Terror Infinity Book 19 Chapter 15 2

Vol 19 Chapter 15-2

A devastating explosion engulfed a hundred meter area Zheng was standing on. The fire that rose from the storm was pure white. A silvery white circle of energy formed on top of the explosion then spread outward for hundreds of meters. Even those who were standing far away on the other piece of floating land felt the rush of heat wave. Everyone was shocked for at once.

The energy wave finally dissipated and Zheng still stood in place intact. The ground on the other hand crystallized from the intense temperature. The others let out a sigh of relief seeing Zheng was fine and thought the attack wasnt as powerful as it appeared.

Zhengs heart was pounding violently. A barrier enveloped him when the explosion struck. It seemed to come from the Dragonshard Necklace, which meant the energy attack was categorized as an attack from a sci-fi weapon. He subconsciously reached for the necklace with his hand after the attack ended. However, what he touched upon was crystal sand. The explosion had pulverized the Dragonshard Necklace. The weapon was destructive even though it was a sci-fi weapon.

Xuan! Think of something! That explosion shattered my Dragonshard Necklace! Zheng yelled.

He circulated Qi and Blood Energy, and dashed at full speed, several gears faster than he was running before. Still, he could not rid the uneasy feeling from his heart. If the god were to initiate the same attack once more, he would have to activate Explosion or even Destruction!

The prototype god looked like an enlarged human except for the purple scales that took place instead of skin. The scales gave off a sense of impenetrable hardness. A glowing crystal sphere was embedded on the center of its chest. They would have mistaken it for a robot if they werent told of its nature. It was larger than the robots team China encountered in Transformers. For comparison, its size was extremely similar to the Evas from Evangelion.

Various thoughts wandered through Zhengs mind as he ran. For some reason, he thought of Gando that boy would probably give everything he had to exchange an Eva if he knew they existed. Though if they actually had a rank S reward, they would rather spend it on Cultivation manuals.

Damn it This is not the time to muse over dead people! I might end up dying here to join him!

Zheng gave a shout because he saw the gods chest burst into a brilliant light again. The pressure pushed him to activate instant Destruction. Soru then brought him a hundred meters away in the next instant. At the same time, the area he was standing on exploded. The shock wave that crashed into his back pushed him another several hundred meters away before dying down. Zheng felt a burning pain on his back. A normal person would have been crushed by the shock wave.

(What should I do? Its too powerful! This attack power is almost godlike and its speed is also fast about five seconds between attacks. Which means I have five seconds to move. How am I going to fight this when its still several thousand meters away?)

Zero! Assist! Zheng cried.

He finally realized the inconvenience of losing the psyche force user at this moment. Sound had to travel to the listeners and time was also needed to process and react to the words. Furthermore, it was prone to being discovered by enemies. The ability to share their thoughts instantly was such an advantageous feat.

Luckily to Zheng, Zero reacted extremely quick. He aimed the rifle at the gods chest. It wasnt long since Zero used the Mystic Eyes but his growing expertise and physical stats had allowed him to remain conscious after using the ability. Zeros attention was focused on the rifle and his eyes were fixed on the gods chest.

The moment light began to burst again from the prototype gods chest, Zero pulled the trigger. The Gauss sniper bullet reached the gods chest at almost the same instant, where the line existed through the Mystic Eyes. Theoretically, hitting this line would kill the target even through its barrier. That was how Zero killed Luo YingLong and saved Zhengs life and the team from being wiped.

Bang! The sound of the shot came after the bullet struck. The prototype god didnt blast another explosion as expected. Water like waves emerged between the bullet and its body. The light from its chest dimmed down as these waves appeared. It wasnt a simple task to negate the destructiveness brought by the Mystic Eyes. Enormous output of energy in a split second sealed its ability to attack. Zheng entered Destruction with this opportunity and dashed toward the god.

The endless waves continued to negate the destruction from the bullet and Zheng had reached within a hundred meters of the god in these ten seconds. A little more and he would be in range for close combat. Zheng began channeling refined Qi into Tigers Soul.

The prototype god ignored Zheng. It leaped from the ground with a thunderous thump toward the land where the rest of the group was standing on. The huge force collapsed the ground as though it was struck by a missile, creating a two hundred meter wide pit. The god leaped five hundred meters into the air.

No! Zheng cried. He couldnt stop immediately because he was running too fast. He watched as the god leaped over him. The collapsing ground also prevented him from jumping. The god was a thousand meters away when the ground stabilized.

(This strength is startling. Right, it has more energy than a nuclear bomb inside its body, and this energy is converted into its strength. Damn it this battle is going to be harder than I imagined!)

Without any delay, Zheng dashed after the prototype god and shouted at the same time, Run! Dont fight him in close range! The monsters strength is greater than you think!

Imhotep was first to act. He transformed into a whirlwind and wrapped around Anck-Su-Namun and Jonathan. ChengXiao, TengYi, LiuYu, and YanWei grabbed the sleeping members and ran back, leaving behind only the combatants in the front line.

Zero was shaking after two uses of the Mystic Eyes which drained both his physical and mental energy. Willpower was the only thing preventing him from collapsing. The immediate danger would not allow him to do so. He raised the rifle again but Heng smacked the back of his head and knocked him out. He threw Zero over to ChengXiao.

You have done your best. Leave the rest to us! Heng said then gave a deep look at YanWei before turning back. His attention moved to the coming god. He slowly raised the silver bow in his head. The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception annihilates the target as a whole. Where as Lightning Shot pierces through a single point I have only gotten to know about my archery techniques recently. Hope this succeeds in a single shot.

Heng gained a deeper understanding of the Elven bloodline in the previous movie. Lightning Shot was a technique that utilized the energy residing in his body. He learned to split this energy into multiple uses instead of getting drained by Lightning Shot. After that, he also hypothesized utilizing this energy for explosive shot.

The power of the Lightning Shots compounded with even just a three arrow explosive shot could multiply its force exponentially.

Three arrows collided from one to the other and two crumpled in the process. The last remaining arrow shot toward the prototype gods chest like lightning. The water like waves emerged but the arrow pierced right through and into the gods body.