Terror Infinity Book 17 Chapter 14 2

Vol 17 Chapter 14-2

The pain Gando was experiencing was unspeakable. Not because of Zheng and Xuan falling in the swarm of Decepticons but the momentum created from the throw. This force was so enormous that his whole body was pushed against the wall of the cockpit. The Valkyrie then smashed onto a corner of the corridor. Fortunately, he landed with his back against the wall, otherwise, the AllSpark would be destroyed.

The concussion took two seconds to go away. Gando was finally able to see the scene behind. The sea of Decepticons did not attack Zheng just as he expected. They were transforming into flying vehicles and rushing to him. Furthermore, Decepticons were also coming from the other side of the corridor. He was being sandwiched.

Run! Zheng shouted.

It was as though this shout woke Gando up. He entered the unlocked mode, activated the plasma jet system and charged ahead. Despite there being only less than a third of the energy reserve left, Gando had no time to be concerned about energy consumption. He tightly bit his teeth then charged out, right into a Decepticon trying to block him with its arms open.

Ah! Gandos eyes were bloodshot. Any stopping here meant death. He could only live by charging out of the corridor. Gando completely disregarded the Decepticons chasing behind and focused to his front. The Valkyrie transformed into GERWALK mode and continued toward the Decepticon. Right before the two collided, Gando controlled the Valkyrie to move slightly to the side. The Valkyries saber pierced into the Decepticon using the force of this charge. The blade went all the way in up to the hilt. The Valkyrie then stepped onto its shoulder and leaped, then transformed into fighter jet mode. A meter long stream of electricity blasted out from its tail and pushed the jet forward.

Zheng was about to rush to the corridor and destroy the entrance as soon as Gando entered it. However, three shuttles collided onto his back and wings, sending him flying. All the robots around him lost their minds. They ceased use of any weapons and charged at Zheng with their bodies. A series of thumps followed. Over ten Decepticons swarmed on top of him.

While the Decepticons delayed Zheng, a hundred or more had entered the corridor. All of them were high level enough to transform. There were even several with phase shift armor.

Zheng roared under the Decepticons seeing the sight. He pushed the robots away with huge force. More immediately leaped at him but slashes from Tigers Soul along with its mist shredded these robots. Zheng took out the Spear of Osiris at once. Qi, blood energy and refined Qi channeled into the spear at full speed. The refined Qi showed dominating effect on the spear. A hideous monster surfaced and spiraled over the golden spear. It breathed refined Qi from its mouth like it was alive. Its existence was obviously tied to the refined Qi.

This wasnt the time for Zheng to ponder further. He threw the Spear of Osiris. A golden light radiated and it was as though the spear into the monster. The monster penetrated through numerous robots on its way, until it impacted onto the top of the entrance. A loud explosion followed. Fallen rocks buried the entrance. The Spear of Osiris expended all its energy and stayed still on a piece of metal. It returned to its plain appearance, a normal golden stick.

Zheng saw that the corridor was blocked off for at least an hour or two before the Decepticons could clear a way. The collapse also buried hundreds of robots. There were close to six hundred Decepticons remaining in this area and shouldnt be that many chasing after Gando.

Whew Come! Let me see the limit of this body! The genes from ancient demons Zheng turned around.

Hundreds of Decepticons stood quietly behind. Along them were Megatron and several robots with phase shift armor. They seemed to have realized the hope of leaving this place was no more. The Decepticons transformed back to their humanoid forms and wielded their weapons. They fixed their eyes on Zheng with caution. As the first robot pulled the trigger, Zheng could only be seen as a shadow that rushed toward the Decepticons.

On the other side, thanks to the spacious width of the corridor and the concentration brought forth by the unlocked mode, Gando managed to fly at full speed. Lacking any of the two would have led to him smashing onto the wall from a turn. A few hundred meters later, he felt the intense trembling of the whole corridor followed by the sound of explosion and collapse. He expected it, that Zheng would break the entrance to cut off the chases. Only that collapse came later than he thought. But the situation left him with no time to think. He didnt know how many Decepticons were chasing behind him. The only thing he could do at this point was run, run, and run. Run with his life until he could fly up to the sky!

(The energy is reaching the bottom! Only ten percent left. I cant take any energy bullets anymore. A few hits could drain the remaining energy) Gandos eyes seemed out of focus as he glanced at the energy reserve bar.

Two robots appear on the screen. They seemed to be of a lower level than the ones that had been chasing him. Their reaction and armor were a step behind the other Decepticons. Still, these robots had energy weapons. Several energy bullets fired at Gando the moment the two parties saw each other.

(Cant block them! The dragonshard cant take them! Or there wont be enough energy to fly out!) Gandos concentration heightened to its highest level at this instant where he stood on the line of life and death. Then he felt as though something inside him shattered. His concentration state rose exponentially again. He knew he broke through to the second stage of the unlock mode.

Gando threw the AllSpark through in between the energy bullets. The Valkyrie transformed into GERWALK mode and slipped through the first two bullets. Then it continued to transform into fighter jet mode and flew past the third bullet as it scraped against the ceiling. The Valkyrie transformed back into humanoid mode and caught the AllSpark before it fell to the floor. The Valkyrie rushed pass the two robots while its sword sliced through them. Two explosions followed one after another from his back. Gando then transformed the Valkyrie back into fighter jet mode and flew ahead.

The moment Gando flew out from the corridor, Soul Link connected to his mind. Lan asked anxiously. Whats the situation? Whats happening inside? My scan couldnt penetrate. Hurry, tell us!

Gandos concentration was all focused on the Valkyrie. He didnt have the energy to reply as he watched the energy bar deplete. The Valkyrie pushed itself up at its full speed and crossed a thousand meters. Gando climbed out from the hole that was created from the hydrogen bomb. He then flew straight toward Zero.

Zero! Protect me! I have no energy left! Gando shouted. Then the Valkyrie dropped straight down from the sky and so was the AllSpark. The Valkyrie and the AllSpark slid along the ground over fifty meters. Yet, they were still a thousand meters away from where the rest of team China were. In just this short period of time, several shuttles flew out from the hole. The first of them possessed a vibrant armor, signaling its level within the Decepticons. It scanned the ground then charged right toward the AllSpark.

Pah! A Gauss bullet struck the Decepticons armor and brought up sparks on the point of impact. Not even the phase shift armor could completely negate the force of the Gauss bullet. With a clank, the bullet pierced through from the center of the shuttle and came out its back. The Decepticon hadnt exploded but it fell from the sky. It couldnt fight for a while.

Gando I can see you. Dont worry. They are within the aim of my rifle!