Terror Infinity Book 17 Chapter 13 2

Vol 17 Chapter 13-2

The unexpected display of power by Xuan was the final push Gando needed to make his decision. While Zheng and Xuan attracted the attention of the robots in front, and those chasing from behind were getting near, he finally charged out of the corridor. He felt rather remorseful. If he knew the situation would turn out this way, he would not have come down. Although Xuan said only a small number of robots survived underneath, but could you call this a small number?

Either path was a difficult decision for Gando. There were only around a hundred robots coming from behind, but if those possess same strength as the ones in the open area, it would only require ten to take Gando down. He didnt have the claws, teeth, and sword of Zheng nor did he have the schemes of Xuan to bury the human and robot armies at once, plus Xuans strength was progressing toward an insane level. Gando was only a hooligan who drove in underground racing. He never wanted to fight the Transformers.

Ah! Gando roared as he stepped into the area, or rather, it was a cry of fright. He entered the unlocked mode at the same time. The plasma jet system of the Valkyrie was activated to its full potential. Then it charged toward the AllSpark.

Some of the Decepticons kept their attention to the exit of the corridor due to the fact two inhumanly powerful humans had already came out. These two from a lower tier species possessed powers beyond their imagination.

Gandos Valkyrie wasnt as powerful as the original Valkyrie depicted in the anime. The original could fall from outer space onto the ground in Earth, smash through a bridge in the process, and still come out intact. His Valkyrie was obviously not as tough.

Over ten energy bullets flew toward the Valkyrie as soon as it entered the area. Despite the speed of the plasma jet system, five bullets still managed to hit the Valkyries barrier. The intense explosions dropped its energy reserver bar a big notch. Before the Valkyrie flew through a hundred meters in the explosions, Gando felt an abrupt vibration. A robot grabbed the Valkyries leg. It was five meters big but extremely agile. It then swung the Valkyrie toward the floor.

While the Valkyrie was being smashed to the floor, Gando used the plasma jet system to push it into a spin. A crackling sound followed. The force exerted by the jet system torn the robots arm off. Gando did not dare to follow up with an attack though. He was neither Xuan nor Zheng. A volley from the thousands of robots could make him history. As soon as he freed the Valkyrie from the robot, it lunged forward. The jet system was activated once again and pushed the Valkyrie ahead.


Redness overtook Gandos eyes. The extreme speed allowed him to dodge most of the energy bullets but the Valkyries energy reserve continued to drop fiercely. Yet, he was past the point of no return. There was only the AllSpark in his eyes, and nothing else.

Pah! The Valkyries leg was grabbed again. Gando instinctively attempted to spin again. However, it was ineffective as the Valkyrie was smashed onto the ground. The Valkyrie did not break down but he was almost knocked out from the impact. Gando looked through the screen but the sight terrified him. It was Zheng roaring and stepping on top of the Valkyrie.

Zheng came down while Xuan drew away the Decepticons. His figure looked more striking than before. The bat wings were burning with a dark flame, only one step away from turning completely black. It appeared as though he was carrying a sea of fire on his back. Black markings covered his body. They seemed like rune words or similar type of symbols. His eyes were completely red. Two tiny horns grew out from the sides of his head. Zheng did not look like a human anymore.

Zheng? Zheng? Gando was shocked. But the reply was a punch.

Zheng punched the Valkyries head. A muffled clank followed. He did not punch through the robot, only denting the armor, which almost squeezed into the cockpit. The Valkyrie lived up to its Extra Over Technology for sustaining a hit from Zheng.

Seeing that he failed to destroy the robot, Zheng roared to the sky. Suddenly, dozens of energy bullets hit his body before he could continue to attack. The dragonshard barrier was shattered at once. All its energy was depleted. Berserk Zheng did not have the thought to recharge the dragonshard. Thus, the following bullets all came near his body and then blocked off by the dark flame.

Aouh! Zheng turned his head abruptly. He didnt finish his roar before he approached the robots using Soru the next second. He clawed with one hand while swung Tigers Soul with the other. He seemed closer to a maniac than fighting an actual battle. A few seconds of explosions later, the floor was covered with metal remains. Zheng stabbed Tigers Soul into the floor then pried off a piece of steel seventy meter squares big. He entered Destruction, grabbed the steel with his hand then slapped it on the robots as if he was swatting a fly. All the robots underneath exploded. He marched forward while holding the steel with one hand and slapping it on the robots in the way.

Gando was dumfounded. He never knew you could fight the Transformers this way. It really depicted the saying that those with power would not want to touch the crazy, especially crazies who didnt care for their own lives. As Gando was thinking, he saw Zheng slapping the steel piece at him. His mind immediately turned blank.

Zhengs consciousness was still awake despite having no control over his body. He knew he was attacking his own team. Yet, he had no concern over the act. He became indifferent to everything including surviving, going against his heart, and feeling helplessness over fate. There was nothing he needed to care about in this state. Not even his own life, so why care about other peoples lives? This hit would be the death of Gando. There was no more revival for him.

The gap between human and demon was merely a thought away. (I have to wake him!)

Zheng! Do you still remember you said everyone will live on?

An incredibly loud voice came from the other end. The voice was so loud it created a shock wave. Several robots close to its origin immediately collapsed as the sound shattered their parts.

The steel piece was only two meters away from the Valkyrie when the voice reached his ears. Zheng trembled violently. The state of nature his mind exploded and he halted his hand.

Zheng vomited a mouthful of blood. His blood was burning with the dark flame and evaporated as soon as it left his body. It was obvious his mind was waking up. The black markings on his body turned into tiny scales as he regained control over his body. Scales were also forming on his wings. The horns on his head disappeared. The dark flame also dissipated after the transformation finished on his wings.

You said you will lead everyone to live on. Do you still want to meet your clone again? Or do you choose to run away? Xuans voice came through again, though not as loud as before.

Zheng took a deep breath then howled. He threw the steel piece to a group of robots. Before the next round of fire came, he sprinted over to the Valkyrie, grabbed its leg, and threw it toward the AllSpark. At the same time, he charged at Megatron using Soru.

Live on together! I still remember it! But how come you became so strong? Zheng shouted then slashed Tigers Soul at Megatron.