today! What I need is to cut the One Ring off his hand. My only fear is the corrosion of his aura. Its so powerful that I might not even be able to go near

Gandalf gripped his staff. I can provide you with barrier to block off the corrosive aura. However, this barrier does not stand a chance against Saurons direct attacks.

The movie characters met eyes. Gimli yelled. Not to worry! We will all fight with you!

Legolas nodded. We came all the way from Rivendell. For what? To bury the Dark Lord We have come to the final stop of our journey. We will fight until death takes us!

Gimli sighed. How ironic this is. A dwarf will die fighting alongside an elf.

Legolas laughed. What if he dies fighting alongside a friend?

Friend Gimlis eyes looked out of focus. He nodded heavily. Right! He fights to death alongside his friends!

While the movie characters exchanged words, the Army of Anubis had nearly been wiped. Half the army was lost after killing so many orcs. Saurons display of power quickly consumed the remaining Anubis warriors. The orc army still had tens of thousands remaining but their courage was shattered at this point. It was commanding presence of Sauron that kept them from fleeing. Their ability to participate in the battle was insignificant. Yet, Sauron exerted such a dominating pressure by himself. The full body armor walked forward. Each stride contained unstoppable force. This pressure forced the army of men to back with each step. They saw clearly how he annihilated the Army of Anubis.

Aragorn watched the army backing off. The Ents stayed outside the Dark Gate. This battle would be over if they lost their morale to Sauron And if they failed to kill Sauron, the annihilation of men would be destined once he recouped his power!

Fight! For our survival! Aragorn unsheathed Anduril. A bright silvery light glittered on the battlefield. He yelled and the warhorse charged toward Sauron.

To battle! Gimli shouted and charged on feet. He was not riding a warhorse.

For freedom! Legolas took a deep breath. He stacked three arrows on his bow. The arrows aimed at the center of Saurons forehead.

To bring death to our foes! Theoden seized a lance from a troop. The lance was nearly four meters in length. He charged toward Sauron on his warhorse.

Aragorn and Anduril were the first to approach Sauron. The silvery light had the ability to disperse the black mist. The corrosive mist could not do any harm to Aragorn. Gandalf also enveloped him in a barrier. Aragorn sliced at the arm wielding the One Ring.

How long has it been? Heir of Isildur! Do you attempt to kill me again? Saurons deep voice echoed through the armor. His mace was over five meters in length. It moved extremely quick at his swing and clashed with Anduril. Clank! Aragorn felt a powerful force upon his hand. His battle Qi stood no chance against this force. He was sent flying away. The warhorse fell to the ground as blood gushed out of its mouth. The warhorse died under this attack.

Aragorn was knocked away over five meters. Gimli charged up to Sauron before he could pull the mace back. Instead of hacking at Saurons arm, Gimli hacked his axe at the joint of the armor. The impact brought forth a clank. He possessed strength above that of men and battle Qi and yet the strike merely left a tiny mark on the armor. The mark was centimeters deep into the armor. However, his hand was also wounded between the thumb and index finger.

How tough it is! Gimli exclaimed. Then he felt the pain on his abdomen as Sauron kicked him away. The kick broke through the barrier Gandalf placed on him. Fortunately, the barrier also reduced the force of the kick. Gimli was sent flying ten meters away instead of reducing the main characters of this movie by a dwarf.

The two people who charged in the front became wounded in just several seconds of the fight, while they didnt cause any notable damage to Sauron. Sauron walked up to Aragorn in two steps and readied his attack. Just then, Legolas released his three stacked arrows at his head.

The power of the first of the three arrows grew exponentially. Its speed way surpassed the limit of what the human eye could catch. Bong! The arrow pierced through Saurons helm. The helm did not explode even after taking such a powerful shot. Its material was beyond anything they knew. The only damage the arrow caused was a hole the size of the arrowhead.

Sauron showed no sign of being wounded. There was not a bit of delay in his actions as he smashed the mace at the ground, where Aragorn was seemingly going to be turned into a paste. He rolled to the side and dodged the mace by a hair. The mace struck a large hole at the ground, which would have definitely taken Aragorns life.

Theoden also reached Sauron. Battle Qi exploded from his body. He thrusted the lance right at Saurons back. The lance pierced into the chest and out the other side. Without a moment of delay, Theoden drew his sword then sliced at Saurons arm.

However, Sauron reacted faster than he expected. The mace turned around and smashed over at Theoden before the sword reached Saurons arm. The sword shattered instantly. Theoden was knocked away just like what had happened to Aragorn. The difference being the mace struck right into him while Aragorn blocked it with his sword. The chance of Theoden living was slim.

Ah! The movie characters and the riders howled.

Aragorn climbed back up and charged at Sauron once more. His face was covered in blood. Gimli spit out a mouthful of blood then rushed behind Aragorn. Legolas stacked three arrows at his bow again.

Lan, provide us with psyche scan Heng and YinKong, do you see Sauron? Kill him!

Zheng yelled from the center of the group. He no longer had the ability to participate in the battle but he could still issue commands as the leader. Coordination of members within the team was his expertise.

Heng took a deep breath. He drew his bow to full. He was only holding one arrow but the presence he exerted exceeded Legolass three arrow Explosive Shot. The Charged Shot was ready.

At the same time, YinKong appeared not far behind Sauron. Her steps followed a peculiar pattern as she approached Sauron, seemingly without a sound and without having any presence.