Terror Infinity Book 19 Chapter 12 1

Vol 19 Chapter 12-1

Thats our basic situation. Including the statue pieces from the Japanese army, we are still missing one piece. Xuans voice came through the silver plate.

After WangXia and Heng assembled, they followed Xuans order and easily obtained the statue pieces' location from the Japanese officers using the mind control device. During the process, the Japanese army suffered devastating losses from WangXia and Heng due to ChengXiaos instigation. Over seventy percent of the army were incapacitated with a mortality rate of over fifty percent. The Japanese army still remaining on Chinese land were less than fifty thousand at this point, a huge shrunk in its size.

Xuan was well aware of the groups actions. Although ChengXiaos was worried about him possibly denying the group from going too far, WangXia knew Xuan wouldnt stop them. Xuan had already planned something far worse. Defeating the Japanese army was such a peaceful act in comparison.

Of course, the long standing fear brought ChengXiao and Heng to notify Xuan before they acted. The response was they were allowed an hour of attack before they must retreat. At the same time, the statue pieces couldnt get damaged in the process and ChengXiao had to record the battle with the silver plate.

Just open up the plate. Everything seen through your eyes will be transmitted to the plate telepathically and I can accept the information. Xuan said.

The group of three didnt understand his reason. Xuan wasnt someone bored enough to watch them defeating the Japanese army. There must be an underlying reason. Was he planning to broadcast the battle to other people?

To their surprise, they guessed in the right direction. Xuan didnt broadcast the battle but gave the view to Chiang Kai-shek. Zero left his silver plate to the man before he left for Zheng location. Once Chiang Kai-shek confirmed the validity of what he saw, he announced to the world through radio that the Japanese army had been defeated by the Eastern Immortals. At the same time, he ordered the front line to pursue and attack the Japanese army. An army without backups, supports, supplies, or even commanders could only end up annihilated!

Next, we are going to Tokyo. Xuan said to a silver plate. On the other end were the leaders of the Kuomintang.

The noises died down on the other end. A long while passed before a voice came through. Are you planning to massacre Tokyo as a revenge for the Nanjing incident?

No. Xuan straight up denied. We will sink Tokyo, along with its land.

There were sounds of things dropped on the floor. A voice asked in a panicking tone. Why? Isnt it too much for a revenge? We should be lenient when its possible. Perhaps

Xuan interrupted the man. I need the Buddha statue. There is still one piece missing and only one day and two nights between the seven day limit. I can not find anymore information from the given intel. So let the world end with everything. It will begin at Tokyo, then we will cross the Pacific Ocean and destroy North America. Another group will start at the Soviet Union. Once these two continents are destroyed, we will move to Asia and obliterate all of mankind.

Xuans tone carried no anger, like he was talking about what was for dinner tonight. The people on the other end of the silver plate though were drenched in cold sweat. They looked to each other as if they had just witnessed something ghastly. A long pause followed before Chiang Kai-shek said. What if you find the last piece before the time limit comes?

Xuan adjusted his glasses. We will begin with Tokyo and stop when the last piece appears. And if it still doesnt appear after mankind is wiped out - theres no need to say anything beyond this point.

He was straight up threatening the other party. They might as well think of team China as terrorists. Though terrorists werent much of a thing during this era. Knowing the power team China possessed, these leaders had no way of stopping them. Schemes were nothing more than a joke when faced against overwhelming strength. Team China had no need for any scheme. They just needed to display their strength and announce their intimidation. No power in this world could stop them.

Xuans intention for speaking with Kuomintang was to have them relay the message to the world. Once the powers throughout the world verified the destruction of Tokyo, changes would come. He had a sixty percent chance of obtaining the last piece.

To avoid the party or individual with the last piece from holding it because of fear of revenge, let them know that we will not seek revenge. We will reward them with authority, wealth, power, and even the path to immortality. Relay the message. Mankind will decide by themselves whether they should be rewarded or destroyed.

The conversation ended. Xuan then relayed this message to all kinds of parties within Shanghai. Some merchants cried when they heard of the destruction of the Japanese army and kneeled facing the north. These merchants were patriotic.

However, the peoples reactions didnt differ much from the Kuomintang leaders when they heard the rest of the message. And then the rewards mentioned at the end turned their shock into determination. Some underworld leaders were glimmering in their eyes.

Shanghai was crowned the City of Sin during this era. It was the most prosperous city in Asia. Anyone who had power and influence here had a standing in the world. Government intel and spies could catch a lot of information but so did the local organizations. There was no harm letting civilian organizations know of this message. When destruction approached, mankind would burst their potential beyond anything they expected. One could only hope this potential could save team China from this bonus mission.

All the details had been set in place. As Xuan was ready to leave for Dongbei, Zero contacted him.

The Yellow Turbans appeared five minutes ago. The gap before their attacks are seven hours. They reached within a hundred meters of me in the last attack. I fear that I cant block the next wave. Secondly, something is happening to Zheng. His body is rolling around. Qi and Blood Energy are ignited within him. I am afraid somethings going to happen to him. Zero spoke his intention.

Xuan pondered for a while then replied. I dont have the manpower to give you at the moment. The final plan commences soon. Our mission is equally important. Defend with all you have. It will be solved if Zheng wakes up. As for his abnormality, its better than nothing happening, as long as he is still alive. Thats the situation. Dont contact me again before I reach Shanxi as long as no one dies.

Zero asked in a hurry before Xuan folded the silver plate. Wait. Tell me whats your final plan.

Xuan explained without hiding any detail then folded the plate before Zero could respond. On the other end, Zeros group was still in a shock. They had not seen the power of the Magic Cannon so sinking Tokyo was acceptable. However, obliterating mankind was on a different level.

He turned it off so fast. Did he feel guilty and afraid that you will try to stop him? TengYi said.

Zero folded the silver plate and shook his head. Probably not me. Zheng isnt dead yet. Hes just sleeping. What if he hears the plan in his dream and wakes up? Xuan doesnt worry about anyone else. But Zheng is impulsive and naive. He wont give up on something until he sees the end Zheng has beaten him several times already.

Yet, with only two days left. Can he draw out the last piece with his final plan?