Terror Infinity Book 19 Chapter 10 4

Vol 19 Chapter 10-4

Bomb Manipulator was a functional but not exactly powerful enhancement. It allowed users to borrow forces not belonging to them, which contrasted with the numerous abilities in system that directly raised the users strength. Bomb Manipulator offered very little in terms of physical enhancement. In this respect, both the Vampire bloodline and Werewolf bloodline were superior.

Two reasons hindered its practicality. One, bombs materialized by Demon Energy were not as powerful as one would expect. As close to mid range attacks, quite a few sci-fi weapons were more powerful in team battles. The only way to increase its effectiveness was for the user to carry large quantity of powerful bombs. Two, it was uneconomical. The user had to expend bombs with each use and bombs werent a renewable resource. Furthermore, the more powerful bombs carried a high cost in the exchange system. Ones like gravity bombs required ranked rewards to exchange. Few teams could utilize this enhancement to its potential. Among those teams, they all possessed a similar trait, a support member who could maintain a teams supplies.

WangXias Bomb Manipulator enhancement displayed so much power because of Xuan backing him up. Neither plasma bombs nor the incoming tactical nukes would exist without him.

Bang! Two plasma bombs flew into the corridor at a wave of his hand. A blinding light exploded at the distance then a heat wave swept him. The Sky Stick dashed into the corridor under WangXias control.

WangXia held no hesitation in order to obtain the statue piece as quickly as possible. Plasma bombs blasted their ways down the inside carrier. Numerous people died along with the destruction of the ships interior. Looking from outside, the carrier was still intact. Yet, it had lost ability to fight back. WangXia finally arrived at a sealed room after expending sixteen plasma bombs.

The captured officer calmed down after the serie of events, though the calmness was a resultant from being overly shocked. He said after seeing the room, So this is all you are here for? What a mysterious country. When I first witnessed it floated, all I could think about was miracle. The archeologists that accompanied us told us the statue is over five thousand years old. However, Buddhism doesnt have five thousand years of history. This is an unsolvable puzzle that a Buddha statue existed before Buddhism came into being. Do you Asians believe in the existence of deities?

WangXia stepped off the Sky Stick. He was about to end this officers life but these words surprised him. WangXia sneered at him and said, I dont know if there are deities. If they exist, they are nothing more than mans creation. I am only here for the Buddha statues piece. You will hand back to us what is ours. He placed his hand on the officers neck and boom! The materialized bomb blasted the officers neck before he could utter another sound.

WangXia carefully retrieved the device. His Demon Energy materialized into bomb beings and flew to the corners of the door. Several explosions later, the corners broke off and the door collapsed into the room.

At the center of the room was a safe. WangXia had obtained the passcode from the officer before. He turned the lock and with a snap, the safe opened up, revealing a floating statue piece inside. This piece appeared to be the Buddhas lower torso.

WangXia quickly fetched the piece and stored it away. The Sky Stick flew up the hole blasted by the bombs and exited the carrier. A translucent barrier surfaced the moment WangXia came out. Several bullets struck the barrier. Underneath him, the deck of the carrier was in disorder. The bullets that struck the barrier were actually strays. The Sky Stick quickly levitated before more bullets arrive and brought him a hundred meters above the ocean.

I am sorry. We are all soldiers.

It was the second time WangXia said these words. He closed his eyes and sighed. Only determination remained in his eyes after he opened them again. He brought out numerous hi-explosive bombs, dozens of plasma bombs and the few tactical nukes from the storage bag. His Demon Energy was pouring out at maximum speed. The tactical nukes after enhancement from the Demon Energy were his trump cards.

I am sorry. We are all soldiers we are just soldiers.

WangXia repeated again. He lopped a tactical nuke off. Demon Energy enclosed the nuke then it dropped onto the carrier below him, down through the deck from the hole he blasted open. With a wave of his hand, the nuke detonated along with the Demon Energy.

A deafening noise rumbled and a blinding light flashed from the center of the carrier. After the flash, a mushroom cloud rose up as the carrier split in halves. A fireball in the center consumed everything near it.

Just one single tactical nuke after enhancement destroyed a carrier. WangXia had expected this power so he piloted the Sky Stick to the nearby ships without a pause. Plasma bombs flew toward a destroyer before he came near it. Explosions followed one after another. Bright silver lights belonging to plasma flashed again and again. A larger, more violent explosion happened and a giant hole was opened up on the destroyers side. One of the plasma bombs detonated the arsenal on the ship. It would not last long before sinking into the ocean.

(Right, plasma bombs alone arent powerful enough. If I can detonate the arsenals in the ships, I will only need several plasma bombs to destroy a ship. We dont have that many tactical nukes.)

WangXia was aware that the damage from the plasma bombs came from their high temperature. This temperature was high enough to vaporize metal so the plasma bombs were the perfect tool to detonate the arsenals. The explosions would melt through the deck and walls, and detonate any explosives and ammunitions which came into its area of effect. WangXia stopped attacking the whole ship then aimed a dozen plasma bombs at the locations of the arsenals. The explosions struck a critical hit on the ship. In just a few seconds, continuous explosions began occurring from within as the ship tilted, waiting to sink into the ocean.

The arsenals were difficult targets to hit for missiles and airstrikes since ships were in constant motion. Even when a missile hit, it might not break through the thick walls protecting the arsenal. WangXias attacks overcame these obstacles and struck the most vulnerable point of the ships. In just several minutes, all but two small destroyers remained intact on the ocean. The U.S. fleet were wiped and countless sailors died.

The sun rose in the horizon. WangXia looked down beneath his feet. Smoke spread through the battlefield. Ships were slowly sinking into the ocean. Surviving sailors were wailing in the water.

WangXia quietly watched then sighed. The Sky Stick flew toward Asia.

I am sorry. We are all just soldiers.