Terror Infinity Book 18 Chapter 2 3

Vol 18 Chapter 2-3

TengYi read the scripture in fragments. He then gave the others a bitter smile. Thats my limit. I induced some sentences by context so I cant promise accuracy.

Xuan took over the scripture. He frowned as he glanced over the rest of the pieces on the table. Thats enough. This information proved a lot of questions, which we will get to at another time. The account is more valuable than any rune words. TengYi, translate the characters that you have an idea of and give me a copy. It will be best for us to enter a world after A Nightmare on Elm Street. We will try to translate the rest of the scriptures before movie after this one. HongLu, you will come with us.

HongLu spread his hands, agreeing to Xuans request without a word.

Zheng asked, Is whats written real? The Saints formed an alliance with the seekers of truth are they the Cultivators? Such alliance only barely won a war and then they both became extinct. What enemies did they face?

Heng interjected, Enemies like the Balrog? Not the one we encountered but the original Balrog, an endless number of them. Or perhaps enemies who were even more powerful.

The thought came to Zhengs mind as he recalled hearing the genes hibernating within his body belonged to the enemies of the Saints. Judging by the strength of these genes that could consume his the rest of his body with such a tiny amount of energy, beings with the full version of these genes could only be described as terrifying. Perhaps his genes came from the highest level of demons.

The secrets of Gods realm, of the Saints, and of the Cultivators remained hidden until the day they could translate these scriptures. Everyone had questions but they couldnt arrive at any answers. So the discussion turned back toward their following plans.

How about I go take a look in The Mummy. If Imhotep returned to Hamuptra, I will bring him back. Otherwise, I will stay two or three days and return. Zheng asked.

Xuan and HongLu responded at the same time, No. They met eyes with each other. Xuan gestured HongLu to go ahead then went to study the scriptures.

HongLu twirled his hair and said, We should go to The Mummy after this movie as a team. Theres no evidence but I heard you received a letter from Jonathan the last time you went in to revive me. That might be an indication of bonus mission. What if you receive the bonus mission when you go in? It will take at least a day to go to China using the Sky Stick. What if the time required for the mission is longer than the time you exchanged? Furthermore, even if it is possible to complete the mission, are you going to do it by yourself or as a team?

Zheng pondered over it a little and realized HongLu was right. He thought an undying priest could raise the teams strength and be useful in certain situations. That was why he wanted to recruit Imhotep in such a hurry. The analysis made gave him second thoughts. He realized it would be careless to enter The Mummy. The worst that might happen was if he get killed by a time restriction.

If thats the case, we will save enough points after the next movie and enter as a team. Zheng made the decision.

Since he decided not to enter The Mummy, the extra points he had was used to exchange items that could counter ghosts and the like. The charms were inexpensive and useful. They would self-ignite as ghosts came near and protect the user.

The weapons we have that are effective against ghosts are Tigers Soul, the silver bow, Excalibur, Lambda Driver, HongLus magic, and the Gauss rifle and RPG using special bullets. Zheng said.

ChengXiao waved at him from the side. Hey, bro I am a pervert but I have rights sigh.

Zheng said in an awkward tone, Nothing to do with perverts. You just havent said what kind of weapon you want. Plus, your position in the team is a doctor so I still have enough points. How about we help you exchange a tier B or below weapon?

Zheng hadnt paid as much attention to ChengXiao as the rest of the team; the same was for Gando. Now that Gando had died, he wished this person who once died alongside him could live on.

ChengXiao only wanted to rant a little bit. Never did he expected Zheng to exchange a weapon for him. This surprised him. The kungfu passed down by his family had a fairly long history. He didnt slack off practicing it. After a moment of thinking, he said, If thats the case, exchange a pair of martial art gloves for me. I did not learn much on weapons but my unarmed techniques are alright.

There werent many chances for ChengXiao to use his kungfu up to this point. He was basically appointed as the medic of the team as soon as he entered this realm. His medical skills were exceptional so the team gradually treated him as the doctor who needed to be protected. The only time where he shortly fought in close combat was in Resident Evil. All the other times he was either in the back of the team or supported with firearms. This gave everyone the illusion that he was weak. It wasnt until now that Zheng remembered seeing kungfu techniques through the revival. Though whether or not these techniques were actually useful was another question.

Zheng wasnt stingy when ChengXiao wanted a pair of gloves. The name of the gloves sounded ordinary, Flurry Fists. It cost one rank B reward. The system described it as a permanently enchanted weapon, able to damage spiritual beings, allow the user to strike with the speed of wind. Furthermore, these gloves could open up to strike with the palms. They were practical judging by the description alone. ChengXiao might be able to exert a threatening force if he managed to close in on his opponent especially when combined with the dragonshard necklace.

Next up, the rest of the team exchanged charms and anti-spiritual items. One particular item called Soul Alluring Incense could wake a person from nightmare with its scent, even when the persons soul fell into the nightmare. This was a must have item for movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street. They also resupplied on healing items and bullets. HongLu and TengYi received some stat points. And so, the points the team had saved up from the Lord of the Rings were spent to the last dime.

We are basically backed into a corner. The movies that will come are going to be more difficult every time. Perhaps we might encounter another team battle after this movie; perhaps we might encounter team Devil. We have no time to slack off. We must complete the bonus missions in A Nightmare on Elm Street no matter how difficult they are. Let us grow as a team and as individuals and then let us face team Devil! Zheng then turned to Xuan, I cant analyze everyones strengths in details. We will rely on you and HongLu to advise us the important points we should be aware of I have realized it that we were never safe in this realm. Maybe the lack of death in multiple movies had given us the illusion that we were strong, and we were safe Continue becoming stronger. Continue until we surpass team Devil. We will not lose to that team ever again!

Our training begins. Let us train with all we have until the movie starts!