Terror Infinity Book 18 Chapter 3 2

Vol 18 Chapter 3-2

Time passed by in the same never changing dream like state. The next time the team opened their eyes, they were standing on a regular street. A street typically seen in small towns from American movies. A few people walked along the side walks.

The time appeared to be just morning. A refreshing humid scent floated in the air. The season seemed like autumn. The temperature was neither cold nor hot. This was the perfect environment for a retreat if not for the world belonged to a horror movie.

"So this is the town from A Nightmare On Elm Street? Looks pretty peaceful." Zheng looked around.

ChengXiao walked over to him. "The more beautiful the thing, the more dangerous the thing hidden within. Oh and this is America right? I wonder if we can find hot western babes. I have wanted to try them out for so long"

Zheng ignored him. Though he agreed with danger hidden inside beautiful things. He knew ChengXiao well enough that he was all talk. When it came to actually looking for the babes, he would find all kinds of reason to back out.

HongLu also looked around. "We can be sure this is the town from the movie. This movie is like Final Destination where the original plot isn't fixed on any one location. Everywhere is dangerous as long as the demon enters our dreams, even if we are in the moon. Perhaps God put us in a random location."

Zheng nodded. He looked down to see four newbies. That made the difficult fifteen people including the eleven veterans. This difficulty was much harder than Transformers There was no escaping fate. They were in the movie already so he calmed himself and focused on getting through this movie safely. Bonus questions were of course a bonus on top of surviving.

"Survive thirty days. Kill Demon Freddy Krueger. Awards each member 5000 points and a rank B reward." Zheng read the mission from his watch. The mission was fairly straightforward. They could return after surviving thirty days and killing Freddy Krueger would reward points and ranked rewards. The rewards weren't as high as the Lord of the Rings but still a fair amount when each member received it.

"Yet, is it as simple as the mission?" Zheng said with a bitter smile. The ominous premonition grew worse by the second. It felt as though something was going to come.

What ought to be done must be done. As Zheng was about to speak, a slender young man among the newbies sat up.

The newbies composition were slightly different from usual. They were three women and one man. All four seemed to be still in school. He wondered if the movie only targeted young men and women, so that God pulled in these students.

The young man stared around with his eyes wide open. When he noticed Zheng and the three girls on the ground, he cried, "Who who are you? Don't hurt me. I will give you my dad's number. You can demand money from him. Please don't hurt me."

The veterans smiled bitterly. The young man was calm for the first few seconds after he woke up. They thought he was another intelligent type. However, he exposed himself right afterward. This was a normal student that came from a spoiled rich family. The newbies in this movie was terrible.

"Don't worry. We aren't kidnappers. You didn't get kidnapped In fact, what you have been drawn into is way more terrifying." Zheng didn't want to talk much. He casually sat down on the ground and pulled out a few cigarettes. He lit one then handed the rest to the team.

The three girls sat up as the cigarette burned to the half mark. They were all around seventeen to eighteen, also dressed in school uniform. The girls should be in high school and they reacted accordingly. All of them screamed as they noticed the veterans. They cuddled up and wept as if they were going to get violated.

The men rolled their eyes. No one wanted to bother with the girls and threw it over to Lan, who also explained the world as usual. Once the newbies received information of this world, the young man's eyes glittered with excitement. It looked like he was going to howl. The girls showed shock and disbelief. They were obviously more rational than the young man.

"That's incredible! Other worlds actually exist! And there are so many enhancements and bloodlines. Would we become superman if we return from this world?" The young man asked.

(Another teen brainwashed by fantasy web novels Web novels kill people.)

Zheng subconsciously glanced at YinKong. She was reading a novel named Terror Infinity the last time. He wondered if she had finished it. That also seemed like a fantasy novel.

"It's not so simple. The prerequisite to becoming a superman is to survive. The eleven of us have survived many movies. We are stronger than you in strength, experience, and belief. You will now become a temporary member of team China. We will save you if situation allows but if you do anything that harms the team, I will kill you And now, do your best to survive, newbies." Zheng said to them with a serious tone.

Zheng had thoughts of accepting new members into the team now that everyone had been revived. He could sacrifice the newbies to lower the team's rating. However, sacrificing others was not his personality. The gap in his mind might expand if he were do things against his will. This needed to be avoided at all cost while he was fighting against his Heart's Devil. Secondly, there might be someone with high potential or intelligence among the newbies, or someone with a unique talent like TengYi. These people would be extremely helpful to the team.

The young man nodded to him. He was a rather moderate person as he addressed them as seniors, nothing like the arrogant kids from rich families. Some members soon accepted him.

The three girls still seemed doubtful. However, Zheng's words placed a question in front of them. What should they do if this was really the world of a horror movie as they said? They had all seen this famous movie. They would have to face the demon that could enter their dreams and alter the dreams into nightmares. They needed help from the veterans to survive in this case. After some hesitation, the girls also agreed to Zheng's requests.

The young man was named LiuYu, a rather feminen name. He said his family was pretty superstitious. They believed it was easier to raise a boy with a girl's name. He was the sole child of the family, which for several generations had only had one child each generation. So he looked spoiled when they just met. He grew up in a protective environment.

The girls were named Wang FenLan, MoLi, and OuyanWei, all second year students in high school. OuyanWei looked a little pretty and the other two were normal looking. The three of them only spoke among themselves in low voices. They didn't show any potential. LiuYu might have more potential as he had a strong curiosity, as long as he could survive a few movies.

"Let us verify our identity in this world and then find a hotel. It will be best if we can finish these before night falls. We will discuss our plans afterward." The barrier disappeared after Zheng spoke. Sounds from all around reached their eyes.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 began.