Terror Infinity Book 18 Chapter 1 2

Vol 18 Chapter 1-2

Xuan looked at the team and calmly said, "An explanation for the Lambda Driver and the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception should be obtainable through special relativity, although we our current technological level has not achieved the necessary height to do so yet. But it is possible You lack the prerequisite knowledge so it's going to be difficult to explain. I can only provide you with an abstract. There are two hypotheses in special relativity. Neither has been proved, at least that humans can't prove them with our current technology. The hypotheses are time and space are an illusion created by consciousness.

"Under the quantum theory of T-symmetry, our actions influence both the future and the past centered on the point we are at. You might ask how could you influence what has already happened, what has become history? This leads to what I feel is the most uncomfortable theory in relativity, causality.

"To give you an analogy, I punched Zheng and he fell. The punch is the cause and the fall is the effect. Yet, in the theory you can view this sequence of events as he fell, which caused me to punch him. The future diverges to an infinite number of worldlines. Our actions are predetermined No matter how hard you try, or not try, if you have given up, or even if you attempt to kill yourself, all these outcomes are long set. Such a distressing feeling this theory gives me.

"A neuroscience professor at California University performed an experiment on patients who were going to undergo neurological surgery in the 70's. He only anesthetized the patients' scalps and skulls during the surgery, leaving them awake awake. He monitored the patients' brains with a machine. When he pricked their fingers, a pain signal registered in the brain instantly. The patients also reported pain. When he excited the area of the brain that regulates pain, there was a delay before the patients reported pain. At the same time, pain signals registered in the brain. Numerous trials reached the conclusion that pain signals appear at the same time as the sensation, which means there was no processing time in between. Then it leads to the hypothesis that pain signals are produced the moment before any damages occur If that's true, do we suffer damage before we foresee the incoming cause?"

Seeing most of the team looked lost, only HongLu was smiling, Xuan continued, "This isn't knowledge you can understand. The Lambda Driver and the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are realizations of this level of technology. For the Lambda Driver, we can assume it determines an outcome with my faith. It will then search for this outcome among the worldlines The Eyes of Death Perception the follows the same technology but instead, it works by cutting off the link between cause and effect, erasing an existence."

(Shouldn't have entered a discussion regarding science with Xuan. This is like asking for an insult.) Zheng smiled bitterly and interrupted, "Put these aside. Let's continue with the profit from Transformers. Can we repair the AllSpark? Doesn't the Lambda Driver allows you to choose an outcome? What if you choose to repair the AllSpark? Sounds like wish granting. You can wish for anything as long as you have the faith."

Xuan sneered, "What are you dreaming? How can something that grants wishes exist in this world? If it does exist, it's not something we can posses. I would simply hypnotize myself to believe I unlocked the fifth stage if that's the case. Causality items are not omnipotent. I do not know the working process behind the AllSpark. I do not know how to repair it. I do not know what happens after I repaired it. It's like creating a being using God. Can you create an exact copy of Gando?"

" No."

"Neither can I." Xuan waved his hand, "Nothing in this world is omnipotent. The more power it possesses, the more restriction is put on it. The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception is powerful enough to kill you in one hit but it also comes with harsh restrictions. Zero can only succeed 70% of the times on still objects. This percentage would be amazing if it reaches 10% while you are sprinting. The Lambda Driver has similarly harsh restrictions. It consumes my life as I use it. I would die from age in just several minutes if I don't have the heal from God Let's move to our next plan."

Zheng nodded and looked at the AllSpark with pity. He didn't understand the things Xuan explained but he still got some facts from it. Like the AllSpark could produce infinite amount of energy. It combined with the One Ring could give him an endless supply of Qi, Blood Energy, and even refined Qi. The whole team's strength would jump several levels with it.

"Sigh. We only got the base 1000 points after such a dangerous movie. And lost one person" Zheng said.

HongLu said, "That's why we need to discuss our next plan. If we go into the next movie with overconfidence again, we might not ever leave it."

Zheng nodded. He looked to the other members, "We will pause any enhancements this time since we only obtained 1000 points. I still have 10000 points left over. However, since I used up all the refined Qi, I have to exchange 90 days in the Lord of the Rings. There's also a need to see how the excavation is doing. We have no more members to revive but we need to save some points to enter The Mummy and maybe bring Imhotep over Try to save some points in the remaining nine days aside from resupplying the basics. Who knows what will happen in the next movie? As for A Nightmare On Elm Street"

While Zheng was going over the next movie, Xuan suddenly said to him, "The Magic Cannon will be completed soon. We can bring it into the next movie if possible. I have modified the Nightmare you gave me last night as the transit system of the Magic Cannon. Be prepared because you might not be able to ride it anymore."

"Eh?" Zheng felt lost and looked to Xuan, "Magic Cannon? The one created around the One Ring? What do you mean you modified the Nightmare? What transit system? Can't ride it anymore? Didn't you promise not to damage the Nightmare when I handed it to you?"

"Uh" Xuan paused for a moment. "I lied."

Zheng lowered his head without a word. He quietly took out Tiger's Soul and said, "Are you looking to die? Want me to do it for you? The fuck! That Nightmare is the last one! The Ringwraiths are all killed! Where can I find another anti-gravity mount? Do you realize how cool it looks riding the Nightmare especially wielding the upgraded Tiger's Soul? I can also grow a pair of wings I have just started imagining it and you modified it already? Go to hell!"

Zheng wouldn't really cut Xuan with Tiger's Soul. He was just ranting. He stopped after the rest of the team held him back. Then he requested Xuan to take him to the Magic Cannon. He still had a tiny bit of hope left.

(The modification is probably just securing the Magic Cannon on top of the Nightmare. I would just take it off if I can)

As Zheng entered Xuan's room along with everyone, his sword dropped to the ground and his mouth opened wide He was shocked.