Terror Infinity Book 19 Chapter 13 2

Vol 19 Chapter 13-2

Rui-Kongs power exceeded Zhengs expectation. He could gauge her method of attacking. Although she couldnt completely control his body, a portion was enough to inflict serious damage. Such as manipulating his retina during the fight and altered everything he saw, or manipulating his arm at the moment he swung it and changed the target to himself. As long as her control continued to jump from one part of the body to another, this situation was an unsolvable puzzle that would eventually lead to death.

There was one method to impede the control entirely, entering mid-fourth stage where he would be able to utilize every bit of his genes. When Zheng used Dragon Transformation, his mind and body would become flawless and no outside force could control him. However, he could not use his full power in the dream world nor could he use Dragon Transformation. So he had no actual way of dealing with Rui-Kongs power.

(Damn it. I can hide if I cant beat you.)

This was a dream world to begin with, built upon YinKongs memory. So fighting was not necessary to him. He engaged in an impulse but since events progressed beyond his control, he would rather not continue the fight. Zheng stopped his emulation of YinKong and completely vanished from everyones sight.

None of the people here were normal people. Even the weakest person was a well trained assassin with much better vision than a normal person. Yet, no one could see how Zheng vanished. To the sky? Into the ground? The feat was impossible. Not even Rui-Kong discovered anything abnormal that happened. She could no longer see with her eyes. The world she saw was through psyche force. She searched the island, the water, and down to the bottom of the ocean but she did not find Zheng.

Hehe, forget him. Just assume that hes dead. Now, how should I treat you? My friends and family?

Rui-Kong was not irritated at Zhengs disappearance. She looked at the others with a giggle then snapped her fingers. A girl suddenly began to convulse. Several seconds later, a thick layer of white smoke rose from her skin and before people got a clear look, her body ignited.

This girl was fair, not as pretty as YinKong or Rui-Kong, but she was still a cute loli. Yet, in just a few moments time, she was burned into ashes with nothing but her feet remaining in this world. A terrifying attack and worse yet, no one knew how she ignited the girl. Fear clouded everyones mind, even among the descendents of the Assassins Clan.

Gorgeous. ZhuiKong, YinKong and everyone, did you see the beauty in the blaze? The scream of a burning soul, the wail of a withering heart. It was so beautiful. Didnt you see? Rui-Kong said with excitement. She caressed the sensitive parts of her body and her face blushed. She finally let out a squeal as if in an orgasm. Then she put back a smile on her face.

Rui-Kong looked to the people in front of her and said. The fruits are ripe. I can see your souls, bodies, hearts, and consciousnesses through my eyes. Some are so ugly, like a rotten skeleton. Let me harvest you, even though you are not fresh anymore I should have harvested you while you were still unripe, when your souls were beautiful. Its such a shame. She snapped her fingers again.

A seventeen year old boy in ZhuiKongs group began to convulse. No smoke rose from his body and instead, a black substance surfaced from his skin. As the substance spread over his body, black pus rose from the skin. The boys muscle quickly rotted and fell off his bones under everyones sight. In just ten seconds, he became a puddle of liquid pus and skeleton, not even his internal organs remained.

Wah! The children vomited at the horrifying and disgusting scene. The only person who was excited was Rui-Kong, with her pure white eyes. The children blanched and several charged at Rui-Kong. Witnessing two deaths had brought their consciousnesses back to reality. They realized Rui-Kong was the one with problem. She wanted to kill everyone.

Zheng observed from outside the scene. He could end the it all by suddenly appearing next to Rui-Kong and killing her. He could probably do it with the strength of Explosion and Rui-Kong not anticipating it. Yet, what would come next? This was YinKongs dream, which meant all the events in this dream once happened, aside from his existence. The outcome had been decided. Rui-Kong died. ZhuiKong turned into a psychopath much like this Rui-Kong. YinKong forgot this past and split into two identities. If Zheng were to kill Rui-Kong right now, he might not ever be able to leave this world with the key person of the dream gone.

He was starting to see the mechanic of Rui-Kongs attacks. It was sound, or more precisely, waves. She used sound to trigger waves in the air which became the tool to control other people. Unless someone could isolate the waves with a vacuum, it was impossible to avoid the attack, not even with defensive items. The waves themselves were harmless. It was the mutation of a persons genes that would cause damage.

(How did YinKong get through this danger? Did she kill Rui-Kong? This Rui-Kong looks so similar to the future ZhuiKong. Is there a connection?)

Zheng couldnt find an answer. However, the events were unfolding before his eyes so he didnt bother guessing further. He watched the development.

YinKong intercepted the children who charged at Rui-Kong. The boy running in the front was sent flying with her speed. The others were soon knocked to the ground. She picked up a girl by the neck.

Beautiful. Isnt it, sis? She has the most beautiful soul, body, consciousness, and genetics here. Shes as perfect as a ripening little apple. So flawless and alluring. Shes the only exception, the only one who could show me a fully ripened fruit. The rest of you rotten fruits can rot here. The only thing I want to see from you are the sparks when your souls die. Rui-Kong said with a giggle.

She snapped her fingers. The girl YinKong was holding began to expand. In just a few seconds, this eleven year old girl became as fat as a four hundred pound person, just like a balloon. And then pah! She exploded. Blood, organs, fat, splattered over everyones body and especially over YinKong. She was covered with this blood from head to toe.

YinKong looked over her hands, emotionless. She was still holding a little head. The girls head was the only part of her that remained intact when her body exploded. YinKongs eyes were still red and tears rolled down her face once again.

The instant when a soul is destroyed is too beautiful. But this head is disgusting. Rui-Kong frowned when she saw YinKong weeping tears. With a snap of her fingers, the head exploded. Brains and bones splattered everywhere. YinKong subconsciously closed her hand but there was nothing left in it.

YinKong screamed. She leaped at Rui-Kong while everyone else was still in shock. Rui-Kong pointed a hand at her when she as still in the air. YinKong then punched her own chest and fell. She ignored the damage she caused and leaped again as soon as she got on her feet. This time, she punched her own stomach. Nothing she did could bring her within ten meters of Rui-Kong. YinKong was coughing up blood after several attempts.

Enough! ZhuiKong yelled. A smile slowly crept up his pale face, the same strange smile that Rui-Kong had on. His eyes felt cold as ice yet his smile was sparkling. He slowly walked toward Rui-Kong with a dagger in his hand, toward his dearest sister.