Terror Infinity Book 19 Chapter 11 3

Vol 19 Chapter 11-3

Zheng truly agreed with YinKongs statement that ZhuiKong could be stronger than her. He might not appear so in this dream world. He was weaker than many of the people around him. However, Zheng had suspected him of concealing his strength given their encounters in Gods realm. Perhaps he was suppressing himself from unlocking to the fourth stage.

(What is the story of the outbreak? The series of events is becoming increasingly puzzling. The gentleness shown by ZhuiKong doesnt seem to be an act. Why did he transform into that psychopath after he entered Gods realm? Did he kill the friends who grew up with him, which caused the change? Did he fail in the unlocking process?)

Zheng pondered over the viability of ascension by force as he watched the two little girls. This method appeared dangerous and absurd but it wasnt without its merit. So far, it seemed viable despite possessing the same degree of risk as the traditional method and requiring a powerful psyche force user.

(Theres actually another shortcut - transfer the violent lust into another persons mind completely without regard to the other persons life. The receiver must be a psyche force user. So the receiver is destined to die and the one battling the hearts devil would likely remain safe. I wonder if this is considered a black art?)

While Zheng was thinking over the matter, the two girls retraced their steps on the beach. The daily routine of dealing with the violent lust ended as dusk approached. By the time they returned to their place of assembly, it would be almost time for dinner. Zheng had grasped the girls routine after observing them for multiple days.

The girls talked and laughed on their way back. The final glimpse of light from the setting sun painted the ocean in gold. It seemed as though the little island stood in the center of this gold. Everything felt so peaceful just as the half year that Zheng had observed. Today was also going to be a peaceful day.

The two girls suddenly looked to each other. Rui-Kong could enable communication through the minds since she had the potential of a psyche force user. However, this mean of communication would drain her mental energy rather quickly because her abilities did not fall under the same category. She would only use it briefly during emergencies.

Sis, seventeen people. Are they ambushing us because we have been coming to this beach the past several days? Rui-Kong asked through her mind.

YinKong nodded and replied in the same manner. Probably. We came here at the same time everyday. The bastards should be able to grasp our location. Seventeen people here, thats the majority of the other two teams. Hehe, little Rui-Kong, how long do you think it will take us to finish them off?

Rui-Kong curled her lips and said, Under twenty seconds by myself. They have no way of blocking my mental invasion without reaching the third stage. Sis, do you want to go or should I?

YinKong tightened her hands then frowned. It will be better for you to go. Dont be too harsh. Just teach them a lesson I just experienced the violence from the fourth stage so I am afraid I cant hold myself back.

Rui-Kong nodded without saying anything in reply. She continued walking alongside YinKong.

Zheng had seen a fair number of fights among the Kong generation of the Assassins Clan. Children who were injected with genetic stimulants were assigned to several teams then dropped onto this uninhabited island. The island was not exactly tiny. It had sources of food and clean water. However, the environment remained poor and dangerous that normal people would be unable to survive. Food came from a variety of sources but in small quantities. Normal people would not dare to catch larger fish like sharks. Inland food sources were few. Among the teams on the island, YinKongs team was comparatively better in that they didnt have to worry so much about food. The other teams were basically skipping every other meal. Fights were inevitable and the victors would seize the food and water from the losers. As such, YinKongs team had always been a target of the other teams.

YinKong and Rui-Kong were too strong that a whole team might not be able to beat the two of them. After fighting with them for some time, the teams had come to exclude the two girls from any plans. These children were assassins after all, not hooligans on the streets, they would run if the initial attack failed. The other teams did not find the opportunity to ambush the girls until now. For one, they couldnt obtain accurate information regarding the girls location and two, they didnt get enough time to conceal themselves for an ambush.

The stimulants were very impressive. There were a few children who reached a high unlocked stage among the other teams, though not as genius as YinKong and Rui-Kong. From the half year of observation, Zheng found two or three who reached the third stage If these children overcame their hearts devils, they would become an unimaginable force, stronger than even most players in Gods realm.

The girls walked into a forest while Zheng was thinking. Several breezes of the wind struck toward YinKong the moment her foot stepped into the forest. She slapped her hand on a nearby tree and broke off its trunk. The fallen section of the tree blocked in front of her then came the sound of collisions. Several flying knives pierced into the tree trunk.

Hehe. Fu-Kong. Its you again. Havent you learned enough from last time? YinKong backed a few steps while the tree trunk fell to the ground. On the opposite side, a young man walked out from the shadows. His face was slightly blushing as he looked at YinKong.

Zheng had seen this man before. He reached the second stage and was adroit in assassination techniques. He went against YinKong several times due to food. Only once did he got caught by YinKong and received a beating. The rest of the encounters, he managed to escape by relying on his flying knives. Zheng could also tell that he had a crush on YinKong.

Fu-Kongs face turned even redder. His hands moved as though he didnt know where to put them. A laughter came through behind him and he finally calmed his hands.

A strong looking young man walked up from behind Fu-Kong. He was approximately eighteen years of age, had a big build almost two meters in height and bulging muscle. He only wore a simple fitted shirt as if to display his build. The way he laughed seemed like he was imagining himself as a warrior in ancient times.

Despite the young mans silly appearance, his strength was commendable. Zheng had met a lot of the other children during the past half year. This guy and one or two other were the only people who could go up against YinKong for a bit. This young man infused assassination techniques into his attacks. Although he still couldnt beat YinKong, he was strong enough to give her an actual fight.

Li-Kong laughed then said, Enough with your lesson from last time. If I wasnt having a diarrhea from eating too many oysters, you wouldnt get to beat up my underlings. Today is your unlucky day. Admit your defeat and have your team bring over food and water. We wont make things difficult for you little girls.

YinKong curled her lips with contempt and didnt speak a world. She backed off two steps, exposing Rui-Kong in everyones sight. Rui-Kong laughed brightly and dashed forward. The two girls were approximately fifty meters from the two young men. Fu-Kong had readied another knife in hand the moment the girls moved.

He was no longer the coy boy from before. His eyes expressed nothing but calmness as they concentrated on Rui-Kong. He didnt throw the knife off. Li-Kong stepped in front of him when a whistle of the wind came forth.

A tiny rock flew into Li-Kongs hand. The impact caused a thump like an airsoft pellet hitting a piece of wood.

YinKong said with a smile, Dont sneak in ranged attack when you fight in close combat and dont push it too far. Otherwise I will join the fight. Her face was smiling but her eyes felt cold as metal and sharp as a blade.

Rui-Kong had crossed twenty meters in the meantime. She suddenly stepped onto a tree and leaped straight up Hiding in the crown of the tree were two people.